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Woman relaxing in hammock near ocean

16 Best Ways To Relax

Relaxation Techniques 16 Best Ways To Relax 1. Breathe The easiest way to relax is often forgotten as we search for ways to relax outside of ourselves. But simply bringing the mind to the breath is highly effective at calming the mind and body. It could be as simple as stopping and taking five deep breaths, just

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Massage therapist working on a clients trigger points

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy Trigger point therapy is a great way to release muscles that might be locked. It can help with tight shoulders, necks and back and also chronic pain. It is a specific form of massage that presses on points that then attach to muscles, helping those muscles release. It can be a little

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Woman running along beach on the sand

Sports Massage

Ripple Massage the day spa that comes to you Sports Massage Sports massage is an area of massage that has become increasingly popular in the last decade. With athletes taking better care of themselves than ever before and a shift towards wellness and holistic health, sports massage can play an integral role in optimising performance,

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Woman walking along beach

Spring Cleanse

Ripple Massage the day spa that comes to you Spring Cleanse Spring is a time of renewal, recharge and rejuvenation; the season for a full body and soul spring cleanse. This time of year it’s natural to want to do a bit of a cleanse to shake off those winter doldrums and clean out our bodies

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Why Your Body Is Unhappy

Eight Signs Your Body Is Unhappy

Ripple Massage the day spa that comes to you 8 Signs Your Body Is Unhappy Our bodies have clever ways of letting us know when things are going pear shaped – yet many of us ignore these warning signs – at our peril. Here are the eight ways in which your body tries to signal

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Man having massage therapy on shoulder and arm

Why Your Body And Mind Will Love Massage Therapy

Ripple Massage the day spa that comes to you Massage Therapy And Why You Will Love It Massage therapy is an ancient tradition that stretches over almost every culture. It has so many healing properties, both for the body and the mind. Here are some of the top reasons why your body will love a

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Drinking Water To Rehydrate Body

Why Drink Water

Ripple Massage the day spa that comes to you Why Drink Water? Why Rehydrating Is So Important After A Massage Water is that magic wet substance that is vital to all forms of life. Human beings – by and large – consist of around 60 percent water. The Journal of Biological Chemistry says that our

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Massage towels and candles in a day spa

Why Bodies Love Massage

Ripple Massage the day spa that comes to you Why Your Body Loves A Massage How Massage Affects Every System In Your Body Our millions of cells together with the 11 key systems that operate our bodies have one common purpose – to keep us functioning well so we can enjoy a long and happy

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Therapist massaging muscle knots on client

Muscle Knots

Ripple Massage the day spa that comes to you Muscle Knots What Are Muscle Knots? A muscle knot is a slang term used by lots of people to describe sore, tight muscles in the body. The muscle doesn’t really “knot”, instead it may contract because of stress, training, injury, bad posture or other reasons. Muscle

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