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Best Facial Cleanser

The Best Way To Clean Your Face

When it comes to our planet and our surroundings – right down to our personal hygiene like cleaning your face – we prefer things to be fresh, shipshape and well cared Best Facial Cleanserfor. Yes, we like our air unpolluted and our water sparkling. We also like our cities un-littered, our homes and cars to be dirt free and – by and large – we apply this to ourselves too. We are – predominantly – a nation of well scrubbed, sweet-smelling people. Bravo!

Here in Australia we spend a massive $22 billion a year on our personal hygiene and on looking our best. Queenslanders lead the way in this respect. They each invest an average of $989 per year on their appearance – and let’s be honest, who can blame them?

Cleaning Your Face Is In Your Genes

Many of us are instinctively attracted to the beauty in others – it’s an evolutionary thing. Blah blah biological adaptations, blah blah find a mate, blah blah ‘Oh! Nice Neander Mr. Thal!’

Cut a long story short – all these millennia have left us with an innate desire to look our best.

In general terms, most of us strive to be attractive and continue striving even after we have found a mate. In our eagerness, we wax, pluck, exfoliate, tone, cleanse, shave and moisturise pretty much every inch of our bodies. However, we concentrate the vast majority of our efforts and dollars, on having a beautiful face.

Our Face Is Our Flagship

We all understand that our smiling face is the first thing people see and the power of first impressions is strong – so we frown at our crows’ feet, curse the blemishes and shake our fist to the sky when we have a breakout.

Yet, blemishes, breakouts and the signs of ageing can all be helped by putting in place a beauty regimen that all begins and all depends – very crucially – on one thing – cleansing.

Cleansing For The WinWoman Cleaning Her Face

Speak with any beauty professional and they will tell you that the key to having a beautiful complexion lies in cleansing well.

Our gorgeous faces adore being cleansed – and not only of make-up. Oil, dirt, dust, dearly departed skin cells and other impurities (yes, even that smearing of donought glaze on your cheek), accumulate on your skin’s surface, therefore a thorough cleanse both morning and night is imperative.

What’s in it for you? Well, smaller pores for starters – plus boosted hydration, fresher skin, fewer breakouts and a more youthful appearance! More skin care tips from our beauticians are here

How To Clean Your Face The Right Way

The thing about cleansing is that many people don’t actually do it well.

It all begins with the right products.

Granted, many of life’s decisions are difficult – choosing the right mortgage, your favourite child or tacos over a hamburger for example – now, Facial Cleansing Scrubthey’re tough choices! But choosing the right cleanser for your skin type is not difficult.

Our advice is to ask your Pharmacist for guidance – point out your skin type and any sensitivities and soon you’ll be strolling out with paraben-free and fragrance-free (hopefully) products that will change your appearance for ever.

Your cleaning routine will then look like this:

  • You will use warm water and a cream cleanser to wash your face. Cream cleansers are more hydrating, but if you wear a lot of make-up, you might find gel cleansers are more efficient.
  • After washing – you will dab your face dry, gently, with a towel.
  • You will dip a cotton ball in toner, apply toner to your face and you’ll focus on the problem areas like the woman on a mission that you are!
  • Next, you will apply a night (or day) moisturiser.
  • You can apply eye cream too if you wish. You just need a pea sized amount and it will make a very positive difference to your thinnest and crinkliest area of skin.


To remove make-up and cleanse in the evening is the logical thing to do – we rid our skin of the day’s residue and allow it to breathe overnight. Easy peasy Japanesey. However, a morning cleansing routine is just as important.

Morning cleanses are needed to remove dust, oils, perspiration and traces of any night creams too – and you really shouldn’t apply make-up unless you have thoroughly cleansed beforehand.

Unfortunately mornings are rushed affairs in most households and this is often to our skin’s detriment. Be aware of this and make an extra effort to keep to a cleansing, toning and moisturising regimen in the mornings, too.

Why A Cleansing Face Mask Works

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a deep cleansing mask – especially those of the peel off variety. You know… Cleansing detox facial maskthe ones you unpeel with revulsion knowing you’re about to see the debris stripped from your pores. Those!

But it doesn’t really matter which type of mask you choose. If  it suits your skin type, you’ll reap the benefits.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with masks, too. You could try Glam Glow’s bright blue Gravity Mud for example – sure – it makes you look like Sonic the Hedgehog for a while, but many swear by it. Or perhaps you’d like to go for something exotic (we’re using the term loosely here) and try a nice Korean Donkey Milk mask or the latest craze from Japan – a cleansing mask that slowly bubbles and froths so you wind up looking like the victim of a pie throwing clown. Now that’s a #selfie for #Insta!

So, a weekly mask should certainly form part of your cleansing routine too. Its purpose is to draw out impurities, absorb pore-clogging oils, firm and purify your complexion and deliver whatever juicy goodness it is made of, deep into your skin. Mmmm Donkey Milk!

Call In A Beauty Professional

Part of being a grown-up is knowing when to ask for help. If, despite your best efforts, your skin just won’t cooperate and glow, it’s time to seek Woman Receiving A Cleansing Facialprofessional help.

A deep cleansing facial delivered by a thorough beauty professional, will bring about a great improvement to the texture and vitality of your skin. Wrinkles will diminish, your skin will be stronger and more elastic and you will be far less prone to breakouts.

One of the major benefits of seeking help however is the opportunity to consult with a beauty specialist who can analyse your skin, listen to your concerns, give you tailor-made advice and treatment and perhaps suggest more suitable products.

To Recap

In order to show the best version of ourselves to the whole wide world, a regular skin care regimen is a must. At its cornerstone is cleansing – closely followed by toning and moisturising.

To have a twice daily cleansing, toning and moisturising habit, a weekly deep cleansing masks and professionally delivered facials is essential for the overall health and appearance of your complexion.

It enables your skin to maintain a healthy balance, improves its ability to resist disease and prevents premature ageing. It also enables your skin to better absorb and utilise all those luscious products that you apply for protection, nourishment and exfoliation. Amen sisters!

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