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Gold Coast Bulletin Article 2017

I WAS grinning like an idiot as I flew along the Pacific Motorway one sunny Saturday morning, no traffic, windows down and the wind in my hair.Woman Having A Mobile Massage In Broadbeach

It was my last official day of holidays, a week of rain had given way to a brilliantly blue sky, and I was Gold Coast bound for a last holiday hurrah. Who wouldn’t be smiling? This set the tone for a weekend getaway to Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.

I’m a fan of the Gold Coast – I like the change of pace and the sheer variety of the place. On the Gold Coast, if you want it, it’s there in all its unashamed glory. It’s busy, it’s beachy, it’s full of action and it’s fun.

But it can get a bit much if you’re constantly in the thick of it, so when I shoot myself down the coast to shake things up a bit for a quick getaway, I need a quiet sanctuary to come back to after a busy day playing tourist, or a not-so-busy day being a beach bum.

Our apartment was perfect – only one block back from the beach, a short walk to the heart of Broadbeach’s restaurant precinct and further down from the hustle and bustle of Surfers. After all, if you’ve only got a weekend and you’ve driven two hours to get there, who wants to do any more driving?

My partner and I were welcomed with a warm and friendly smile from resort manager, Jo Perkin, who showed us to our second-floor unit overlooking the crystal clear pool. Outfitted with everything you’d need for a week-long stay including kitchen and laundry, I knew I’d have trouble leaving after only one night.Woman On Massage Table

If you, like my mum, take a while to settle into holiday mode, or you’re only on a mini-break and want to make the absolute most of it, a gorgeous massage from the great people at Ripple massage is just the ticket.

The magic hands of these wonderful therapists will have you feeling mellow and gooey inside in a matter of minute, making you feel like you’ve been on holidays of weeks.

From the extensive range of massages and treatments Ripple offers, we indulged in a one-and-a-half-hour Russian massage. The perfect way to kick off any Braodbeach getaway.

Kyla from Ripple , which cover south-east Queensland from the Gold Coast to Mooloolaba, Noosa and up to Hervey Bay, and all the way out to Tamborine Mountain, arrived with a delicious selection of creams for us to choose from, and before long, with the soothing music washing away the sounds of outside, I let myself melt into the table and off into oblivion. Heavenly.

Russian massage is relatively new to Australia and Ripple is one of only a handful of massage therapists who practice it. It’s a beautiful and deeply relaxing style of massage, fantastic for letting go of any stress and tension.

It is based on body rocking and movement techniques and is a very slow, beautiful, peaceful style of massage that is perfect for those wanting to escape the stresses of modern living. My partner must be more stressed than he let on because he was clinging hopelessly to the massage table after his hour-and-a-half was up, hoping for more.Man Having A Massage With Candles

More in the mood for curling up on the couch and watching cable TV in my new-found state of nirvana after our massages, tummies were rumbling loudly, so off we trotted to the restaurant just a five-minute walk from the resort and right in the heart of the busy Broadbeach restaurant precinct.

This was definitely the place to be seen. The restaurant was full of what seemed to be the beautiful people, all talking and laughing, eating and being merry. And my drink of choice for a hip, cool place? A cosmopolitan, of course.

The tomato and bocconcini bruschetta well and truly whetted out appetite (another cosmo, please), so my spaghetti marinara, heaped with enough seafood to be a meal in itself, didn’t stand a chance of being sent back with a skerrick of food left behind. As for the steak, I’m assuming it’s reputation was warranted because I didn’t hear a peep from my partner until he’d finished his New York sirloin, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

(Another cosmo, please). An apple pie to share for dessert and we were waved goodbye as we waddled back to the resort, fat and happy.

The next morning, well rested we had a quick swim in the ocean just at the end of the street, and it was time to pack up and check out. I didn’t want to leave, as I knew I wouldn’t, but a person can’t hold off work and be on holidays forever. I’ll just have to come back on a very regular basis instead.