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Massage Mt Tamborine, Day Spa And Beauty

Massage Mt TamborineWhat this mountain destination lacks in yodellers, snow and Sherpas it certainly makes up for in wineries, cosy cafes, art galleries and Ripple Massage Mt Tamborine that comes to you.

Whether you’re Honeymooners, hikers, Hen’s Party revelers, sightseers or having a dreamy romantic holiday, Ripple Massage Mt Tamborine will come to you, wherever you’re staying.

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Our Ripple Therapists have massaged countless loved-up Honeymooners in petal-strewn, mountain top hotel rooms and love being called to Tamborine Mountain’s cabins and cottages to give day spa treatments in the warm glow of crackling fireplaces.

Many unforgettable experiences, sights and day spa treatments await you on Tamborine Mountain – alas – no goatherds, no ice picks and no edelweiss. And that’s okay.

Massage Mt Tamborine, Day Spa And Beauty

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The Favourite Massage Style At Massage Mt Tamborine – Hot Chocolate MassageMassage Mt Tamborine

Some things go well together. Gin and tonic, Tonto and the Lone Ranger, peaches and cream. While others don’t pair well at all – like, Ginger Rogers and Fred Flintstone… Tequila and Good Decisions… Bubble baths and toasters…

Hot chocolate and mountain-tops though – now that’s a heavenly match – and it’s the reason why Ripple’s Chocolate Massage is one of the most requested here on Tamborine Mountain.

Imagine the feeling of rich, luscious chocolate oil as it is warmed on your body for this soft, slow, scented massage. Like marshmallows in hot chocolate, your tension melts as our therapist applies Chocolate Massage Tamborine Mountaintechniques focused on relaxation and on restoring the well being of your body and your mind.

Our Chocolate Massage Package is a minimum 3-hour booking as it incorporates additional luxuries such as foot reflexology, an indulgent face mask, an Indian head massage with aromatic oils and more.

You also take home a beautifully gift-wrapped box containing delicious chocolates, a chocolate candle, handmade chocolate soap and other Ripple Massage Mt Tamborine and Beauty products that are included in this splendid package. For more information see here.

Couples Massage On Tamborine Mountain – The fire is on, the wine is open, and the last thing you want to do is move from your cottage. The mountain is known as being a paradise for relaxation, but once you are cocooned in your sanctuary it can be hard to get up the motivation to move. Have your own private day spa instead. Everything is brought to you – fully accredited, friendly therapists, professional massage tables, even the music.

Hot Rock Massage – It gets cold on the mountain, really cold, especially in winter. One of the beautiful things is that it gets the true four seasons, but it can make you want to just retreat inside and keep warm. A fire is a good start, food from the markets and road side stalls is even better, but the ultimate is a hot stone massage. Literally feels like this pair of hot hands melting your muscles.

Massage Mt Tamborine – Things To Do

As well as a Ripple Massage and Beauty, there are lots of wineries to discover, cafes with good coffee, restaurants, art galleries and craft shops. Walk in the rainforest, take in the spectacular views, the mountain is just a short trip from Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Ripple is a member of all Tamborine Mountain and Scenic Rim Tourism Organisations

No Money? No Problem! Here Are Five Free Things To Do On Mount Tamborine

  1. Take a walk on the Wild Side. We say “Hey honey!” take a walk on the wild side! Walking tracks are provided in six sections of the Tamborine National Park – so take your pick! Massage Mount TamborineOur personal favourite is the Knoll Circuit (go down to the end of Long Rd, North Tamborine) where we often see the resident Albert Lyre Birds, kookaburras, brush turkeys and small wallabies.
  2. In a show that would make Leonardo da Vinci and Icarus rather proud, hang gliders take off from The Rotary Lookout on Main Western Road most weekends. These colourful man-carrying kites form quite a spectacle as they fight gravity by either circling in a thermal or by flying into the ‘ridge lift’ created when the wind hits an obstruction – and let’s be honest, mountains are pretty effective obstructions!
  3. Get a free book from one of the mountain’s two Little Free Libraries. You’ll find one outside FoodWorks at the Eagle Heights Shopping Centre on Southport Avenue and another at the Tamborine Community Care Office just further along Southport Avenue at number 42. FoodWorks’ library is open 24/7 while the one at the Community Care Office is available Monday to Friday during office hours. These Little Free Libraries form part of a global not-for-profit organisation and their aim is to promote reading, literacy and a love of books.Free Things To Do Tamborine Mountain
  4. Stroll around the Tamborine Mt Show Ground Markets (on the second Sunday of every month) and enjoy the free live entertainment. The market starts at 8 am and features around 200 stalls. For more information visit Markets on Tamborine Mountain.
  5. Watch the sun set from a number of vantage points along Main Western Rd. Pack a picnic and a couple of folding chairs and raise a toast to a day well spent. Take a rug, it gets chilly (an awesome reason to cuddle up to your loved one).

Six Other Cool Things To Do On Tamborine Mountain

  1. Are you a wine tasting virgin? No problem. Cross your arms, nod your head occasionally and adjust your monocle – you’ll fit right in. Wine tasting venues typically charge a small Tamborine Mountain Massagefee that is redeemable if you purchase a bottle. Witches Falls Winery, Cedar Creek Estate and Mount Tamborine Vineyard and Winery on Long Road are all very popular.
  2. Do you love the Addams Family? The Distillery up on Beacon Rd always reminds us of Morticia and Gomez, and each time we visit we expect Lurch to peer around the door. Fronted by Michael (who looks a little like Einstein) this place has some of the best spirits on the planet (just ask about their awards).
  3. Bored with your everyday Swedish or deep tissue massage? Try something you won’t get anywhere else in Australia .. either a honey, seashell, chocolate or even coffee massage, all unique to Ripple Massage Mt Tamborine .. Call us on 0438 567 906 and we’ll bring our Ripple magic your way.
  4. Skip Gallery Walk that is usually jam packed with tourists, and instead head to where the locals go .. Main Street. Grab a coffee at Spice of Life Cafe on Main St, North Tamborine. Enjoy the weekend papers and watch the world go by. If you listen – very closely – you’ll hear the not so distant sound of sweet, scrummy cakes calling your name. If you are after a sensational pizza, Tamborine Mountain Pizza is where the locals get their dinner when they don’t want to cookSix Of The Coolest Things To Do On Tamborine Mountain
  5. Support the local farmers and pick up some local produce at the quaint road side stalls or pop into the Show Ground Markets (held every Sunday morning) and enjoy a picnic lunch. Venue-wise we can recommend the chocolate boxy Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens on Forsythia Dr and also the gardens just outside Witches Falls Cottages on Main Western Rd.
  6. See what’s on at the historic Zamia Theatre at 22 Main Street, North Tamborine. Built in 1923, this handsome hall screens movies on the first Saturday of the month and the cost is only $6 per person. Occasionally plays take place here as well as choirs and concerts. With its glossy timber floors and the gorgeous smell of beeswax, you’ll love this building’s quiet, confident charm. Afterwards, pop into Clancy’s Irish Pub – just a few doors down from Zamia’s – for a pint.

Mount Tamborine’s Best Waterfalls

Go chasing waterfalls! Don’t stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to! But seriously, you need to see some of these stunning locations as much as we need to give the lyrics a rest! Deal? Tamborine Mountain MassageDeal!

Curtis Falls: The short and easy walk down to Curtis Falls ends in a platform that gives a picture-perfect view of this lush and sexy waterfall. Framed by gigantic basalt rocks, the falls flow all year round and are lavish after rain. The rock pools beneath it, as well as the surrounding rock face, are home to glow worms and platypus which is rather awesome.  Park either on Eagle Heights Road or in the Dapsang Drive car park and follow the signs.

Cedar Creek Falls: The short but rocky stroll from the car park on Cedar Creek Road to this spectacular cascade can be slippy and quite muddy – however, you will be rewarded with great lookouts along the way and swirling spa-like pools when you get there. Nothing quite beats the pleasure of bathing in these rock pools on a hot summer’s day….though we can think of a couple of things! ;)

Witches Falls: To see these falls you need to visit Australia’s first National Park, the Witches Falls Circuit, which is approximately 3km and takes an hour of leisurely zig zagging to complete. Park in the vicinity of Main Western Road, across from Hartley Road and look for signage. The falls can be puny during dry spells but they will flabber your gast after heavy rain when its pools come to life with an assortment of insect and frog species.

Cameron Falls: Starting at the Knoll Road Lookout, you’ll reach the top of Cameron Falls in about half an hour. You’ll see sights reminiscent of a Best Waterfalls on Tamborine MountainNational Geographic documentary as you walk through a dense, cool, emerald green rainforest. The Lookout provides sweeping views across the valley to Mt Flinders which in itself is spectacular. Unless you go after rain, Cameron Falls can be a bit of a disappointment – you know, like when you bite into a chocolate chip cookie only to discover the chocolate chips are in fact raisins. Still a delicious cookie – but you know…

Bonus Extra Cool Tip – Head on down to Curtis Falls at night time to see the glow worms. Grab a torch and just follow the path, the magic happens just up near the waterfall. Take a picnic and have a night time picnic ..

Tamborine Mountain For Adrenalin Junkies

A Pub Crawl By Helicopter – How would you like to pay a flying visit – quite literally – to five Gold Coast Hinterland pubs? We’ve done this – because seriously – how can you not? It’s so muchPub Crawl By Helicopter fun! We still talk about it! One minute you’re flying above tall eucalypt forests, over small towns, catching the glint of rivers and dams – laughing with your friends and talking through the headset as though you’re in the Special Forces – the next you’re landing in a paddock behind a country pub and scaring the cows. Bemused locals will have many questions for you – main one being ‘Why?’ and you’ll probably shrug and go ‘Why not?’ Contact Pterodactyl Helicopters – they’d love to hear from you.

Paragliding And Hang gliding – The Scenic Rim region is home to some of the best free flying sites in the world. Enthusiasts fly from Mount Tamborine (and Beechmont) to the valley below pretty much all year round.  In the valley you’ll find the town of Canungra where a few hang gliding and paragliding clubs and companies have their headquarters.  Canungra Sky Sports offers paragliding courses as well as tandem hang gliding while the Canungra Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club welcomes and supports both visiting and local pilots.

Zip Lining At Thunderbird Park – Let’s do some math. Nine acres, six courses, eleven zip-lines, eleventy-six (we lost count) Tarzan swings and over 100 treetop challenges. That adds up to a whole day of fun in a unique rain forest playground where you are hundreds of metres up in the air (could be considerably less – math not being our forte – clearly). This park has much more besides the ‘Dare Devil’ treetop section. There’s mini-golf, horse trails, a thunder egg fossicking area and campgrounds too.

Hot Air Ballooning – All you need is a massive cloth bag, a wicker basket and an open flame and off you go! Sure, massive expertise by the pilot is required, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget all about that and spend the first few minutes of your flight focused on the flammability of everything around you.  Once your heart rate comes back to normal and the blood returns to your knuckles, you feel a surge of gratitude towards the pilot and one of feathery weightlessness as if you drift along, floating on air. It’s very quiet up there and the 360 degree views of Tamborine Mountain are spectacular.

Motor Bike Riders’ Nirvana –  Ali Saoirse Ripple Massage As a motorcyclist, you want winding roads, nice scenery and little traffic.  Ripple owner Ali’s favourite ride has all this.  The ride begins in  Brisbane, through Tamborine Village and then  all the gorgeous hair pin bends up the mountain. From the Gold Coast head to Nerang and the twisty roads up Henri Roberts to the top.

Once on the mountain, you can stop for coffee or carry on and head down the goat track to Canungra (flip around the cars waiting at the lights on this one way road, be careful of the crack fillers on the hair pins which can be a little slippery, even in dry weather). Every Saturday and Sunday morning you’ll find that over 100 other bike riders had exactly the same idea as you and their bikes will be lined up all along the main road outside pubs and cafes in Canungra. Ali loves having breakfast at The Outpost, then she heads over towards Beechmont, out to Murwillumbah and back to the coast through Currumbin.

Places We Love On Tamborine Mountain

Witches Falls Cottages provide private, self contained cottages for couples. Each cottage has a fireplace, a double spa with glass ceilings above for star gazing and a private courtyard garden. Ripple Massage Mt Tamborine’s therapists are frequent visitors to Witches Falls Cottages. Call 07-55454411 for more details and ask about their Babymoon Packages and Seashell Massage PackagesMt Tamborine Massages

You’ll find stunning private cottages with views to the Gold Coast at Seaview Farm Retreat. Call 07-5545 0766 and ask about their Hens’ Party and Girls’ Weekend Packages on with Ripple Massage Mt Tamborine.

Set in beautiful gardens, Curtis Falls Rainforest Retreat is peaceful and secluded. The interior is reminiscent of a classic English country cottage. Features include a guest library as well as log fires, next to which are deep, plump sofas in which to snooze.  Call 07-55450380.

Avocado Sunset is a luxury bed and breakfast accommodation with incredible views. It’s very romantic and therefore extremely popular with Honeymooners. Its warm and friendly hosts make you feel truly welcome. Call 07-55452365.

Imagine a lavish Scottish Manor – but instead of being set in a ‘Brigadoonish’ landscape, it sits in a lush tropical rainforest. Well, Stone Haven Manor is just that. Quite a contrast we know – but it works! Call 07- 55453462.

Wallaby Ridge Retreat is in Wonglepong, at the foot of Tamborine Mountain and offers luxury suites in the main residence and self contained cottages in the grounds. The property has a sparkling swimming pool and a heated spa. Visits by the local wallabies at dusk will be the highlight of your stay. Call 07-55434340.

Escape to the Gold Coast Hinterland – kick back, relax, ’cause we come to you .. Massage Tamborine Mountain –  Canungra – Jimboomba – Springbrook – Clagiraba – Eagle Heights – North Tamborine – Tamborine Village – BeaudesertSave