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Why A Body Scrub Is Great

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At Ripple we love a good body scrub. A gentle exfoliation can brighten your skin, remove old skin cells and stimulate your system to remove toxins through a light lymphatic massage.

Why? Because body scrubs are one of the simplest ways to expose the lovely new skin hiding just under the surface of your current skin cells.

It’s why we include a gentle, nourishing, moisturizing exfoliation in any of our two, three or four hour packages. Made with an enriched cream base, and using fine ground walnut shell, this scrub is used as we do a gentle style massage, and we hot towel off as we go.

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Types Of Body Scrubs

Generally, there are two different types of body scrubs to choose from.

One is mechanical exfoliation and the other is done with a more chemical base.

Mechanical body scrubs are about using a tool and friction to strip the dead skin from your body. These can be done with a body brush, or with something like salt grains or ground walnut shell or pumice stone.

A chemical exfoliation meanwhile uses acids to break down skin cells and slough them away.

Substances used can be as mild as fruit extracts or as feisty as stronger acid bases depending on what you would like to achieve.

Dermatologists suggest you take care on your choice of exfoliation to ensure you don’t damage the skin with a type that is too rough.

What Body Scrubs Do

Body scrubs are massages that include aromatherapy oils combined with exfoliating granules – such as sea-salt or sugar – to slough off the old skin cells.

The massage done with the body scrub is generally light to avoid grazing or harming your skin, and is designed to boost your circulation, activate and drain the lymph nodes and increase blood flow to your skin’s surface.

The gentle lymphatic massage is what stimulates the lymphatic system, not the exfoliation, but the gentle removal of old skin cells does make your skin feel smoother. The topical creams and treatments in no way enter the blood stream, rather its the gentle massage that helps kick start the lymphatic system which is the one that removes toxins from your body.

We can incorporate body scrubs as part of your spa treatment facial and can give your body a complete skin polish too as part of a relaxing massage

In your treatment, we use a nourishing moisturiser body scrub with ground walnut and tangerine essential oils to gently remove the dead skin cells. This is included free in any of our spa packages.

Body Scrubs also help to prevent in grown hairs, they smooth razor bumps and soften the skin around your knees and elbows. Yes, you’ll enjoy smoother skin and also reduce your chances of having breakouts on your back and neck.

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Body Scrubs At Home

Facial exfoliation cleanses deeply. It dislodges build-up in the pores and smooths and refines your skin’s texture. Dermatologists recommend if you are going to use a gentle scrub on your face, you do it before bedtime, usually twice a week.

It’s best to purchase a gentle product that is suitable for your skin type and use a circular and upward motion to exfoliate.

Remember to always rinse well and pat dry afterwards.

Next, apply your favourite moisturiser or serum.

If you notice redness or sensitivity however, cut back and only exfoliate once per week. You can also do a gentle coffeechocolate or honey facial scrub

Body exfoliation at home begins when you first brush your dry skin with a loofah before stepping into a warm shower.

Next, apply an exfoliating product to your loofah, brush or exfoliating gloves  and work from your feet upwards.

Rinse your body with the coldest water you can stand, then step out of the shower and apply moisturizer.

Here is our favourite coffee body scrub recipe that mixes a love of coffee with nurturing your skin.

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Where Body Scrubs Came From

Once upon a time in Egypt there lived a Queen called Cleopatra. We still talk about her beauty today – so we have to assume that

a) she was rather gorgeous and

b) she did certain things to remain that way.

One of those things was body scrubs.

The legendary milk baths that Cleopatra enjoyed were rich in lactic acid that dissolves the proteins responsible for holding dead skin cells together.

In effect, what Cleopatra did, is called a chemical scrub.

Fast forward to the Middle Ages and those who could afford to would use wine to rejuvenate their skin.

The tartaric acid in wine is a natural acid too and still used to this day in chemical facial peels.

Meanwhile, across the big pond, Native Americans would collect sand from riverbeds to use as an scrub and also used dried corn cobs as very effective loofahs.

They would rub their bodies with these in exactly the same way we would use a dry brush today.

These types of scrubs continue today in different forms. But it’s always wise to do a small test on a patch of skin to see how your individual skin reacts first.

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