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Massage And
Day Spa Services

Looking to have the best massage nearby or but don’t want to go out?

Ripple brings the convenience of an accredited mobile massage therapist to your doorstep.

Perfect for those who just want an amazing massage, couples massages, girls weekends, hens party, office massage and corporate events.

Complimentary facials, exfoliation, reflexology and foot baths in all spa packages.

Inquire today!

We had the Ripple Massage for my daughter , her bridesmaid & myself the night before her wedding.

Was just amazing they came out to where we were staying.

It was the most relaxing massage we have ever had, and the pedicures & manicures we good as well.

Thoroughly recommend Ripple.

Bev - Tamborine Mountain, Qld

Woman having massage from therapist with rainforest in background

Ripple Massage FAQ

Where are you located?

At present, we have a team of mobile massage therapists available for bookings on the Gold Coast, Mt Tamborine, Scenic Rim, Northern NSW, Byron Bay and Brisbane. We also do other regions by request, please ask on booking. Some locations it is only possible to have the one therapist.

How Do I Book A Massage Near Me?

Simply inquire online or give us a call

When Are You Open?

We come to you, most days of the week. Please give us as much notice as you can so you get a convenient booking date.

Can I Orgnaise A Gift Certificate?

Sure thing! Easily order an instant gift voucher online from $50. They are valid for 3 years and can be used towards our massage services or products. Easy online purchase here

Can I Change What Is In The Spa Packages?

Sure, just let us know if you would like to leave anything out, we will spend the extra time massaging instead, or if you want to include something else, we are more than happy to add in things, usually at no extra charge.

Our primary aim is to give you the treatment you want and we are happy to tailor things to you.

What Should I Wear?

You should feel comfortable at all times so what you wear is completely up to you. It is also good for jewellery to be removed (such as earrings, necklace and watches).

Will I Be Covered?

Yes, at all times we use towel draping and respect your privacy during your massage. The therapist will only uncover that part of your body that they are working on at that time.

We consult with you prior to the treatment as to which parts of your body you give consent to be massaged.

We welcome you giving us as much information as you like on what you expect from your massage so we can give you the amazing experience we promise.

What Should I Expect?

If this is the first time you’ve ever had a massage, then please let your therapist know. They will explain to you what to expect. In general you should enjoy the experience and feel totally relaxed at the end.

At Ripple we don’t do “McDonalds massages” or set routines. We believe that each massage should be tailored exactly to what you want from your massage.

What If The Pressure Is Too Hard Or Soft?

The therapist will check with you during the massage that the pressure is firm enough for you.

We can always change things to make you happy.

What About Any Health Issues?

Just let us know. You should let us know about things like high blood pressure, allergies, physical ailments, surgery or pregnancy.

How long will my appointment go for?

The therapist will start and finish on time.

A one hour massage session will consist of a brief consultation and a minimum 55 minute massage.

The massage time will include all extra day spa treatments such as face masks, foot bath, and exfoliation.

Girls Getaways

We are happy to do all the organisation for you. Why not relax and leave it in our hands to do all the chasing.


Just give us a buzz and if you like we can contact everyone directly.

Why Don’t You Accept Cash?

This is weird right? Most businesses love it if you pay in cash and sometimes give you a discount if you do?

At Ripple it’s the opposite. Because we are a purely mobile service it is our therapists who then have to pick up the cash.

Instead we take full payment on booking by Visa or Mastercard or by direct deposit.

This secures your therapist. Thanks for your understanding.

What is your COVID SAFE policy?

Due to the pandemic, Ripple has changed its operations completely. Before we were a service that operated across Australia with over 40 therapists. 

Today, due to the COVID safe requirements to provide a safe workplace for our clients and therapists, our business is now one therapist doing a very limited number of treatments on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Tamborine Mountain.

Ali, the owner who is the therapist doing the massages, is fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. We only take one booking a day to ensure no possible cross contamination between clients.

All equipment and towels are sterilised between bookings.

Please note : 

If you have a voucher for a dollar amount that is still valid, you are able to redeem for spa products. Please email us for details on how to redeem. 


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Top Questions To Ask Your Massage Therapist

Do I Need To Bring Anything To My Massage?

Just yourself, as professional massage therapist we supply all that is required. We have a massage table that is set up for our height to ensure our back well being and to perform the perfect massage for you.


We bring fluffy towels, aromatic oils, music and everything we need to make you feel awesome.

Do I Have To Wear Underwear During My Massage?

Some therapists prefer that you do, but it is up to you.

If you do prefer to wear underwear, we will tuck a towel into the top of your underwear and roll them down so we can massage your glutes.

Otherwise we will keep your private areas covered with towels or sarongs at all times, even in Ka Huna massages so that your privacy is respected.

What Sort Of Massage Draping Do You Do?


As professional massage therapist we usually follow a protocol about draping, that is covering our clients with towels.

We keep all areas covered that are not being massaged except during Ka Huna massages where we drape with sarongs. 

With towel draping, the area being massaged will warm up, so we need to keep the other areas of the body toweled and warm. You will feel cocooned under your towel and this gives you a real sense of comfort.

What Is The Difference Between A Massage Therapist And A Masseuse?

With such a lot of misunderstanding about massage service and adult services, we prefer massage therapist.

A professional massage therapist has completed a lot of training to be able to offer clients a well-planned massage with ongoing treatment plan to help alleviate your aches and pains.

The term masseuse is often used by those who offer adult services.

Do I Have To Take My Clothes Off?

It is much easier and way more beneficial for you if you do down to your underwear. But if you are uncomfortable we can massage you fully clothed. The massage is about you and what is going to make you happy.

We fully understand that you may not be comfortable being naked in front of a stranger however, therapist treat many clients and we see the body as a whole and as unit that requires our professional treatment.

At your treatment you will be shown to your treatment room and your therapist will leave your for a few minutes to allow you to undress and pop onto the bed under the towel.

Homework - Really?

Yes – if you have a treatment with a Remedial Massage Therapist they will more than likely give you soft exercises or stretches to do daily.

You will have booked a remedial therapist for an injury, or aches and pains and the ongoing homework will help to alleviate the pain. Here is more information on just how powerful a massage is for your body 

What If My Body Makes Noises During The Massage?

It’s ok, it’s a compliment. Really, just relax, this massage is about you.

You may snore – that’s great you are so relaxed and enjoying your treatment.

Tummy rumbles, passing wind it all happens because your body is now in the rest and digest mode.

It’s all part of your massage treatment. Just relax and enjoy – it’s all part of our job.

Can I Talk In A Massage?

Most people like to chat at the beginning of the treatment – it helps them feel comfortable and relaxed.

As the massage proceeds most will go into a relaxed sleep mode.

Clients can use their therapists as sounding board for pressures and stress in their lives.  

Even though this is not part of the job, therapist care and are happy to let you unwind.


Will A Massage Hurt Me?

Depending on what type of massage you are having. A Swedish Massage is a relaxation massage whereas a Deep Tissue massage is much slower and deeper to help knotted and tight muscles let go.

Your therapist will ask you how the pressure is throughout the massage – don’t be shy, tell them to back off or get into more! If your therapist pressure gets too much for you, don’t hesitate to ask them to change the pressure.

Everyone’s idea of a firm massage is different. It’s your massage to have how you want – your therapist wants you to receive the treatment you are looking for.

Massage Information

Massage Information

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Frequently Asked Massage Questions

How Much Clothing Should I Leave On During My Massage?


“Undress to your comfort level” means you can wear whatever you want.

If you’re more comfortable keeping certain garments on, that’s fine.

Please don’t make yourself uncomfortable for us. You will however get a better massage if do take most of your clothing off.

Usually our clients will undress to just underwear. No bra will give us greater access to massage your back and shoulders. But its totally up to you. We drape accordingly with towels to ensure your modesty during your treatment. 

What If I Need To Go To The Bathroom During My Massage?


If you have to, try to go before your massage.

It’s not comfortable holding it while your therapist pushes on that particular pressure point. 

If you feel that you need to through your treatment, simply let your therapist know and go, that way you can relax and enjoy the rest of your massage. We don’t mind at all.

What If The Massage Hurts?

Tell your therapist exactly what hurts, what’s sore, and what doesn’t need to be touched. Especially let them know of any health conditions. 

Be sure to discuss what it is that you’re hoping to achieve from your massage. Remember therapists are not telepathic, unless we communicate our needs and wants to them how are they to know. But we are here to give you the massage you would like. Its not about us, its all about  you, so just let us know!

All Ripple therapists will spend at least 5 minutes with you before your initial consultation to go over any concerns that you may have.

Do You Offer Health Fund Rebates For Massage?

The majority of extended healthcare plans cover registered massage therapy treatments. 

So the question then becomes “How much coverage do I have?” The answer to this is in your specific insurance policy. 

Please note however not all therapists can offer health care rebates so be sure to double check at your time of booking should you wish to claim.

I Don’t Want My Therapist To Talk During My Massage

If you want to make sure your therapist doesn’t talk during the massage, before your session starts say, “I’m so tired. I’m hoping I’ll fall asleep during this.” Works every time. We are happy to talk, and just as happy for you to sink into a deep relaxation.

What Should I Do During A Massage?

Make yourself as comfortable possible. You will relax during most of your treatment on our therapists massage tables which are designed for stability and comfort.

Our therapists will ensure that you are warm and comfortable throughout your treatment. Relaxing music is played to help you unwind and focus on the changes occurring in your body.

Try taking nice long, deep breaths during the time of your massage, this will help to oxygenate the body.

Should I Shave Before A Massage?

To be honest, we don't care. Our therapists don’t mind if you didn’t shave your legs or if you have acne. 

We have seen it all, and our focus isn’t on your body and how it looks but on how great we can make you feel.

I Can't Lie On A Massage Table, What Should I Do?

If I need you to adjust your body in any way simply let the therapist know (for instance, lift your arm). 

Or we will let you know what position we need you to move into (for instance, turning from lying on your tummy to your back). Let us know at any time if you need to change your position to make yourself more comfortable.

For instance, massage therapy can easily be done when you are lying on your side, or semi-seated, if your pain prevents you from being on your stomach or back. Please let our team know what you feel is comfortable.

Many people just close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It’s your time, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

What If I Am Sick For My Massage?

If I am sick with a cold or flu, should I cancel my appointment?

If you are in the early and most contagious stage (first 48-72 hours) of a cold or flu, please do not let us come in for your session.

Please phone or email our booking team to cancel with as much notice as possible.

As massage can have a strong effect on the body, if you are sick, the massage may just intensify your symptoms. Take some time to get over your illness and then simply rebook with us.

Do I Need A Doctor’s Referral?

No. Although many physicians refer patients for massage therapy treatments, massage therapists are primary health care providers who assess and treat people independently. 

How long before I get up when my massage is finished?

Massage and body work can be profoundly relaxing, affecting all your body’s systems.

Give yourself a moment to re-orient before slowly getting up from the massage table. After a session, most people feel very relaxed.

Many experience freedom from aches and pains that have built up over months of tension or repetitive activity. After an initial period of feeling slowed down, people often experience an increase in energy, and greater productivity which can last for several days.

Since toxins are released from your tissue during a massage, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water following your massage.

We usually give our clients a while after the massage is finished before we wake you up! We like you to enjoy the total relaxation after your massage. The great thing about mobile massage is you don't have to get dressed after or go anywhere, just curl up and sleep, whatever your body needs.

What Can I Expect After A Massage?

  • Following a massage, it is possible to have some soreness for 24-48 hours, similar to the sensation experienced after a good workout. This is a normal response within the body when circulation and resulting detoxification is increased, and muscles have been worked. 

  • You will likely feel subtle shifts occurring over the following days as well. Some examples are:

  • Pain relief – less intensity and frequency of the pain in various areas of your body

  • Easier mobility when walking and moving in your daily life

  • Deeper sleep patterns

  • Constipation or other digestive concerns may subside

  • Stress, irritability and anxiety levels may lessen

  • Energy levels may feel increased

  • Just like exercise, the benefits of massage increase with regular treatments. As your overall body awareness is enhanced, you may find that you experience deeper relaxation and amazing benefits in overall wellness with each massage therapy session that you have.

Terms And Conditions
Of Booking With Ripple


Our primary concern during the pandemic is to follow our first ethic as health care professionals of “do no harm”. The safety and well being of our clients and staff take precedence. We thank you in advance for your patience during this period.

Our cancellation policy for your booking remains. Should you, or Ripple,  need to cancel your booking due to covid restrictions or inability to travel, a full refund in a dollar amount in the form of a gift voucher will be forwarded to you via email. You will be able to use this voucher to redeem for spa products should a therapist subsequently not be available in a region or time of your choosing.

Terms And Conditions For Booking With Ripple Or Purchasing Gift Cards

Please note that all bookings and gift card sales are covered by these terms and conditions

Can I cancel an appointment? What is your refund policy?

  • We understand that sometimes things need to change. 

  • Ripple’s cancellation policy is that if more than 24 hours notice is given then a full refund in the form of a gift certificate for the full dollar amount will be forwarded to you.

  • Please note Ripple does not give cash or credit card refunds should you be unable to make your appointment or change your mind.

  • Once we take your booking we take full payment from your card. 

  • Any no shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not receive any refund. Ripple does require that you have a phone number that our therapist can call you on, on the day, to confirm room numbers or other information.

  • Ripple does not take tentative booking, all bookings need to be confirmed by credit card. Full payment for your treatment will be taken from your credit card on booking.

  • Ripple accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Ripple does not take tentative bookings, or deposits

All of our treatments are confirmed at the time of booking with full payment via Visa or Mastercard. We don’t take cash bookings.

Ripple does not discriminate on the basis of gender with either our clients or therapists.

We understand that you may prefer either a male or female therapist for your treatment. If you wish to have a therapist of a particular gender, please advise at time of booking, as we take bookings for our therapists irrespective of their gender, unless otherwise advised at the time of booking.

  • All of our therapists are fully accredited and able to provide the services advertised. All gift cards are sold subject to the availability of a therapist, and on the understanding that we may not have therapists of both genders in the region you prefer to have your treatment. Should this be the case you are welcome to take your treatment in another of our regions or all gift vouchers are sold on the basis they can be redeemed for  spa products.

  • Should a therapist not be available at the time and region of your choosing, you are able to redeem the certificate for equivalent value of our products instead.

  • We do not offer refunds on vouchers as they are advertised as being valid for both the service or spa products

  • We comply with all Anti Discrimination legislation, details can be found here

Gift cards are not refundable or redeemable for cash.

  • No credit or change will be given for any unused portion of the gift card.

  • The gift card is fully transferable. Ripple is not responsible for any fraudulent or stolen gift cards. It is the holders responsibility to ensure the safe keeping of the gift card. Expired vouchers are non refundable, in part or in whole.

  • All $ amount gift cards are valid for 3 years.

  • Please ensure you read the terms and conditions on the gift voucher that is displayed on the screen prior to purchase.

  • All prices are subject to change without notice. Thanks!


Please do not ask us for any type of sexual service. We are not sex workers.

Ripple is a professional massage and beauty therapy business.

Therefore all of our therapists are professional, trained health care professionals, they are not sex workers.

Should you be interested in adult services there are many workers in this field listed in the yellow pages or the classifieds of the local newspaper, or perhaps ask your concierge.

Ripple Massage Locations
Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tamborine Mountain, Byron Bay, Scenic Rim

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