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Massage Coolangatta

Who wants to drive to their spa appointments anymore? Not me! I would rather relax and have someone come to me, and then let me relax in my cosy couch once the treatments are done. But doesn’t this mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for this type of treatment? Not with Ripple Massage Coolangatta.

Coolangatta massage and day spa

Beauty massage and day spa in Coolangatta

At Ripple Massage Coolangatta we bring everything to you at a great price with amazing, friendly and experience therapists. Ripple Massage Coolangatta offers amazing massage treatments but we also specialize in facials and other beauty treatments.

We have yummy face masks to suit al skin types and our therapists will include gorgeous head massages and face massages into the mix, to give you an all round royal experience.

Massage Coolangatta Tips

At Ripple Massage Coolangatta , we have had a lot of people ask over the years, what their skin type is and what are the best products or techniques suited for their skin type.

Well the best way to find out your skin type is to examine your skin.

What size are your pores around your nose and cheeks?
Is your skin oily in the mornings and which areas?
Does my skin get itchy after washing my face?
How does your foundation look after a few hours of wear?

Our therapists from Ripple Massage Coolangatta advise that those with dry skin would most likely have no pores or very minimal pores visible on their face. They would never be oily in the mornings, would get itchy and feel tight on their face after washing, and your foundation probably clings to dry skin.

If this is you, there are particular products that Ripple Massage Coolangatta suggests you should look out for and tips to stick to.

Marine parade Coolangatta

Coolangatta day spa with Ripple

Cleansers should always be a cream or milk consistency and your moisturizer should be reasonably thick. Your foundation should also be cream or liquid based and you should look for words like “luminous”, “glowing” and “brightening”.

I would also avoid any heavy setting powders on top of your foundation. A moisturizing primer would be your best friend. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturize and dry skin can sometimes age quicker than oily skin.

Our therapists at Ripple Massage Coolangatta states that those with oily skin would most likely have large pores on their nose and cheeks. They would always be oily and shiny in the mornings, and your foundation would either also look shiny or would have slid off your face earlier in the day.

If this is you, you are pretty lucky because your skin will stay plumper from the oil and therefore retain its youth for longer. Ripple Massage Coolangatta suggests you should look for gel or foaming cleansers, and light weight moisturizers. You should always moisturize even if your skin feels oily enough, as if you don’t, your skin will over compensate the dryness its feeling by producing MORE oil, and you don’t want that. You should look for foundations with that are in stick form or mousse form and look for words like “mattifying”, “long lasting” and “oil free”. You should also set your foundation with a setting powder and use a silicon or matting primer.

Those with normal are lucky because you can use any skincare product or makeup without any hassles really.

These days you will find that most skincare lines and most makeup brands have different products or lines dedicated to each skin type, making it easier for everyone and Ripple Massage Coolangatta loves it when things are made easier, just like booking your treatments with us!

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Ripple Coolangatta Massage Day SPA & Beauty

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