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 Client having a foot reflexology massage from therapist

Reflexology Foot Massage

Do you love a great foot massage?


Are they sore from running or standing on them all day? The reflexology massage is perfect for rejuvenating your tired feet, and give some pampering to your soles.

The foot massage package includes a one hour foot reflexology treatment, foot exfoliation and warm lime and peppermint scented foot soak.

It is also included for free in all our massage packages

It was a fantastic treatment thank you, lovely, my therapist was a very warm accommodating lady who was punctual and easy to talk to.

She did a really good massage, and I enjoyed the reflexology which I hadn’t tried before, thank you.


Ron - Sanctuary Cover, Gold Coast

Therapist massaging foot with thumbs
Massage of foot with thumbs on sole of foot

What Is Foot Reflexology?

Reflexology is based on the idea that energy flows around your body. The Chinese believe that if this energy is blocked, then the body gets sick.

In this foot massage, gentle pressure is applied to points on your feet, known as reflexes. This can help unblock any energy that is trapped.

It also has the belief that your feet contain a “map” of the entire body: every organ and body structure relates to a precise point on the top, side or sole of the foot.

For example, your brain is connected to the top of your big toe, while the bladder point is at the base of your heel.

The idea is that when an area of your body is out of balance, the related reflex will be tender to the touch.

This foot massage will gently work a tender point, which helps to break down deposits and restore energy flow through the zone.


The massage action also has the effect of stimulating the circulation of your blood and lymph to the area and feels highly relaxing.

What Parts Of The Body
Are Reflected In The Feet?

  • Your head is represented in your toes.

  • The right big toe corresponds to the right of your head and the left big toe to the left of your head.

  • The eight smaller toes hold the reflexes to specific parts of your head, such as sinuses and ears.

  • The reflex area for your spine can be found on the inner sole of your feet, and your stomach is in the same area. Your chest reflex can be found in the balls of your feet, and on the same area on top of your feet.

  • These also relate to the air passages, lungs, breasts, heart, thymus gland and shoulders. The lower edge of the chest area runs across the base of the balls of the feet.

  • The whole of your heel all around your foot contains the reflexes to your pelvic area: they lie on the sole and the sides of your heel and also across the top of your ankle.

  • The limbs are on the outer edge of your foot but also, and most particularly, on the corresponding upper or lower limb.

  • During reflexology all parts of the feet are stimulated and therefore the whole body.

Foot relexology chart showing parts of body on feet
Woman having a  pedicure, therapist painting polish on nails

Where We Found The Foot Reflexology

“Just up near Tiannamen Square, I found the place I had been looking for.

A small room, kind of resembling a doctors office.

The receptionist at the hotel had assured me that this was where I would get the best reflexology treatment in Beijing.

So with a mix of English and a smattering of pathetic Chinese, the lady at the massage clinic took pity on me and said “English okay.”

Either that or she didn’t like her language being butchered by another foreigner.

So that barrier aside I then had my feet soak in a mix of Chinese herbs (27 apparently, kind of like the Kernels secret herbs and spices but for the feet).

And then the most sublime foot massage I’ve ever had.

Within minutes, all the traipsing up and down the wall had disappeared

So good in fact that I went back the next day, oh and the next.” Ali

Foot Reflexology FAQ

Can reflexology get rid of a headache?

Reflexology is based on the belief that different parts of the feet represent different parts of the body. So the belief behind this is style of massage, is that if you have a headache, massaging the toes and at the base of the toes, which represents the head region on the feet, will help remove your headache.

Why don't you do the reflexology during pregnancy?

There are pressure points in the feet and around the ankles that are contraindicated to massage during pregnancy. Especially just under the ankles, which in reflexology is related to the uterus and ovaries, these areas are avoided as they can bring on preterm labor.

In all of Ripples spa packages, for any pregnancy massage, we will leave out the reflexology section of the package and spend more time massaging the body, or do a gentle style of foot massage instead, bypassing the ankle pressure points.

What does reflexology feel like?

A reflexology massage has a few different techniques. There are long flowing movements up the feet and the calves to the knees that are relaxing.

The foot will also be shaken gently that is also a relaxation technique, and then the pressure point “thumb walk” will be firm across the soles of the feet. It’s not painful unless you have sore feet in which case the therapist will be more gentle.

I love having just my feet massaged, how much is just a reflexology massage?

Ripple can do a reflexology massage for any length of time. So if you would like to book just a one hour or a 1.5 hour session we can do that. We usually include a peppermint scented foot soak.

I am running a marathon next week, would a reflexology treatment help for afterwards?

Yes absolutely, it is hands down one of the best foot massages around and often used on its own or as post event recovery massage.


It’s included in our packages with a full body massage, or we can do a shortened version as part of a one hour massage, or book you in for a one hour reflexology only treatment.

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