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Deep Tissue Massage

Do you need a deep tissue massage?

  • Perfect for tight shoulders, back pain, stiff neck

  • Firmer style massage by qualified, experienced therapist

  • 7 days a week, same affordable pricing

  • Mobile deep tissue massage, in home or hotel

  • Included in couples massage, girls weekend or hens party

  • Available in all spa packages with complimentary facials, body scrub and reflexology

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Ripple massage therapist pressing down in deep tissue massage style on clients back with massage oil on back
Massage therapist pressing into the muscle tissue just under the shoulder blade on man

Just wanted to let you know how much we loved our massages from Ripple while we were in Brisbane

Your therapist Anita was very professional and obviously knew her stuff.

Thanks for guiding us towards the Russian massage … both of us felt fantastic afterwards and it really loosened up my shoulders. 

Deborah - Brisbane City

Massage therapist pressing with thumbs into the trigger points on shoulders of client

Deep Tissue Massage Styles

Russian deep tissue massage is based on techniques that have been used extensively in Russia for over 100 years. It is based on the philosophy that through massage the body can learn to heal, relax and repair itself. If you are interested in just how powerful massage is for all your body systems, there is more info here

It uses many unusual techniques, but they do use similar terms to Swedish massage.

The Russian deep tissue massage style of tapotement is less intrusive than the Swedish style, covers a larger surface area and is used to increase blood flow to the muscles.

Russian massage also uses some friction techniques and also a “sawing” technique is an intense style of massage that adds a lot of heat to the muscles and is helpful for chronic muscular problems.

The cresting technique is also unique to this style of massage and again is a friction technique. Often used in sports massage, this technique again provides lots of heat to the muscles.

Raking is also a common technique and is used along the erector spine muscles and also the inter costal muscles, allowing for deep tissue manipulation.

However there are also some more gentle, relaxation styles of massage in the Russian style including the rocking of the body. During this, the client’s body is moved and rocked, with the therapist using the client’s body to massage.

So when massaging the muscles in the calf, the therapist will pick up the leg and rock it back and forth, using the weight of the muscle to massage the attachment points. This allows for a less intrusive style of massage and allows the  therapist to work with the body, not against it.

This style is also known as being very easy on the therapist’s body and therefore helps extend the therapists working life. It does not use thumbs at all. Russian therapists believe that sometimes giving 50% energy to a client will have a better effect than giving 100%.

All of the techniques including friction and cresting use the weight of the therapist’s body to provide the massage, rather than stressing the therapist’s thumbs and hands.

This style of massage has developed in Russia over the last century and is used extensively in hospitals, with patients often being prescribed a series of massages during their stay. Similarly, doctors in Russia regularly use massage therapy in their treatment of patients. Russian massage has only been used in the West rarely and is not commonly available.

Ripple massage is the one mobile massage therapy business in Australia that offers Russian massage to its clients.

Man having massage while therapist massages deeply through shoulder area

Deep Tissue Massage
Daniel Scott

Ever had a fantasy about being a post-Soviet billionaire, with super yachts moored in the Mediterranean, a football club as a plaything and the Presidents and Prime Ministers of developing countries on your speed dial?

Yeah?  Me too, and on a Monday afternoon last week on the Gold Coast, I got the closest I’ll ever come to feeling like a Russian magnate thanks to Ripples visiting massage.

True, I did have a good start – I was staying in the Penthouse apartment at the excellent Oceanside Resort at Bilinga while doing the incredible Bethel silent retreat. But other than that the delivery of Russian gold was entirely down to the talented therapist Mardi from Ripple.

Boy, are Ali Saoirse’s Ripple a great company. They’re expanding rapidly throughout Australia offering a really warm and thoughtful visiting massage service.  From the initial peppermint and lime-scented foot soak to the masterful two-hour massage itself to the little gifts they bestow on their customers, you always feel safe and cared for in the company’s hands. Even a super rich Siberian might dispense with their burly security guards if paid a visit by Ripple.

As for me, on the third day of a silent retreat (during which my daydreams were becoming increasingly vivid) the Russian deep tissue massage was just about the perfect treatment. After long runs and walks on the beach previously, this 1.86m (6ft 2in in old language) bloke was not just soothed by Mardi’s opening and closing gentle strokes but also invigorated and smoothed by the sports massage techniques used for the interim sixty minutes.  It felt gorgeously indulgent and languidly slow, seeming to last twice the time.

What’s great about this combination is that the opening really prepares your body for the more vigorous strokes that are to come. You’re just seeping into the table in a bodily sigh when kneading fingers start to find their way deep inside your shoulder blades and into those twisted sinews in your neck and shoulders.  Oh, the burden of all that money, I kept imagining, as Mardi’s healing hands glided over my back, tackling one vertical side at a time.

Before long her sterling work had even erased my fictional worries and as the sun set behind the southern Gold Coast, I began to drift into a place of warmth and darkness not dissimilar from sleep. This was deep tissue work of the highest calibre, the sort of touch that releases weeks of stress and floods the muscles with such a strong feel-good factor that they’ll be good for weeks to come. As the back work continued it was fast, direct and utterly rejuvenating. Finally, this part of the massage drew to a close with feathery touches that settled everything down again.

A similar technique on the back of my legs took care of my aching calves and thigh muscles from all that beach running and then it was time to turn over.

First up now was an organic green clay cleansing face mask, applied after a hot towel had prepared the ground.  Well, we magnates have got to look our best, haven’t we?  Once this was on, it was time for work on arms, chest and some excellent digging under the shoulders again as well as some good head massage and finally some reflexology on my feet.  If I hadn’t had an urgent meeting with Julia Gillard and Queensland PM Anna Bligh to discuss my company’s mining rights, Mardi could have left me in my room to snooze all night!

Unfortunately, even for the inveterate fantasist, all good things must come to an end.  But there was still time for another lovely Ripple touch, a celebratory card containing a $1 scratchy. Maybe, just maybe, my dreams were going to come true after all.

With Mardi recently departed I rubbed away at my scratchy and….won $2. Well, you’ve got to start somewhere and while I accumulate my billions, there’s always Ripple’s Russian massage with which to indulge my inner Czar. 

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