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Massage at Home

Massage at Home

Massage at Home

Massage At Home – “Doln” literally means self-massage, and involves a combination of different techniques to improve the circulation and flow of Chi throughout the whole body. Chi or Qi being the life force energy within every living thing derived from traditional Chinese therapy and also martial arts.

When doing any self-massage prepare yourself by gently shaking all your limbs, and body. Shake your arms and hands to release any tension in your upper body. Now gently shake your legs and feet as well. If you’ve ever done any self affirmation in the past you’ll know by simply thinking and reciting an affirmation and performing these simple actions is healing in itself. Place your feet shoulder width apart and unlock your knees. Straighten your back to allow optimum energy flow, relax your shoulders and close your eyes. Take a minute to focus internally, and get in touch with how you and your body are feeling before starting the Doln routine. Empty your mind of any disturbing or distracting thoughts…this is not as easy as it sounds but with practise it really works. Bend your knees slightly and imagine a string passing through your spine, straighten up your posture to allow for better Chi flow breathing deeply. Keep breathing deeply to align your Chi. Ultimately, from home what you want to achieve is time for self, this can be done through yoga and meditation but often we don’t get time to attend scheduled classes.

Massage at Home

Mobile Massage

Massage at home

With your fingertips tap the top of your head.

Slowly work your way all around the head, covering the sides, front and back. This exercise will wake up your brain and stimulate blood circulation.

Pull your fingers through your hair, this stimulates the bladder and gall bladder meridians on the top and side. (This is also great to do in the shower when massaging shampoo and conditioner through your hair, imagine you’re at a salon and give yourself a good head massage).

Place your fingers on your forehead, and apply a little pressure and stroke out from the centre to the temples.

Bring your fingers up to your temples. Drop your elbows, and massage your temples, using circular movements.

Massage down the side of your face until you reach your jaw.

Squeeze along jaw bone, working outwards from the centre. This is a very good technique for trying to relax.

Using your index finger and thumb, squeeze your eyebrows starting from the centre line and move slowly and laterally.

With your index finger and thumb, pinch the bridge of your nose and corners of your eyes.

Apply your thumbs to the sides of your nose. Breathe in as you stroke down the side of your nose.

The above routine is particularly good if you feel a cold coming on, or have one already. Although Doln exercises are specifically designed for self-help, the can just as easily be carried out on another person. The above routine will ease discomfort and speed recovery.


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