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Coffee Body Scrub
Mar 2019
Body Scrub In Glass Jar
Coffee Used In Facial Scrub

Body Scrubs At Home

Facial exfoliation cleanses deeply. It dislodges build-up in the pores and smooths and refines your skin’s texture. Therefore, to exfoliate twice weekly, before bedtime, is a great habit to get into.

Purchase a gentle product that is suitable for your skin type and use a circular and upward motion to exfoliate.

Remember to always rinse well and pat dry afterwards. Next, apply your favourite moisturiser or serum, close your eyes and feel the lovely tingle as your skin drinks it all in. If you notice redness or sensitivity however, cut back and only exfoliate once per week. You can also do a gentle coffeechocolate or honey facial scrub

Body exfoliation at home begins when you first brush your dry skin with a loofah before stepping into a warm shower. Next, apply an exfoliating product to your loofah, brush or exfoliating gloves  and work from your feet upwards.

Rinse your body with the coldest water you can stand, then step out of the shower and apply moisturiser with wanton abandon. Do this just once or twice a week – knowing that your body will let you know if you’re overdoing it. Here is our favourite coffee body scrub recipe that mixes a love of coffee with nurturing your skin.

Salt Scrub On Body
Coffee Body Scrub On Back

Body Scrubs Back In Time

Once upon a time in Egypt there lived a Queen called Cleopatra. We still talk about her beauty today – so we have to assume that

a) she was rather gorgeous and

b) she did certain things to remain that way.

One of those things was body scrubs. The legendary milk baths that Cleopatra enjoyed were rich in lactic acid that dissolves the proteins responsible for holding dead skin cells together.

In effect, what Cleopatra did, is called a chemical scrub.

Fast forward to the Middle Ages and those who could afford to would use wine to  rejuvenate their skin.

The tartaric acid in wine is a natural acid too and still used to this day in chemical facial peels.

Meanwhile, across the big pond, Native Americans would collect sand from riverbeds to use as an scrub and also used dried corn cobs as very effective loofahs.

They would rub their bodies with these in exactly the same way we would use a dry brush today.

These types of scrubs continue today in different forms. But it’s always wise to do a small test on a patch of skin to see how your individual skin reacts first.



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