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Body Scrub

Top Tips Why Your Skin Needs A Body Scrub

Your foundation may match your neck, your lip liner may be laser-edged and your smokey eyes may actually be on fire – but – if your skin is dry and visibly flaky, let’s be honest, you’re just Body Scrubsrearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. The same goes for your body. If your skin is grey and parched, a body scrub may be what it needs.

Whether any of this sounds familiar or not and whether your skin is juicy, smooth and plump or not – you would certainly benefit from regular exfolitaions. Why? Because body scrubs are one of the simplest ways to expose the lovely skin hiding just under the surface of your current – sadly very lifeless – skin cells.

Before we harp on about exfoliaton and give you all the goss about body scrubs too – let us take you back to a land far, far away!

Once upon a time in Egypt….

…there lived a Queen called Cleopatra. We still talk about her beauty today – so we have to assume that

a) she was rather gorgeous and

b) she did certain things to remain that way.

One of those things was body scrubs. The legendary milk baths that Cleopatra enjoyed were rich in lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, that dissolves the proteins responsible for holding dead skin cells together. In effect, what Cleopatra did, is called a chemical scrub  nowadays and good old Cleo’s routine was one of its earliest examples.

Fast forward to the Middle Ages and those who could afford to would use wine to  rejuvinate their skin. The tartaric acid in wine is a natural alpha hydroxy acid too and still used to this day in Body Scrub Exfoliationchemical facial peels.

Meanwhile, across the big pond, Native Americans would collect sand from riverbeds to use as an scrub and also used dried corn cobs as very effective loofahs. They would rub their bodies with these in exactly the same way we would use a dry brush today.

So clearly, the practice of body polishing is nothing new. Since time immemorial we have used a variety of substances and tools to  rejuvinate our skin and of course many of us still do.

Why Are Scrubs Important?

Remember your biology teacher in Grade 9? Well, we’re not going to be like her. We’re not going to clack on about cell turnover.

We’re not even going to mention the dermis, the epidermis, how cells rise to the surface and die off to make way for younger cells. All we’re going to say is that this process ends with dead, keratin-filled skin cells piled up iggledy piggledy on your skin’s surface. Sadly, this gives a rough, dry and dull appearance.

Body scrubs remove those dead, clingy Velcro cells (not their scientific name but it should be), unclogs pores and reveals the fresher, younger cells below. Once you have exfoliated, you ‘level up’ too because your lush facial products and those nourishing body moisturisers are better able to penetrate and work their magic as well. More easy skin care tips are here.

Two Princes

If we want to look more youthful, it stands to reason that to remove the Velcro Cells and reveal younger looking skin is the way to go. Scrubs can do this in one of two ways. There is mechanical Salt Body Scrubexfoliation and the chemical type.

In essence, mechanical body scrubs are about using a tool and friction to strip the dead skin from your body. Whether you take a loofah to do this or go all Comanche-style on us and use a dried corn cob – is entirely up to you!

Chemical exfoliation meanwhile, is pure science in action. The only other suitable name for it would be ‘The Joker Exfoliation’ because essentially it uses acids to break down skin cells and slough them away. Substances used can be as mild as fruit extracts or as feisty as alpha and beta hydroxy acids depending on the type of outcome you wish to achieve.

Easy At Home Facial Scrubs

Facial exfoliation cleanses deeply. It dislodges build-up in the pores and smoothes and refines your skin’s texture. Therefore, to exfoliate twice weekly, before bedtime, is a great habit to get into.

Purchase a gentle product that is suitable for your skin type and use a circular and upward motion to exfoliate. Remember to always rinse well and pat dry afterwards. Next, apply your favourite moisturiser or serum, close your eyes and feel the lovely tingle as your gorgeous fresh skin drinks it all in. If you notice redness or sensitivity however, cut back and only exfoliate once per week. You can have a gentle coffee, chocolate or honey facial scrub when you book one of these packages with Ripple, or DIY at home.

Easy Do It Yourself Body ScrubsCoffee Body Scrub

Ask your local farmer for a few dry corn cobs and …. No don’t. We’re kidding. He’ll think you’re weird, people will gossip and it will all be our fault.

So, joking aside, body exfoliation at home begins when you first brush your dry skin with a loofah before stepping into a warm shower. Next, apply an exfoliating product to your loofah, brush or exfoliating gloves (seriously – they’re a thing!)  and work from your feet upwards.

Rinse your body with the coldest water you can stand, then step out of the shower and apply moisturiser with wanton abandon. Do this just once or twice a week – knowing that your body will let you know if you’re overdoing it. Here is our favourite coffee body scrub recipe that mixes a love of coffee with nurturing your skin.

Or Get A Professional To Do It

Ripple’s professional beauty and massage therapists can incorporate body scrubs as part of your spa treatment facial and can give your body a complete skin polish too as part of a relaxing massage.

Body scrubs are massages that include perfumed oils combined with exfoliating granules – such as sea-salt or sugar – to slough off your dearly departed skin. The particular rubbing technique employed by our therapists is designed to boost your circulation, activate and drain the lymph nodes and increase blood flow to your skin’s surface.

In your treatment, we use a nourishing moisturiser body scrub with ground walnut and tangerine essential oils to gently remove the dead skin cells. This is included free in any of our spa packages.

Professionally delivered complete body scrubs also help to prevent ingrown hairs, they smooth razor bumps and soften the skin around your knees and elbows. Yes, you’ll enjoy smoother skin and also reduce your chances of having breakouts on your back and neck areas.

To all this you can add all the usual stress-reducing benefits that having a gorgeously relaxing massage brings.

So, if you’re besieged by problem skin, looking to rejuvinate your appearance in a jiffy or enjoy sporting a splendid, healthy glow, you’re going to love regular exfoliations. Whether you do it yourself with a desiccated corn cob  or book an appointment with us, is completely up to you!

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