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Mahboba’s Promise

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am as a woman to ..Mahbobas Promise

And then I see a program like the 7.30 report on Mahboba’s Promise, a formidable Australian women helping widows and children in Afghanistan.

And I realise just how ridiculously lucky I am as a woman in Oz.

So part of our profits at Ripple are now heading towards 13 sponsoring orphans, purchasing sewing machines and sponsoring two widows in Afghanistan through Mahboba’s promise.

If you would like to know more there is heaps on? her web site or call 02 9887 1665

Your Booking With Ripple Automatically Helps Support Mahbobas Promise

mahboba“I’m living in a very big family of 14 members and our financial level is under zero. It’s very hard to finish my education if we are in such poverty. My family can’t afford all the expenses of my brothers and sisters and I’m afraid of leaving school due to this extreme poverty.

I wish I could get support in order to complete my education and this is my biggest dream that one day I can complete my studies and work as a teacher in my own School and serve my people through my profession. Last but not least I’m very interested in Dari, and Mathematics subjects at school and want to be a literature teacher.” – Maseeta

Your School Girl Sponsorship Information

Our sponsorship program is directed towards individual and community development. Maseeta is a representative of Panjshir Girls School and your donations will help Maseeta and the whole community.

Panjshir Valley is in the Hindu Kush mountain range north of Kabul. It is a remote area with little infrastructure. Families exist mainly through Mahbobas Childhood Centresubsistence farming and it is very difficult for families which do not own land. Throughout the wars that have devastated so much of Afghanistan, the Panjshir Valley managed to remain isolated but at tremendous cost of life. The men fought off all those who tried to come into the Valley. Now in the peace, the men that are left tend to drift to the cities leaving the women to farm the land.

During May and June this year, Northern Afghanistan witnessed some of the most destructive small scale flooding in recent years. The country has been hit by 51 periods of intensive flooding resulting in many casualties and severe economic loss. In Panjshir Valley small orchards and farms have been completely washed away and houses have been damaged with the flooding following months of snow.

“When I first went back to Afghanistan, I could not believe how many tiny children were begging and working in the streets. I had to find a way to rescue them and when the idea of the sponsorship program was suggested, I was so happy, but I never realised that regular donations could achieve so much. With the money we have not just saved lives, we have been able to change lives so that the widows and children can make a positive contribution to the new Afghanistan.”
Mahboba Rawi