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Massage Oil

oils-massage-day-spa-ripple-noosaville-peregian-beach-cooroyGreat for for your relaxing massage, splash in the bath, nourish your skin or scent your home with in an oil burner. All are perfect as gifts or presents to say Happy Birthday, Thanks, I love You or Merry Christmas. All orders over $65 receive free postage.

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Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Ripple Relaxation Massage Oil – A sublime blend of essential oils designed to relax. Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Lavender and Sandalwood. Large 125 ml bottle. $8

Ripple Rejuvenation Massage Oil – Refreshing, uplifting blend of oils to revitalise your senses and body. Mandarin, Lime, Tangerine and Frangipani. Large 125 ml bottle $8

Ripple Sensual Oil – Spice up your life with this massage oil scented with aphrodisiac essential oils. Perfect to get you or your partner in the mood or just tap into your sensuality. 125 ml – $8

Ripple Beautiful Skin Massage Oil – Perfect for those with problem skin or to make your skin look and feel younger. Great for use on areas with cellulite. Grapefruit, Lime, Geranium and Sandalwood. Large 125ml bottle. $7

Ripple Pregnancy Massage Oil – Beautiful oil great for moisturising the skin and preventing stretch marks. Take care of yourself or perfect as a gift. Large 125 ml bottle $8

Ripple Baby and Kids Oil – Perfect for relaxing children and too soothe colic and teething with massage. Suitable for babies and infants. Consult a professional massage therapist for massage techniques. Large 125 ml bottle. $8

Massage Oil Blends

massage with oil

Ripple Massage Oils

Massage oils can really add to the relaxing quality of your massage. Below are some of our favourite massage oil blends at Ripple, but its always nice to play around with some yourself.

Carrier Massage Oil Basics

Choosing the right vegetable carrier massage oil is vital. Essential oils dissolve easily in a massage oil to make a blend that makes it easier to move the hands across the skin. Some massage oils, such as olive oil, are too sticky for massage. Peach nut oil is good for delicate skin as is sweet almond oil. Avocado oil has a distinctive fruity aroma so choose essential oils that will compliment this. Most massage oils have health giving nutritious properties of their own, but will be much more effective if combined with another richer carrier oil more suitable for massage.

Blending Essential Massage Oils

This is the fun part. The correct ratio is five drops of essential oil to two tablespoons of carrier massage oil. Carefully measure as making it too strong can be harmful.

Here are some of our favorite blends.

Massage Oil to aid relaxation

Relaxation massage oils

Relaxation massage oils

Relaxation is particularly important following a stressful day. A massage with the blend of following oils is an effective way to encourage relaxation. We like bergamot, chamomile, Clary sage, lavender and rosewood. To add an uplifting not add a citrus drop as well.

Massage oil for energizing

When you feet flat or down an enlivening massage with uplifting massage oils can help turn around the day. We like a mix of black pepper, Cyprus, jasmine and peppermint.

Massage oil for stiff muscles

Everyone occasionally has minor muscular aches and pains from time to time. They may be brought on by physical exercise or simply by remaining in an uncomfortable position for too long. We love ginger, grapefruit, marjoram and nutmeg in a mix of oils for the massage.

Hangover remedy

Always popular, this is good if you forgot to drink water before you slept. A gentle massage with fennel, geranium, orange and juniper is our fave mix.

A warming blend of oils

During winter, we love to have a massage by the fire with these oils … rosewood, ginger and orange.

Top Ten Tips for understanding Massage Oils

When it comes to massage oil there are many different properties we take into consideration in comparing how the oil spreads and gets absorbed by the skin, here are our Top 10 Tips for best understanding your Massage Oil.

  1. Always take in to account how the oils that you use act on the body. Always be aware of what the “Base Oil”
    Massage Oil

    Massage Oil

    is in the product that you are using, and how it may act on your or your client’s body. Most base oils should have certain properties that will assist them in being effective against conditions like

  1. Know the difference between base massage oil and aromatherapy essential oil. There are quite a number of differences between aromatherapy essential oils and base massage oils. Essential oils contain essences taken from various plant and fruit sources. Each individual essence has a dramatic effect on the body.
  1. Use an oil that has several benefits. When selecting an oil to use on yourself or clients, ensure that the breakdown includes properties that will

The best oil that you can use combines the herbal extracts in different proportions depending on the purpose of the oil. Massage oil helps in restoring the energy balance of the body. The main objective of the oil is to lubricate the skin to reduce friction whilst performing the massage, it provides an easy work-ability and smooth glide to the skin. Some oils can provide a cooling effect and some type of herbs can provide a warming effect to the body, assisting the flow of energy in the body.

Health benefits of massage oil

Health benefits of massage oil

  1. Some of the most effective oils offer many health benefits as well. Lavender Oil for example is the most effective for aiding sore muscles. If you do use this oil whist completing your massage paying particular attention to the feet area, you will feel a total relaxation sensation throughout the body. As we all know the soles of our feet are porous, when the oil enters through the pores, it can reach the bloodstream fasters, giving its soothing effects throughout the body. Lavender oil can also be used in assisting a headache. Eucalyptus Oil, can help reduce the risk of asthma attacks that some people can suffer, it can help in removing sinus blockage and can also aid in curing anxiety orders as well.   Almond oil comes in two variants: sweet and bitter with the sweet oil being more popular. Almond oil is rich in Vit A, B and E which are all great for our skin. The oil helps maintain moisture levels and can be absorbed without blocking pores. It is so versatile and that’s what makes it so popular when using for health benefits or as your “base” for massage oils.
  1. At Ripple we encourage all our therapists to educate themselves about the benefits associated with using natural products in there practice. Mass produced oils are often loaded with nasties and fragranced with synthetics. They often use a very low quality base oil usually in most cases a mineral oil which is cheap to produce and does not expire, however it is a by-product of petroleum.
  1. The natural properties that are in some oils mean that they will become cloudy. This can happen because of the content of ingredients or when cold. Obviously our oils are going to be worse in the winter months. These oils are still safe to use or consume still. We can rectify the issue by placing the bottle in a warm area or by standing the bottle in some warm water for a short period of time.

    Tips for massage oils

    Tips for massage oils

  1. As a common rule we should always store our massage oils in a dark, cool environment. Putting them in the fridge will not harm them in anyway however it may make them a bit more difficult to use. Never leave your oils somewhere they have direct access to sun or will have heat on them, like a window shelf for example. You may want to consider a storage box to keep your oils in, just something to keep them all together in one place and away from extreme changes in ambient temperature.
  1. Essential oils are not like milk, they won’t turn sour overnight. The dates that are stated on the products are just a guide to remind you that oils do not have an infinite lifespan, however they certainly will not go off over night!!   Even after the said date has passed on the oil you will only notice it may take many more months or even years in some circumstances that they have deteriorated to a point that they smell bad or are off. Most oils have a 2-5 year shelf life. No essential oil though never needs to be wasted or thrown out, you can always use them for cleaning, freshening, they may not be as potent to the germs at this stage but will still be able to disinfect to a certain level.
  1. You may notice overtime that the oils that you are using may be named the same however might smell different or there texture is not the same. Did you know that the conditions and the types of soil that is used for the plant to grow in will produce a variety in the chemistry for how the essential oil is produced? So rest assured there is nothing wrong with your oil.
  2. Since massage oils enable us to achieve maximum results in our massages it is important to pay particular attention to the different oils and there unique healing properties they all offer. Unfortunately there is not one product that fits all, there are so many variety of oils on the market that can offer a much appreciated value and extra special touch to your massage and using the correct oil can really enhance the massage experience.
    Massage Oils

    Massage Oilsl

    The Best Massage Oils

    Here at Ripple, we like to ensure that the products we use are the very best. Because of this, we have been researching the best and most popular massage oils on the market. The different types of massage oils available can vary in density, viscosity, absorption rate, moisturisation, odour and purity. This means that each type of oil provides a unique array of benefits and creates a different massage experience. From our research, here is a list of some of the very best massage oils and the reasons they are amazing!

    Sweet Almond Oil – This is probably the most popular type of massage oil. Sweet Almond Oil is extremely popular because its attributes are exactly what you need to help create a great massage. It doesn’t absorb into the skin too quickly, but doesn’t leave you feeling overly oily – it is nice and light on your skin, but is still deeply moisturising. The oil’s viscosity also allows the therapists hands to glide smoothly over the patient’s body. Similar to the sweet almond it comes from, the oil has a sweet and simple fragrance and is pale yellow in colour. The scent allows for great levels of relaxation, meaning it is commonly used for Relaxation of Swedish Massage, and it is also reasonably priced.

    Apricot Kernel Oil – Apricot Kernel Oil is known to be quite similar to Sweet Almond Oil, making it a great alternative for people with nut allergies. It is a little more expensive, but is highly rich in vitamin E and leaves skin feeling extremely soft. It is also great for treating overly dry skin. When sweet apricots are used, the aroma is also similar to that of Sweet Almond Oil. Other varieties with fruitier scents are commonly used for Aromatherapy.

    Sesame Oil – Sesame Oil has been used traditionally in Aurveda, and is documented in ancient Ayurvedic texts as being the best oil for the human body. When used in massage, the oil is known to be very beneficial for the skin, but also add strength to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

    Lavender Oil – This oil is extremely versatile and is also very popular. Lavender in its oil form has an extremely relaxing scent that calms both of the body and mind. However, the oil can also be refreshing, revitalising and stimulating. Lavender Oil is often used for Acupressure as it can stimulate pressure points. Other health benefits include increasing blood circulation and eliminating nervous tension.

    Lavender Massage Oils

    Lavender Massage Oils

    Jasmine Oil – Coming from the Jasmine flower which only blossoms at night, Jasmine Oil has a sweet, romantic fragrance. This aroma is very pleasing and is known for it’s uplifting effect on mind and spirit. In massage, this can help create a pleasant experience. The oil being rubbed over the body also helps to fade scars and treat other skin imperfections. The oil also has antiseptic qualities. Jasmine Oil is commonly used for Balinese style massages due to the effects it has on both the mind and muscles.

    Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil is colourless, very light and is absorbed very well by the skin. This means many people love using it for massages. The oil is commonly used for Lomi Lomi Massage, due to the tropical, coastal nature of its origin and its scent. It is also used to treat body acne, preventing breakouts and the blockage of pores.

    Olive Oil – Used since ancient times in the Mediterranean, Olive Oil is still commonly used today for massage rituals. It is known to improve skin elasticity and strength. It is also deeply hydrating and regular use can keep skin appearance youthful and radiant. Due to the oil’s properties, it is often used for Infant Massage.

    Avocado Oil – Pressed from the Avocado fruit, Avocado Oil has many benefits for the skin when used in massage. It is rich in chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments, and is very nourishing for both skin and hair. Depending on the type of Avocado used, the colour of the oil can range from thick, yellow oil to a bright green shade. Avocado oil is commonly used for hot oil treatments and facial massages. Due to the cost of avocados, Avocado Oil is approximately double the cost of Sweet Almond Oil.

    Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil is extracted from the seed of the Jojoba plant. Due to its antibacterial properties, this oil is another great option for people prone to breakouts on their face and body. It is not at all irritating, making it very popular for people with sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling silky. Jojoba Oil also has a long shelf life.

    Grapeseed Oil – This oil is extremely light and thin. When used in massage, it feels rich and glossy on application and leaves skin soft and smooth. It is also nutritious for skin, with high levels of linoleic acid. It also has no scent, which is great for people who prefer no fragrance.