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Indian Head Massage

Do you suffer from headaches and migraines, are stressed, or just love your head being massaged?

The Indian Head massage maybe perfect for you

It can be done seated chair massage style for hens partiesgirls weekends, office massage and corporate events.

Smiling woman on massage table with blue towel around head

Can we please book your therapist again for another two lots of Indian head massage for our staff this week?

Liane is fantastic and at this time of the year when our call center staff are so busy, it really makes a difference for them to have someone come in and give them a small massage.

Thank you again for your professional service.


Alexadra, Target Call Centre

What Is Indian Head Massage?

Indian head massage, or Champissage (champi is the Hindi word for head massage), is a massage  that is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda.

It uses firm massage strokes to stimulate the nerves and loosen up tight muscles of the scalp.

The belief is that three of the major energy centers of the human body can be found in and around the head.

By stimulating these energy centres, Indian head massage helps to maintain the balance of energy within the body, and helps heal the body both physically and emotionally.

The treatment has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.

Originally it was almost exclusively concerned with massage of the head and hair follicles, to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and thereby nourishing hair roots.

Over time the practice evolved to incorporate massage of the face, scalp, neck, upper back, shoulders and upper arms.

Woman having head massge
Woman having a face massage

Where We Found It - Lumbini

All I can remember of Lumbini In India was the thousands and thousands of prayer flags.

And the incredible sense of peace.

Some were faded, some fresh from the nearby stalls, and all were strung up from the tree under which Buddha was born.

The other thing I remember is my boyfriend blissed out after an Indian Head massage.

Why wasn’t I the one getting the massage?

Well, much to my dismay in India this is a tradition that men get to enjoy at the makeshift barber shops scattered along the pavements.

When I say “shop” I mean a mirror strung up on a fence and chair.

So my guinea pig boyfriend got lots of Indian Head massages in Lumbini, Varanasi, Delhi and Orccha whilst I watched and took lots of notes.

Back here in Oz, anyone can get one from Ripple. Deeply relaxing, it will give you a little piece of the peace I found in Lumbini.”Ali

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