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Chocolate Massage
Day Spa Package

Do you love chocolate and massage? A chocolate massage package may be just for you

Rich, warmed chocolate oil, used in a relaxation or deep tissue massage, in the most decadent of day spa packages.

Includes a chocolate body scrub, chocolate facial and much more.


Just have to say I LOVED my chocolate massage.


Smelt like chocolate all day, and I liked how the therapist massaged with the chocolate and oil and then used hot towels to remove it as she went.


Would definitely book it again.


Christine - Main Beach

Where We Found The
Chocolate Massage

“I was wandering down near the crazy Gaudi church in Barcelona when I came across a small day spa, tucked in a small alley.

Feeling spoiled by lots of great Spanish food, beautiful architecture and some retail therapy, I thought the perfect way to finish the day would be a massage.

The owner didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish, but I saw a word on the menu that is universally recognised by women – chocolate.

So what followed was two hours of bliss, being massaged with warmed chocolate oil from head to foot. Just divine, wrapped in the scent of rich chocolate and my muscles melting under the therapists hands.

At the end I was craving a sugar fix and headed to a nearby restaurant for some churros and thick, lush, drizzly chocolate.

Pure decadence.” – Ali


3 Hour Chocolate Massage

The chocolate massage is only done as a 3 hour package. It includes


  • Exquisite full body aromatherapy massage with warmed chocolate oil plus your choice of another massage

  • Foot reflexology massage to rejuvenate your feet

  • Peppermint and lime scented foot soak and foot scrub

  • Luscious chocolate face mask, hot steamed towels

  • Full body chocolate exfoliation to smooth and polish your skin with walnut, tangerine and lime scrub

  • Collagen anti ageing face mask to smooth wrinkles

  • Indian Head Massage with scented oils. This will completely melt away any stress and leave you feeling revived and totally relaxed

  • Gift box of Ripple spa products

Chocolate Massage Benefits

Chocolate is fantastic for both your health and for your skin


It has lots of potassium zinc, magnesium and iron. Magnesium is one of the elements most importantly to muscles as stress reduces it in the body and it then affects your muscles. Low amounts of magnesium are thought to be the reason why premenstrual women love chocolate.

Chocolate also lowers cholesterol levels and the Vitamin E and B in chocolate are thought to reduce stress levels.

It enhances mood with the phenylethylamine in the cacao bean raising serotonin (the feel good hormone) levels. This hormone has also been shown to reduce depression, hunger and increase your sex drive. It also stimulates endorphins, another feel good hormone.

Chocolate also has a relaxing effect on blood vessels and allows for better blood circulation. The favanoids in chocolate are anti oxidants and act as a blood thinner. It also stimulates insulin production.

It also nourishes skin from the outside as well as internally. At Ripple we include a chocolate facial, chocolate scrub as well as chocolate oil in your massage package.


Chocolate Massage FAQ

How do you get the chocolate into the oil ?

Ah that is a tradesecret! The chocolate oil though has the full chocolate aroma and your skin will end up smelling of chocolate afterwards. We also warm it before we use it, just to really enhance your massage

Will I end up sticky and covered in chocolate?

Oh no, with a chocolate massage we hot steam towel as we go, so you get all the benefits of the chocolate and the delicious aroma, but none of the stickiness.

Why do you do the chocolate massage as a 3 hour package?

As the chocolate massage is a little bit more involved than your standard one hour massage, we do them only as a larger package.

These packages are a real indulgence and allow us to include a chocolate facial and a chocolate exfoliation as well.

What is the chocolate facial?

This is done with a nourishing chocolate facial cream which moisturizes the skin.

The chocolate exfoliation is also done with a chocolate body scrub which also adds hydration to the skin, whilst gently removing old skin cells.

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