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Clay Mask

Green Clay Face Mask

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Organic green clay and cucumber face mask – This mask gently cleanses sensitive and congested skin. Great for skin that is prone to break out, also gently nourishes with macadamia oil and shea butter. Paraben and sulphate free. Natural preservative and colour. 100 ml – $17

Free in our day spa packages

Clay masks

The green clay mini facial is included free in all of our day spa packages.

A clay mask is one of the most popular face masks that are available today. A clay mask is great for most types of skin types especially oily and acne prone skin. Most of the time the clay mask will have other ingredients to soothe and moisturise the skin as well, like oatmeal, honey, cucumber or avocado.

Some popular types of clay to be used in a clay mask (also known as mud masks) include red clay, volcanic clay, pink clay, yellow clay, green clay and white clay.

White Clay mask is great for acne prone skin while a green clay mask will combat oily skin. Yellow clay mask is great for those with combination skin, pink clay masks for sensitive skin and volcanic clay for healing.

10 Benefits of using a Clay Mask

Although some people may think covering your face in ‘dirt’ is strange, there are actually many benefits to using a clay mask. Clay is definitely not just dirt; it has been used all around the world throughout history to detoxify the body and create glowing, youthful skin; so before ruling out the idea of a clay mask, here are some of the benefits you could be missing out on.

  1. Clay Masks are packed with vitamins and nutrients

    Clay mask

    Clay mask

Clay is made up of fine grains of rock and soil a.k.a organic matter full of natural minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Potassium, calcium and copper are all commonly found in the clay used to make clay masks and are known to aid in the maintenance of skin elasticity. Face washes and skin products available on the market are often made from unnatural ingredients that can be harmful and harsh on skin, therefore the pure and organic compounds that make up a clay mask are a refreshing choice for your skin.

  1. They clean out your pores

Everyone has experienced the wrath of clogged up pores resulting in blackheads or acne. A clay mask’s ability to remove dirt and toxins from pores is thus a major benefit, and one of the main reasons clay masks are so sought after. Clay masks work this magic as they dry, allowing the dirt to be drawn out of the pores and washed away with the clay.

  1. A Clay Mask can reduce oiliness of skin

Oily skin is the result of gland overactivity and overproduction of sebum. Not only do clay masks remove dirt from skin but also they have astringent properties, absorb oil and make the pores themselves smaller. This slows the production of sebum, and in combination can greatly reduce the oiliness and greasy appearance of skin.

  1. A Clay Mask can reduce blemishes

    Masks reduce blemishes

    Masks reduce blemishes

Dirt, oil and toxins cause pimples, spots and blemishes. By cleaning out pores, reducing the oiliness of the skin and adding nourishing vitamins and minerals, blemishes and unwanted pimples are discouraged.

  1. They make skin soft and smooth

Due to the clay’s composition of fine grains, a clay mask has exfoliating properties. By exfoliating the skin, the clay mask removes dead skin cells. It also aids the process of removing dirt from the skin’s surface. Getting rid of dirt and dead cells leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft and smooth. Many clay masks also have moisturising ingredients, helping the skin to feel even more nourished and youthful.

  1. Can improve circulation of the skin

Using a clay mask can also increase the amount of blood circulation in the skin. Circulation is important for skin as the blood brings both oxygen and nutrition to your skin cells, and takes away unwanted waste products. Without good circulation, the health of skin is dramatically decreased, and radiance is lost.

  1. They are great for different skin types

A great thing about clay masks is that they come in many different varieties, meaning that there are suitable ones for many skin types. No matter whether you have acne prone skin, sensitive skin, dry or oily skin, there is a clay mask for you; and they will all target your unique skin concerns as each clay mask can create different results. Clay masks come in different colours with different mineral contents to suit individual needs. Green clay masks are very popular as they can be used for a range of skin types.

  1. They are easy to use and are affordable

    Green clay masks are easy to use and affordable

    Green clay masks are easy to use and affordable

Unlike many other skin treatments and products on the market, clay masks are affordable and easy to use. Whether you are applying a clay mask to yourself, a friend, or having it professionally done, there is no mess, no hassle, and affordable options available that work quickly and effectively to give you lovely fresh and glowing skin. And since it technically helps your health, you don’t have to feel bad for spoiling yourself, right?

  1. Facials are a great way to relax

There is never anything better than kicking back and beautifying your skin. Why not put your feet up, apply your mask, embrace the ‘selfie’ opportunity and have a glass of wine. Note to self: stress can cause breakouts, so relax as much as you can to reign in the full effects! Or even better, book a clay mask as a package with your next massage to really feel pampered and leave with fresh feeling skin.

  1. If you love clay, you can purchase it in more than just a mask!

If you try a clay mask and absolutely love the effects it has on your skin, you can go clay-crazy and make it even more of a regular part of your skin care routine. Products such as

Clay mask tips

Clay mask tips

soaps, bath salts, lotions and creams can be made using clay ingredients and are available on the market.

There you have it ladies (and gents); there are 10 major benefits of using a clay mask. By learning more about these benefits and how they work, you can understand how integrating clay masks into your regular skin care routine will make a world of difference to the clarity and youthfulness of your skin. In conclusion, consider trying out a clay mask, as they are a great solution to improving the health and look of your skin.

Clay mask tips
Tips for before you have your clay facial:

Clay Mask Tip 1: Don’t exfoliate before your treatment
Most of the time you will get an exfoliation during your treatment anyway, or you will have a face mask that included retinoid, acids or peels already in them and exfoliated skin could react badly.

Clay Mask Tip 2: Don’t apply a clay mask the night before a big event.
Its best to avoid having a facial or applying a face mask the night before big event as your skin may go red from your treatment. It?s best to allow yourself at least a few days before hand to allow your skin to calm down.

Clay Mask Tip 3: Do not apply makeup to your face for at least 12 hours after wards.
Your skin will be in a sensitive state for at least 24hrs after your treatment so avoid applying any makeup as this will just clog up your skin and prevent your skin from recovering.

Clay Mask Tip 4: Avoid alcohol and coffee

After care tips

After care tips

Stimulants like alcohol and coffee can cause havoc on your skin, making it look dull and dry, especially so soon after a treatment, so it?s best to avoid these for 24hrs after your treatment.

Clay Mask Tip 5: Don’t go out in the sun
Like we have mentioned before, your skin will be very sensitive and sun exposure could irritate your skin and turn your face red. Also if you have had any retenoids in your in your facial, it is strongly advised to avoid the sun for awhile after your treatment.

Clay Mask Tip 6: Don’t exfoliate 24hrs after your face masks
Again, with your skin being rather sensitive after your treatment, its best to avoid the face scrub for a day so afterwards, so as not to irritate your skin any further. Let your skin heal fully before using a scrub.

Clay Mask Tip 7: Don’t touch or rub your face
Touching or rubbing your face will also cause further irritation to your skin, both from the pressure of rubbing and also the bacteria on your hands.

I also have some general tips for keeping your skin looking great after your clay mask.

Use a good a suitable skincare routine.

Skin care routines

Skin care routines

Find out from your beauty therapist the best skin care routine for your skin type and stick to it. You should be washing your face every day and every night.

Get regular face masks
Have your clay mask once a week while watching television or while you?re in the bath. And book in with your facialist at least once a month to get a proper treatment on your skin.

Get plenty of sleep
Make sure to get 6-8hrs of beauty sleep each night to let your skin recover and repair itself.

Avoid the sun
If you can’t avoid the sun, be sure to use SPF on your face to avoid premature aging.

Drink lots of water
It has to be said, but drink lots of water. Water cleanses out your system and clarifies the skin making it glow.