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Clay Mask

The green clay mini facial is included free in all of our day spa packages.Clay Mask

A clay mask is great for most types of skin types especially oily and acne prone skin. Most of the time the clay mask will have other ingredients to soothe and moisturise the skin as well, like oatmeal, honey, cucumber or avocado.

Some popular types of clay to be used in a clay mask (also known as mud masks) include red clay, volcanic clay, pink clay, yellow clay, green clay and white clay.

A white clay mask is great for acne prone skin while a green clay mask will combat oily skin. A yellow clay mask is great for those with combination skin, pink clay masks for sensitive skin and volcanic clay for healing.

Although some people may think covering your face in ‘dirt’ is strange, there are many great things a clay mask will do for your skin. Clay is not just dirt; it has been used all around the world to cleanse the skin.

Benefits Of Using A Clay Mask

Clay is made up of fine grains of rock and soil a.k.a organic matter full of natural minerals, vitamins and Clay Mask Facialnutrients. Potassium, calcium and copper are all commonly found in the clay used to make clay masks and help cleanse the skins pores.

Clogged pores can mean blackheads and acne. A clay mask can gently remove dirt and clogged oil from the skin’s pores by drying and drawing the dirt away. This is then washed away with the clay. Pretty neat huh?

Oily skin is the result of gland over activity and over production of sebum. Not only do clay masks remove dirt from skin, but they also they have astringent properties, absorb oil and make the pores themselves smaller. This slows the production of sebum, and in combination can greatly reduce the oil the skin makes.

Due to the clay’s composition of fine grains, a clay mask has exfoliating properties.  It also helps the process to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smoother. Many clay masks also have added moisturising ingredients like cucumber or avocado oil, helping to nourish the skin.

Circulation is important for skin as the blood brings both oxygen and nutrition to your skin cells, and takes away unwanted waste products.

No matter whether you have acne prone skin, sensitive skin, dry or oily skin, there is a clay mask for you.Clay masks come in different colours with different mineral contents to suit individual needs. Green clay masks are very popular as they can be used for a range of skin types.

Whether you are applying a clay mask to yourself or having it professionally done, there is no mess, no hassle, and they are quite cheap. And since it technically helps your health, you don’t have to feel bad for spoiling yourself, right?

Why not put your feet up, apply your mask, embrace the ‘selfie’ opportunity and have a glass of wine. Note to self: stress can cause breakouts, so relax as much as you can to reign in the full effects.

If love clay mask, you can go clay-crazy and make it even more of a regular part of your skin care routine. Products such as soaps, bath salts, lotions and creams can be made using clay ingredients.

Clay Mask Routine

Be Gentle On Your Skin Before The Treatment
Most of the time you will get an exfoliation during your treatment anyway, or you will have a face mask that included retinoid, acids or peels already in them. An exfoliated skin could react badly.

Try Not To Apply A Clay Mask The Night Before A Big Event Such As A Wedding Beauty Care Routine
It may make your skin red or break out. It’s best to allow yourself at least a few days before hand to allow your skin to calm down.

Avoid Make Up Straight After
Your skin will be in a sensitive state for at least 24 hrs after your treatment so give it a rest and go for the natural look.

Skip The Wine And Coffee (Did We Really Say That?)

These can dry up your skin and irritate it. Try to skip these (or at least cut down) the day after a clay mask.

Skip Baking In The Sun
Clay masks seem to limit the fun stuff, but to be kind to your skin, try to keep it out of the sun for a day or two. The lobster look is not attractive.

Get Regular Face Masks
So this is a positive tip – try to do them once a week.

Sleep, Glorious Sleep
They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason. Getting the full eight hours will let your skin recover and repair itself.

Drink Lots Of Water
It has to be said, but drink lots of water. Water cleanses out your system and clarifies the skin making it glow.