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Carbon Neutral Massage

Australia’s first carbon neutral massage.

jasmine-essential-oils-massagesAt Ripple Massage, we are a big believer in the Ripple effect. Every small thing we do, every small action we take, can have a huge effect on the people around us and the people around them. We take our commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our business very seriously.

Since 2007, Ripple has 100% carbon offset every massage we do.

We were the market leader, becoming the first Australian massage company to become a totally carbon neutral.

Carbon Neutral means that we have no net CO2 emissions. By offsetting any CO2 we do release in the running of our business, we can bring Ripple’s carbon emissions down to 0% – becoming a Carbon Neutral company.

In the past Ripple has always taken a responsible attitude towards the environment, such as offering refunds on all our containers to encourage recycling and minimizing our use of paper within the business.

mount-tamborine-massage-day-spa-rippleIn 2007 we recognised it was time to take this a step further.

With the help of Carbon Neutral we were able to determine the amount of carbon emissions that come from us providing a massage, and then join with them in offsetting these emissions

For example, carbon emissions come from the massage therapists driving to the guests’ accommodation or home in S.E. Queensland, and electricity is used in the washing and drying of the towels.

Ripple now offsets these emissions by supporting Carbon Neutral programs such as planting trees and other initiatives.

This happens automatically, with the cost being absorbed by Ripple.

Ripple’s guests do not have to pay extra for this offset, just be satisfied in the knowledge that their massage is having a carbon neutral effect on the environment.

Ripple also has a Green List which we continue to add to, with initiatives to minimize our effect on the environment.

So far these include