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Aromatherapy Massage Oils SpaWITH mist hanging heavily in the air after a cold day of drizzling rain, my partner and I slowly wound our way up Mt Tamborine for a much-needed weekend away. The wet glossy ferns and leaves were hanging low with drops of rain, and the fresh mountain air was exactly what my lungs needed to clear out months of re circulated central air-conditioning.

We were booked into Seaview Farm Retreat, located on the top of the mountain and were desperately looking forward to getting away from our daily grind. This was just the place.

We were stunned by the amazing views we saw as we made our way to our cottage.

With the recent rain, the clouds hung low over the horizon, and the fireplace was stocked with carefully placed wood, all ready to light (for city slickers who may have trouble doing it themselves). Marshmallows? We should have brought marshmallows.

Before long, sitting in front of a raging fire with glass of wine in hand, we were happily unwinding into our weekend away in our warm and cozy cottage.

Seaview Farm Retreat Mt TamborineSeaview Farm Retreat has only three cottages, each of them private and secluded and all with that amazing view right over the Gold Coast.

As night fell across the mountain, Alison Shaw from Ripple Massage tapped on our door, massage table under arm.

Ripple is a mobile massage service that operates in the Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay and Brisbane regions, focusing on giving hotel or resort visitors a choice of a wide range of massage styles, to be pampered totally in their room, using delicious and luxurious lotions and oils, and also provide all the treatments for Seaview Farm.

Lying on the massage table in front of the now-blazing and crackling fire, and with the creek bubbling outside, Alison worked her magic from head to toe in a one-hour full-body aromatherapy essential oil massage. I’ve never felt so relaxed and pampered.

Mens Massage Mobile Day Spa - Deep TissueFeeling all relaxed and gooey inside, I would have been quite happy to stay in front of the fire with the cold night outside, but tummies were rumbling.

The next day brought clear skies, sunshine and a chance to sample part of the lodges’ Tamborine Tasting’s Package with a trip on the Tamborine Trolley for the Tamborine Tasting’s Tour.

The trolley picks you up from the retreat and gives you a chance to indulge in some of the mountain’s most delicious offerings.

Our first stop was the multi national and international award-winning Mount Tamborine Distillery, with its dangerously yummy schnapps and liqueurs. It’s never too early in the day for schnapps, especially with flavours like choc-hazelnut, lemon cello, macadamia nut, lemon myrtle or blackcurrant.

The eccentric and hilarious host Michael delights in showing and pouring glasses for visitors from all over the world. And what fun.

With a bottle of choc-hazelnut liqueur in one hand and a final “salute” with the other, it was out the door and back on the trolley, headed for Granny Macs Fudge, which is on the Gallery Walk in the main part of town.

If it wasn’t too early in the day for schnapps, it certainly wasn’t too early in the day for fudge.

With flavours like pumpkin (didn’t feel brave enough to try that one), rocky road, nougat, cherry ripe, coconut rough and everything in between, I sampled a little of everything, convinced that Granny Mac is the best fudge maker in the world. And with the sugar hit of trying all that fudge, and the alcohol still warming the cockles of my heart from our last stop, I felt (and acted) a little like a kid in a candy shop.

I couldn’t leave without a slab of the nougat fudge, and maybe some of the rocky road for the trip back to the bus.

Gallery Walk was busy with Gold Coast day-trippers, as it is every weekend, which is what makes the trolley tour so fantastic ? you don’t have to worry about getting lost or taking a wrong turn, or finding a car park, which is a tall order along the Gallery Walk on a weekend morning.

Tripping happily back on the trolley, it was back to Seaview Farm for another relaxing afternoon.

I was sad to leave Seaview Farm Retreat after such a wonderful stay, but I was rested and contented and ready to face another busy week.