Get Healthy

Mar 2015

Change Your Mindset To Lose Weight

Healthy Foods

Protein is one of the main building blocks in our bodies – protein makes up about 16% of a person’s body weight – as connective tissues, skin, hair and muscle. It is recommended that each meal should include some form of protein.

Protein is a great source of fuel and will keep your engines running for hours – snacks or food high in sugar is not able to sustain the same amount of energy as protein, so in a few hours or less you will be tired and hungry again.

Have you ever thought how you eat your food – Are you ever so hungry that you grab something that’s quick and down the hatch – like a quick fix? Plan your meals and menu’s each week.   Think about what you are eating and why.

Ask yourself how is this going to benefit me? Will it help me? If the answers are no – don’t eat it. Find an alternative choice. Enjoy your meal, chew slowly and meals an event to be relished with family and friends – your food needs to be savoured. If your meal makes you feel overly full, uncomfortable your body will not perform at it’s best.


It’s not just one thing that will help you develop a healthy lifestyle – it’s a combination of your food, sleep, exercise, mental health, hydration, support – one step at a time. Keep a journal of your journey.


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