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Ten Surprising Ways Massage Can Improve Your Life

Oxytocin is increased – this is the “cuddle hormone” often released in new mothers to bond with babies and also during orgasm. It is the bonding hormone that helps you connect and feel good with another person. Reduces stress – Perhaps the biggest  studied effect of massage is that it reduces cortisol levels in the blood  Cortisol is the stress hormone released when the body and mind are under pressure.


“Superfood” is the term given to foods densely packed with different types of nutrients. Superfoods have multiple benefits, among which include aiding in maintaining healthy skin. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “beauty starts from within”; and in the case of your skin, it’s absolutely true. How many of us spend money on creams, lotions, serums, all promising the perfect youthful complexion? However, instead of focusing on potions to put onto our skin, there is evidence[…] READ MORE

Christmas Stress Busters

Top 14 Tips To Deal With Christmas Stress 1. Take time out – when the craziness of doing stuff and getting stuff done is getting on top of you, take a half hour breather. Whether its just getting outside and sitting in the sunshine or taking a walk, mini breaks will help you keep your sanity. 2. Scale it back – Christmas does not have to be a massive affair. Stick to just the main “must-dos”[…] READ MORE