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Rose Essential Oil

Rose is one of the most exalted of flowers in poetry, literature and throughout sacred rituals.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil

It’s blossom symbolises beauty, love, youth, perfection and immortality. No wonder we love to receive them.

Roses have been prized through many cultures, particularly in Ancient Rome who seemed to be addicted to rose water and roses. During festivals and banquets, roses were strewn over the floors and along the streets.

Rose garlands were also worn at feasts, apparently as a prevention against drunkenness (must try that at the next dinner party.)

The first rose oil was discovered at the wedding feast of the princess Nour Djihan to Mogul Djihanguyr. A canal circling the whole garden was dug and filled with rose water. They noticed the rose oil on the surface of the water and skimmed it off.

The oil from roses is one of the most complex essential oils. It is known as an anti depressant, aphrodisiac, and as a sedative for the nerves. It opens the heart, and relieves feelings of anger, fear and anxiety.

Uses of Rose Essential Oil

Burners and vaporisers

Uses of rose essential oil

Uses of rose essential oil

In vapour therapy, rose oil can be used to calm and soothe and can be used as an anti depressant. A couple of drops in an oil burner is said to inspire love and romance.

Blended massage oil or in the bath
Rose oil can be used as a massage oil or diluted in the bath, to help with anxiety, stress and tension, or just to make the skin smell gorgeous.

Cream or lotion – When used in a cream or lotion, it is helpful to soften and hydrate the skin.

Top 10 Things To Know About

Rose Essential Oil

Roses are commonly considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers all over the world. Throughout history, the rose

Properties of rose essential oil

Properties of rose essential oil

has become part of well-known stories, legends and rituals. Originally, the name ‘rose’ was derived from the Greek word ‘rodan’ meaning red. It is even believed that rose was one of the main ingredients in the cosmetics used by Cleopatra.

As roses are grown today in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and fragrances, different roses can suit and mean different things. Rose Essential Oil is produced from one variety of rose in particular: the Damascus Rose, otherwise known as Rosa Damascena among botanists. This variety is preferred as it is one of the most fragrant species with the highest oil content. To extract the oil from the petals of roses, steam distillation is used. This production process can often be expensive, but Rose Essential Oil is still widely demanded due to the array of health benefits it can have for body and mind. Here are the top 10 things to know about Rose Essential Oil.

  1. Antidepressant

Rose Essential Oil is an antidepressant. It boosts positivity and also helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and other mental illnesses. The oil can boost self-esteem, confidence and the overall mental state of a person. This is why the oil is commonly used in aromatherapy, as it promotes happy, calm thoughts, spiritual relaxation as well as feelings of hope. Rose Essential Oil is also good for helping insomnia when used in small concentrations.

  1. Antiphlogistic

Rose Essential Oil is antiphlogistic, meaning that is has the ability to prevent and alleviate inflammation. This includes

Anti inflammatory essential oils

Anti inflammatory essential oils

sedating the inflammation that causes fevers, but also inflammation caused by dehydration, indigestion and microbial infection.

  1. Antiseptic

Rather that just using ordinary antiseptic creams, Rose Essential Oil can also aid in treating wounds. To prevent the wounds from becoming infected or septic, the oil can be topically applied.

  1. Astringent

Astringent agents have a large influence over body tissues. Rose Essential Oil has astringent properties, meaning that it can lift and tone skin. This can dramatically reduce the appearance of aging. It also means that it can strengthen gums and hair roots, protecting against early hair loss and loss of teeth.

  1. Cicatrisant

Rose Essential Oil is also cicatrising, meaning that it is healing. It has been used in skin care for over thousands of years due to its antioxidant content, and subsequent ability to heal dry and aging skin. Not only this, but Rose Essential Oil can heal the appearance of scars from boils, acne, pox, stretch marks and much more.

  1. Purifying

Aiding in the removal of toxins, Rose Essential Oil is depurative. It purifies the body’s blood by ridding it of any unwanted substances. This will not only make you feel better, but decrease likelihood of ulcers, boils, rashes, other skin diseases and other more serious conditions.

  1. Antiviral

    urifying rose essential oils

    urifying rose essential oils

Rose Essential Oil can work as a shield against all types of viruses. Although it cannot be relied upon to fully protect against viruses, it can definitely aid in the prevention of viruses like the common cold and influenza. The Rose Essential Oil helps to do this by strengthening the immune system.

  1. Stomachic

This is another beneficial property of Rose Essential Oil. It can soothe the stomach and help its functions run smoothly. This means protection from infection and ulcers that can develop from over production of gastric acids. This will prevent indigestion, heartburn, irritable bowels, bloating and excess gas.

  1. Emmenagogue

Emmenagogue refers to the aid of menstrual flow. Rose Essential Oil can trigger menstruation by stimulating hormone secretions. This can be great for women suffering from irregular or obstructed menses. It can also ease the pain and cramping that occurs in menstruation, as well as feelings of nausea and fatigue.

  1. Popular ways to use Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil can be used a number of ways to get the benefits previously discussed. One such way is to apply one or two drops of the oil to the face and neck, followed by application of your favourite moisturiser. If a particular skin imperfection exists which you would like treated, you can apply a drop directly onto it twice daily. Furthermore, if you are familiar with reflex points, you may be interested in massaging a diluted Rose Essential Oil mixture onto your feet for relaxation and clarity of the mind. Diffusing the oil is also another great way to enjoy its benefits and sweet floral scent.