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Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is the perfect way to de-stress, unwind and let your body rejuvenate.

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Woman smiling while having a relaxing massage with massage therapists on back, blue towel
Woman relaxing chin on hands while lying on massage table, partner in background

We absolutely loved our massages today with Ali, and the heated massage table she brought was perfect!

It made us forget the rainy cold weather outside, and having her come to us meant that we could spend our time enjoying the beautiful Airbnb we had booked. Like our own private piece of luxury.

Ali was one of the best therapists I have come across, simply a superb massage. The facial and other things were lovely, but to be honest, I could have just had the hour and a half of her massage.

All of the other girls felt the same. We come to Tamborine Mountain each year as a getaway from our hubbies and kids, and have already booked her again for next year.

Highly, highly recommend.


Mount Tamborine Massage

Massage therapist i black ripple t shirt smiling at camera while giving a relaxation masasge to client , massaging back

Why Get A Relaxation Massage

  • Relaxes muscles, which is great after a sporting event or if you are just feeling tired or stressed

  • Reduces cortisol, the stress hormone in your body, one of the best ways to physically relax the body and the mind

  • Increases the feel good chemicals in your brain, gives you a feeling of well being

  • Great for kick starting the lymphatic system of your body and perfect if you are doing a detox

  • Relieve muscular pain and joint stiffness

  • Stretches ligaments and keeps them supple

  • Can be used in conjunction with other therapies to reduce depression, PTSD, post natal depression

  • Stimulates blood flow to the skin to help cell regeneration, especially in the facial area

  • Relaxation massage techniques on the stomach can help with digestive issues such as constipation

  • May reduce high blood pressure

  • Might also be used for pallative care

What Our Clients Say

The most relaxing massage I have ever had.

Renate gave me the best massage, deep enough to count, relaxing

enough to send me to sleep.

Taylor, Coolangatta

How A Relaxation Massage
Is Done

Relaxation massage, or Swedish massage, is the most popular of all traditional European style massages.

Developed by Per Henrik Link in the 1700s, who merged Western and Eastern healing techniques, it was the first organised and systematic method of modern therapeutic massage in the Western world.

Using oil or lotion, relaxation massage incorporates the following strokes.


Tapotement or tapping – Here the therapists taps the muscles with the edge of the hand, tips of the fingers or with a closed fist to release tension and cramping. This technique invigorates muscles before relaxing them.

Vibration or shaking – this is performed at the end of the massage when the therapist presses her hands on the back or limbs and rapidly shakes them for a few seconds. This stroke is particularly helpful for relieving back pain.

Effleurage – Meaning touching lightly, effleurage comprises long gliding strokes from the neck to the base of the spine, or from the shoulder to the fingertips.

Done with the entire hand or the pads of the thumb, it helps relax the muscles while also enabling the therapist to examine the texture and quality of the muscle tissue.

Friction or rubbing – This consists of deep circular movements of the thumb pads or fingertips around the joints and other bony areas to break down adhesion or knots of muscle fiber which develop in response to muscular trauma or pain.

Man lying face down, with therapist relaxing muscles under shouder blades with palms of hands

Relaxation Massage FAQ

What is the difference between a relaxation massage and a deep tissue massage?

There are lots of differences between a relaxation and deep tissue massage. It’s not just the pressure. Both styles of massage use different techniques. A relaxation massage is a lighter pressure, but also uses more flowing, effleurage techniques.


The therapist will use the palms of their hand a lot in this style of massage and will stay away from trigger points. A deep tissue or sports massage will see the therapist using more elbows and pressing on trigger points to release muscles. There can be pain associated with a deep tissue massage whereas a relaxation massage is softer and more gentle.

What are the benefits of relaxation massage?

Relaxation massage has numerous benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, enhancing sleep quality, boosting the immune system, and promoting a general sense of relaxation and well-being.

Can relaxation massage help with muscle tension and knots?

While relaxation massage primarily focuses on easing general muscle tension, it can also help with minor knots and tightness. However, for more severe or chronic muscle issues, a therapeutic or deep tissue massage may be more appropriate.

Can relaxation massage help with stress and anxiety?

Yes, relaxation massage is particularly effective in reducing stress and anxiety. The soothing touch and calming techniques promote the release of endorphins, which can help alleviate feelings of tension and promote relaxation.

Are there any potential side effects or risks associated with relaxation massage? 

Relaxation massage is generally safe, and the risks are minimal. However, individuals with certain medical conditions or injuries should consult their therapist before getting a massage.


Is it normal to fall asleep during a relaxation massage?

Yes, it is entirely normal to drift into a state of deep relaxation and even fall asleep during a relaxation massage. It's a sign that your body is responding well to the treatment and achieving a state of relaxation. We take snoring as a compliment!

When should I book a relaxation massage?

A relaxation massage is particularly good for those times when you are stressed. Or it is a good style to book in whilst away on holidays and the aim of your massage is just to unwind. It is a common style of massage we do during hens parties and couples massages as well. It is also the most common style done during pregnancy.

How often should I get a relaxation massage for maximum benefit?

The frequency of relaxation massages depends on your individual needs and lifestyle. Some people opt for weekly sessions to manage chronic stress, while others might schedule one every few weeks or as needed to maintain overall well-being.

Can I talk during the massage, or is it better to remain silent and relax?

It's entirely up to you. Some people prefer to talk and have a conversation during the massage, while others prefer to remain silent and focus on relaxation. The massage therapist will follow your lead and create an environment that suits your preferences.

What is the best relaxation massage?

There are many styles of relaxation massage so it’s difficult to say one is better than another. The most popular style in the West is a Swedish massage that is taught in most massage courses for therapists. However Kahuna, Thai, Shiatsu and other styles of massage can also be done relaxation style.

What qualifications do your therapists have?

All Ripple therapists are fully qualified and experienced in relaxation massage. They are trained by nationally accredited courses to either Certificate IV or Diploma of Remedial Massage. Many of our therapists are also trained in other styles of relaxation massage such as Hawaiian style, Thai or Japanese massage. Reflexology, which is included in all of our spa packages, is a great way to relax tired feet, and all of our therapists are trained in this style as well.

Can I request a specific pressure level during the massage?

Yes, absolutely! It's essential to communicate your preferences to the massage therapist. If you prefer a lighter or firmer touch during the session, don't hesitate to let them know so they can adjust the pressure accordingly.

When can I book a massage with you?

You can book anytime of the day online with Ripple through our online booking form.

When you are booking online, just choose the relaxation massage option. 

What does the massage therapist do to work out what sort of massage I need?

Your massage therapist can tell a lot about your body just from observation. So your posture, your energy, how you hold your body all give us clues as to what is going on. We will also ask you what you need from your massage as well.

Putting all this together we determine if the style of massage you need is more therapeutic or if we should concentrate on a lighter, more superficial style of massage that will relax your mind as well as your body.

Swedish Massage
The Ultimate Relaxation Massage

  • Therapists develop their own style and technique incorporating all of the five movements and adding to them as they gain experience.

  • Massage therapist traditionally use a massage table which is padded and sturdy for your comfort. The table comes with a head hole for you to look down through and breathe easily.

  • Your therapist will keep all areas of your body towel when not massaging that area.

  • There a couple of reasons for this – firstly for your modesty and a lot of people feel more comfortable covered than being exposed and also to keep the body temperature even – as your therapist massages you, the area being massaged will heat up and it is advisable to keep an even temperature.

  • In more recent years face and head massage has been added to enhance the Swedish massage experience.

  • At your massage appointment your therapist will ask you to complete a client questionnaire, this is to make sure any health problems you may have will not be hindered by having a massage.

  • Your therapist will also ask if you require any specific areas worked on, even though you may be after a relaxation massage, you may have certain areas that are carrying a slight injury or holding some pain – with a little bit more attention to these areas throughout your massage will provide you with more than just a relaxation appointment.

  • They will ask about specific areas to massage in case you don’t like having your feet touched or you don’t want your make up removed so no face massage. This is for your comfort and to ensure a wonderful experience you will want to return for over and over again.

  • In a nutshell the Swedish massage is the ultimate in relaxation massage.

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