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NDIS Support Worker - Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast and Scenic Rim

Updated: Apr 17

At Ripple we believe in making it easy for NDIS participants to have a massage. As we are purely mobile and come to you all Tamborine Mountain, Canungra, Jimboomba, Wongawallan, Clagiraba and all Gold Coast, we make it simple for those wth a disabilty. Please note - remedial or lymphatic massage needs to be listed in your plan for you to be able to claim this under the NDIS.

Ali Saoirse, the main remedial massage therapist at Ripple, has experience with NDIS clients, as well as 20 years experience as a disability remedial massage therapist. She is qualified in many massage styles - remedial, deep tissue, relaxation, prenancy, reflexology, lymphatic, aromatherapy, hot stones, kahuna and many more.

Ali also believes that a key factor in an effective remedial massage is to relax the body. All of her remedial massages then use aromatherapy oils, she brings relaxting music, fluffy towels and includes other pampering extras to ensure the remedial massage is as effective as it can be for increasing mobilisation and reducing pain.

Does my NDIS plan cover massage?

It depends on your plan so please look at it closely and speak to your support co ordinator and plan manager. It is possible that it could be covered under

•    Improved Daily Living

•    Improved Health and Wellbeing

Remedial massage can help wtih chronic pain, mobility, muscular issues and more. Lymphatic massage can help with Lymphedema.

Please note - remedial or lymphatic massage needs to be listed in your plan for you to be able to claim this under the NDIS.

Psychological wellbeing and psychology degree with massage by Ripple for NDIS

Added to this, Ali has an Advanced Diploma in Psychology from Bond University and extensive extra training in trauma therapy. She works in high risk DV shelters in Qld, specialising in delivering trauma informed massage to clients who have depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety and more. As such, all of her massages are highly specialised in not only the physical care but also the psychological.

There are 3 key NDIS plans

Self-managed: the client has access to funds under the NDIS and manages these themselves. You can use these funds to help achieve your goals under the NDIS.

Plan-managed: your plan manager will help you access providers under the NDIS.

NDIA-managed: this means the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will pay providers and manage your funding on your behalf.

Tamborine Mountain NDIS support provider

Ali is currently able to offer massages under the NDIS. Please contact her, or get your plan manager to contact her for more details. Ali is able to offer more services than just massage, such as in home care, transport, help with compliance for support workers, social and other supports. She is an experienced NDIS support worker on Tamborine Mountain, Canungra, Jimboomba, Eagle Heights, Wongawallen and all areas in between. She is able to travel to other areas of the Scenic Rim and Gold Caost.

Gold Coast NDIS Support Worker

Ali is also able to travel to all areas of the Gold Coast for NDIS support services. Please contact us for details.

Why is remedial massage covered under the NDIS?

Remedial massage - If you have specific disability needs, remedial massage can be considered part of your plan under the NDIS. it needs to specifically be related to your disability and a care plan needs to be put in place to ensure massage will help with your disability. Remedial massage is a highly specialised technique that can help with trigger points, muscular tension, body alignment, and also chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, and arthiritis. Often having a chronic disability also brings with it psychological trauma and conditions like agoraphobia, depression, anxiety and more. Combining Ali's extensive remedial massage skills, with her degree in psychological and extensive work in trauma informed massage, Ali is the perfect therapist for those with a disability who also struggle with the pschological implications of every day life.

This style of massage has large benefits for NDIS clients

  • Massage under the NDIA helps with mobility and and increase in physical health

  • Massage also has been shown to increase dopamine and serotonin and is one of the best ways to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone)

  • Helps with stress reduction and is a form of personalised care

  • Ali is highly professional, very empathetic, and highly experienced in working with vulnerable clients who experienced trauma For the last 5 years she has worked in Domestic Violence shelters across SE Qld, and has been given access by these shelters because of her experience both as a therapist and her trauma psychology background.

  • Help with recovery and reabilitation - massage has been shown to help wth physical and psychological recovery from accidents and trauma

Why Ripple for your NDIS massage?

Ripple has been operating for 20 years and Ali the therapist has a very wide range of experience. Added to this her remedial qualifications and psychological degree and experience. you get much more than your standard massage from Ripple. Ali excels at trauma informed massage, and has further extensive training in this field. When you book with Ripple, you know the therapist you are getting and that they qualified and experienced to help you or your NDIS clients.

What other services do you offer under the NDIS on Tamborine Mountain and Gold Caost?

As well as massage we offer a wide range of services, including home care, gardening, transport, assistance with daily life, household activities, administration tasks, independence and more. Contact Ali for more information and availability. With over 20 years as a health care professional, both in body work and also psychologial support, Ali is well suited to a wide range of NDIS work.

Ali Saoirse from Ripple Massage
Ali Saoirse Massage Therapist Ripple


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