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The Ripple Effect

Just by booking with Ripple, you are supporting girls education, domestic violence services, widows, orphans and many more.

Automatically, a portion of your payment is directed to several charities in Australia and abroad.

Our Ripple Effect program runs through out the year.

It is a simple way for you to help others whilst spoiling yourself, at no cost to you.

Trauma Informed Massages
In Domestic Violence Shelters

Ripple undertakes trauma informed massages across a range of domestic violence shelters in SE Qld, on a voluntary basis.

A highly specialised form of massage, these integrate body work with psychology to help victim survivors of domestic violence start to overcome associated depression, anxiety and PTSD.

These are undertaken by Ali, as a form of giving back to our community. To date, we have undertaken over 200 complimentary trauma informed massages. Booking massages with Ripple helps us continue this work.


Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, we are unable to offer these outside of a shelter setting.

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride.jpg

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride

Dressing dapper and riding classic motorbikes, Ripple co-hosts a DGR on Tamborine Mountain. 


Raising money for men’s health through Movember is a way we help support the physical and psychological health of men. More information at The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

If you would like to donate to support mens health, you can here, or please feel free to sign up and join our next ride.

Ripple also donates and supports The Black Dog Ride as well 

Generate Love

Ripple supports a number of children with education, laptop computers, and other support through Generate Love, an NGO that helps support shanty children in the Indian Himalayas. 

This amazing organisation teaches children life skills as well as education in reading, writing and other subjects where they are are. Often in the open, under bridges, in the mountains, after they have finished their begging work in the morning.

A select number are then supported with scholarships to college an university. Ripple also helps sponsor an annual multi day trek in tthe mountains that expands the skills of the children, and helps them with exercises that expand their horizons and vision of their future.

Generate Love.jpg

Mahbobas Promise

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am as a woman to 

  • live in Australia

  • be able to support myself and my son through Ripple

  • have the freedom not to be financially dependant on a bloke

  • be safe, happy and secure


And then I see a program like the 7.30 report on Mahboba’s Promise, a formidable Australian women helping widows and children in Afghanistan.

And I realise just how ridiculously lucky I am as a woman in Oz.

So part of our profits at Ripple are now heading towards sponsoring orphans and widows in Afghanistan through Mahboba’s promise.

If you would like to know more there is more on her web site

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