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Corporate Massage

Is office laughter a long lost memory? Do your employees drag themselves into work? Do sloths move faster than your staff coming in on a Instant Gift Vouchers For Couples MassageMonday?

If so, it’s time to invest in boosting employee morale. Lucky for you, there is wine. Sorry – no – massage. Lucky for you there is corporate massage!

Corporate massage is an affordable way to bring peace, positivity and well-being to your work environment.

You can also think of corporate massage as a great big carrot – a carrot which motivates employees and rewards them for reaching sales targets or for meeting tight deadlines.

Not only can we deliver delicious massage carrots to your office, we can also make your company the superstar of any expo or conference. Offer ‘Free Massage’ at your next trade show stand and delegates will fall over themselves to get to you!

So, why Ripple?

One Hour Corporate Massage

Top Reasons To Book a Corporate Massage with RippleCorporate Massage To Increase Calm In The Workplace

  1. To reward your staff. Massage is universally loved and it’s unisex. Make it an incentive. Announce that employees who meet certain sales targets or tight deadlines will be rewarded with a massage at their desk, then sit back and watch them go
  2. To attract clients to your trade show stand. Imagine two trade show stands – one with complimentary chair massage and one without – which one would you line up for? We thought so. Provide a dreamy island of peace in a hectic environment and you’re sure to be remembered
  3. To stand out from the rest. How would you like a team of smiling Ripple massage therapists, all wearing your branded shirts and caps at your next convention or trade show? How impressive would that look?
  4. Keep your clothes on. There’s no oil, no beds and no fuss. We massage the back, neck, shoulders, arms and head through the clothes and we only need a minuscule space in which to operate.
  5. To have something to look forward to. Knowing that Massage Day is coming up gives colleagues something exciting to talk about and look forward to. Office Massage Days boost morale and are the perfect antidote to stress and muscle tension.
  6. To show staff that you care about their well being. Actions speak louder than words – we deliver deeply relaxing, stress-busting and spirit-boosting massages that show your hard working employees just how much you appreciate them. Click here on for more info on how corporate massage can reduce stress.

Health Benefits Of Corporate Massage

  1. Like to have happier healthier staff? Corporate massage will increase the health as well as the happiness of your staffCorporate Massage
  2. A relaxed mind increases happiness  – studies show that regular breaks will helps your staff not only feel happier, but be better able to focus their attention.
  3. Stress can cause people to make mistakes and rush through their work. Reduce stress in your office and watch those minute mistakes follow the same path downwards.
  4. Do your staff suffer from headaches? Whether that is from vision issues, poor posture, stress or repetitive muscle strain. Massage has been shown in university studies to reduce the occurrence of headaches, reduce stress and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone in the body).
  5. Occupational Health and Safety – this not only relates to staff tripping over things, but recently there has been a large increase in Work Cover claims for stress. Offset the risk by providing in office massage for your staff – look after your staff’s physical and also psychological well being with corporate massage.
  6. Corporate massage is tax deductible! What more needs to be said? (p.s. double check with your accountant on this one, but generally if it is a stress reducing exercise offered to all your staff, the ATO can let you deduct it).  More info here on corporate massage as a tax deduction

Three Steps To De-Stress

The Stress Response is what our bodies – very thoughtfully – set in motion when we feel we’re in danger. Once upon a time this surge of adrenalin and cortisol helped us leg it from bears and sabre Corporate Massagestoothed cats.

Today it helps us fight paper jammed printers, stay alert for long hours to meet a deadline or run faster to catch the last train home.

In short bursts, this ‘fight or flight’ response is not all bad. However, if feeling stressed has become the norm for you, the possible side effects ain’t pretty. If, like Freddie and David once sang, you’re under pressure, try these stress-busting tips: Click here for even more ways to reduce stress.

Lie down: Google ‘Progressive Muscle Relaxation’ (PMR) and you can easily learn how to use this technique to reduce anxiety and control the state of your muscular tension. Don’t worry – it’s not trippy or hippy. You won’t have to wear tie-dye, chant or live in a kombi van. Actually, PMR pre-dates the 1960s by a good 40 years.

The technique involves tightening and relaxing each of your muscle groups in succession. There are many guided PMR videos on YouTube to help you do this, but it’s very straightforward so you’ll soon be able to do it unaided.

Play the song ‘Weightless’ by Marconi Union:Corporate Massage Office In October 2016 UK neuroscientists set out to find the world’s most relaxing tune. First they gave study participants difficult puzzles to solve – then, once the stress set in, they rubbed their hands together in delight and set about measuring the participants’ brain activity as well as their physiological states.

Cut a long story short – and “Weightless’ – among the many songs that were played during the study – resulted in a remarkable 65% reduction in the participants’ anxiety as well as a 35% drop in their usual physiological resting rates. What is incredible is that this song was purposefully ‘constructed’, in collaboration with sound therapists, to do just that! Sorcery!

Go for a walk: We don’t mind if you go round and round the garden like a Teddy Bear, pretend you’re on a Paris catwalk or walk like an Egyptian, just as long as you walk briskly for half an hour. Regular brisk walks will improve your mood and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Every step helps you to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke and it improves the management of conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. To energize your walk, pop some headphones on and listen to your favourite tunes.