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Get Ready For Spring

I love love love Spring! It’s my absolute favourite time of the year. And it is this time of the year when I start thinking of throwing off



my winter skin, doing a detox, and getting ready for the beach.

Now I’m not really a diet sort of girl. Am happiest eating great foods and spoiling my body with delicious spa, massage and beauty treatments. I believe in being kind to my body, and in Spring that is the time I am nicest to myself.

So what is my Springtime routine?

Super easy, pampering, caring for myself and indulgent.

  1. When the weather starts to get a little warmer in Spring (that is when I don’t have to put on a heater as soon as I get up or put on a fire at night) then I begin to take long walks daily. Usually around the rainforests where I live, or if I am down by the coast, along the ocean or on the sand. For me this is the best form of exercise, gentle, relaxing whilst still getting the blood flowing. The extra benefit is that when walking on sand, my bare feet get a great exfoliation at the same time.

    Spring Time Detox

    Spring Time Detox

  2. Detox – yep well detox Ali style. This isn’t one of those super strenuous detox diets that only last three days, but more of a cutĀ  back on the mud cake and sometimes substitute water melon or fresh mango. I still have the occasional glass of wine, but only with food and only the one. And as for coffee, I stick to just one in the morning if I have to, and have herbal teas in between. As it warms up I find I am less inclined to eat big meaty meals and start heading towards the salads. An I never count calories, ever. Food is meant to be enjoyed. But one thing that I absolutely do not do is buy largerclothes. When the jeans start to feel really tight, then I don’t go up a size, I put them on the tightness is a really great way to remind me during the day that I might need to lose a kilo or two.
  3. Pamper pamper pamper. Yes I know I own a massage company, and yes I’m like the plumber that doesn’t do his own plumbing. I have to force myself to make the time to schedule in treatments like anyone else. So in Spring I book two weeks in advance, not just with Ripple but other day spas as well, a wide range of treatments. From facials to massage to nails to waxing. And as I’m so conscientious, I always show up. I usually book two months worth at a time. Even if just getting my eyebrows waxed, this is a great way for me to put myself first. Full list of Spring day spa services are here
  4. Training – yes with my martial arts trainer, Sensei Carl who I have been training with for almost 18 years. Once a week, I feel the pain and hurt. It’s only once a week and the endorphin rush I get afterwards is worth all the sweat and hard work.
  5. Massage – not sure why but my weight loss really picks up if I get regular massages. I think it maybe because it really lifts a
    Spring Packages

    Spring Packages

    sluggish lymphatic system and removes toxins. Either way, its my favourite way to relax, de stress and take care of my body that gives me so much.

  6. Sleep!!! Yes I am very protective of my eight hours every night. Guard it jealously.
  7. Down time by yourself – my favourite thing of all time? Going to the movies by myself. Some think its a little weird but I love it!! Afterwards I feel so refreshed. So this may not be your favourite thing to do by yourself, so find something that you really enjoy doing alone and make sure you do it regularly.

There are lots more ideas on what to do for yourself during the Spring on the Ripple site under ourĀ  Detox page. There are recipes for juices, detox diets (if you are more serious about this than me) and lots more. Or give us a buzz on 0438 567 906.


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