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Man having a massage with therapist
Therapist massaging a mans shoulder

Massage For Men

Ripple’s Blokes Package is designed to include all the things our male guests say they love, and is the perfect massage for men

Deep tissue or relaxation massage, and optional sandalwood scented oils, mud mask and body scrub.

Skip the day spa, we will come to you. Convenient for those that are time poor or who just want a great massage.

Stuck for what to get your loved one? A Ripple gift voucher maybe the perfect gift for him. Perfect for Fathers Day or Christmas, or as a birthday gift he will love.

It’s difficult sometimes to find a therapist that will do a real deep tissue massage.

Each massage I have gotten from Ripple has been great, hard and really got into the knots.

Even your last therapist that you sent, Andrea who was quite tiny, had hands of steel!

Matthew - Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast Hinterland

Smiling man havig shoulder massaged
Therapist pouring masasge oil into hand with male client

Why Book With Ripple?

  • Convenience – Sometimes men prefer not to go to a day spa, but have a good quality massage come to them. Having a mobile treatment come to them can make the whole process a lot easier

  • Quickest way to reduce stress – Massage is one of the quickest and most effective ways to offset stress.

  • Pressed for time? – An in home massage maybe just the answer

  • Oils designed for blokes – it can be off putting for men to have an aromatherapy massage if they think the products that are going to be used will be more scented for women. At Ripple we have a rejuvenation oil that is citrus based which men seem to really like.

  • Privacy of the day spa coming to you– some men can shy away from massages as they aren’t keen on the day spa environment.  Having Ripple come to you means they can still get an awesome massage, but in their home or accommodation.

Favourite Massage Styles
For Male Clients

Relaxation Massages

When most people think of massage, they often think of the Swedish relaxation style.

As well as being perfect for lowering stress, it also reduces toxins in the muscles, helps improve your circulation, increases flexibility and also oxygen levels.

A great starter massage for those men who perhaps have not had a therapeutic massage before.

Russian Deep Tissue Massage

This one is kind of similar to the Swedish style, but it uses deeper pressure for muscle tension.


Stress will often be held in the body, making muscles tense up (often in the back, neck and shoulders).

The deeper style of massage will work on letting the muscles go.

Men love the Russian style as it uses massage techniques such as friction, rocking and deep tissue manipulation of the muscles.

Leaves the body feeling much more supple, restores movement and reduces pain. This is a slow, peaceful style of massage.

Sports Remedial Massage

This is the deepest form of massage and loved by men clients that don’t mind having a little bit of pain during their massage. It involves trigger point therapy that is perfect for releasing deeply knotted muscles.

Great for men who are athletic and do a lot of regular and intense training. Perfect for gym junkies, athletes or just those who want the deepest style of massage.

Coffee Massage

Do you love your coffee? This is the massage for you.

Imagine the delicious aroma of freshly roasted ground coffee, combined with a wonderfully relaxing massage.

Includes our specialty Ripple coffee oil, choose your preferred style of massage and surrender to the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Also included is a coffee body scrub and coffee face mask.

Massage oils in ceramic jars with cork stoppers

What Our Clients Say

Claire and Jo were amazing. I'm pretty sure both my wife and I slept during most it. I just wish you had people near our home of Esk. We will definitely be booking again when we head back to the coast.

Hamish, Coomera, Gold Coast

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