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Rose Essential Oil

Roses have been prized through many cultures, particularly in Ancient Rome. During festivals and banquets, roses were strewn over the floors and Rose Essential Oilalong the streets.

Rose garlands were also worn at feasts, apparently as a prevention against drunkenness.

The first rose oil was discovered at the wedding feast of the princess Nour Djihan to Mogul Djihanguyr. A canal circling the whole garden was dug and filled with rose water. They noticed the rose oil on the surface of the water and skimmed it off.

Uses Of Rose Essential Oil

Burners and vaporisers – In vapour therapy, rose oil can be used to calm and soothe. A couple of drops in an oil burner is said to inspire love and romance.

Blended massage oil or in the bath  – Rose oil can be used as a massage oil or diluted in the bath, to help with anxiety, stress and tension.

Cream or lotion – When used in a cream or lotion, it is helpful to soften and hydrate the skin.

Rose Oil Properties

Originally, the name ‘rose’ was derived from the Greek word ‘rodan’ meaning red. It is even believed that rose was one of the main ingredients in Uses Of Rose Essential Oilthe cosmetics used by Cleopatra.

Antidepressant – It is thought to be an antidepressant. It is thought to reduce insomnia and calm anxiety.

Antiphlogistic – Rose Essential Oil is antiphlogistic, meaning that is has the ability to prevent and alleviate inflammation

Antiseptic – To prevent the wounds from becoming infected or septic, the oil can be topically applied.

Astringent – These agents have a large influence over body tissues. Rose Essential Oil has astringent properties, meaning that it can lift and tone skin.

Cicatrisant – is also cicatrising, meaning that it is healing. It has been used in skin care for over thousands of years due to its antioxidant content, and subsequent ability to heal dry and aging skin. It is known to help heal the appearance of scars from acne and stretchmarks.