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Pregnancy Massage
Qualified Prenatal Massage Therapist

  • Pampering Mums to Be is our specialty

  • Free pampering spa treatments of exfoliation, facials and foot baths included in each pregnancy massage package

  • Suitable after the first trimester

  • Available for couples massage, hens and pamper parties

  • Instant pregnancy massage gift vouchers


I loved everything about my pregnancy massage with Stephanie.

She was so caring, obviously knew everything a therapist needed to know about massaging during pregnancy and I really liked the facial you included.

Thanks again, will book you again in a week.


Gina - Mt Tamborine Qld

Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage

  • Pregnancy massage relieves muscle spasms, cramps associated with the stress of extra weight bearing and physical changes that occur during your pregnancy.

  • A prenatal massage reduces stress and allows you to relax, both important for during the pregnancy and labor.

  • The health of your baby is enhanced by the pregnancy massage through increasing blood circulation, lymph circulation, reducing edema and increasing cellular respiration.

  • Massage makes you feel nurtured and pampered and this can then be passed onto the baby

  • Pregnancy massage assists in reducing the stress in the weight bearing joints and other bone and muscle structures.

  • Helps maximize breathing capacity which is needed during labor and delivery.

  • Massage is also wonderful for Mum after the birth. More info on postnatal massage is here


Pregnancy Massage FAQ

When can I get a pregnancy massage?

Generally it is safe to have a pregnancy massage anytime after the first trimester up until the birth.

Some therapists will massage during the first trimester, but some prefer to play it safe and not massage until after the first 12 weeks until the pregnancy is more set.

I am pregnant, but I would also like to get my partner a massage as well, can you do that?

Sure we can, we have one therapist available who can do a pregnancy massage and the other another style of massage for your partner.

What does your pregnancy massage involve?

Our prenatal packages are the same as our normal packages, the only things we change is we do the massage pregnancy style and leave out the reflexology as this is contraindicated during pregnancy.

So you can receive all the pampering that we normally include in our spa packages.

Do I need clearance from my doctor?

The only time we will ask you to get the go ahead from your doctor is if you have had any complications during your pregnancy or if you want through IVF before becoming pregnant.

Do you do pregnancy vouchers?

Yes! All of our packages and vouchers are available for pregnancy massage and are easy to order

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