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Girls Weekend

Top Reasons To Book Your Girls Weekend Pamper With Ripple

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Top Nine Girls’ Weekend Spots in Australia

Byron Bay Girls Weekend – If your group love to sun bake all day and party all night, this is the spot for you. One of the best things about Byron is that it has its own unique style of retail Gold Coast Girls Weekendtherapy. Quirky, handmade and new-age clothing, accessories and jewellery await you at several local markets and they are all listed for you here

The Gold Coast Girls Weekend – Those seeking the quiet sophistication of a small country town are going to be massively disappointed to be waking up on the swanky Gold Coast! Ha! Ha! However, if you love the Gold Coast’s glamour and glitz, will find the fashionable Palazzo Versace High Tea completely irresistible.

The Sunshine Coast Girls Weekend – If you plan to relax, go on long beach walks and find cute little markets and cafes, then your group should definitively choose the Sunshine Coast. As night falls, we recommend you head to the stylish Miss Moneypenny’s Bar and Restaurant and join their Cocktail Master Class. Their Mixology Package is an eating, drinking, learning, mixing and -no doubt – spilling extravaganza!

Mornington Peninsula Girls Weekend – Art galleries, museums, steamy hot springs and pasta! Yes, pasta. If you’re hanging out on the Peninsula with your besties, make sure you check in at Georgie Bass Café & Cookery to be schooled in the art of pasta-making. Set among sun-dappled kitchen gardens, this very hands-on class will teach you and your friends how to make a mouth-watering pasta dish from scratch.

Melbourne Girls Weekend – This classy city with its elegant European feel is a great choice for a Girls’ Weekend away. Restaurants, clubs, the casino and many theatres will occupy your nights and there’s nothing quite like a guided Shopping Tour to fill one of your days! Where better than Melbourne to hunt for bargains in outlet shops or to discover a new favourite designer in a hidden laneway?

Geelong Girls WeekendIf this elegant bay front city is your Girls’ Weekend destination, then you’ll have many retail therapy choices as well as some great beaches to enjoy. We would humbly suggest that you also make time for a Crawl. No, not a Pub Crawl. But a Coffee Crawl Walking Tour of Geelong’s best cafes – cost is a mere $25 and this includes coffee tastings at five venues. Yum!

Yarra Valley Girls Weekend – The region is home to many talented wine and cider makers, distillers and brewers – so – as expected – boozy tours are plentiful here. However, we are going to suggest something completely delicious and totally different – a chocolate and truffle making class at The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery.  We can see you slow nodding!

Perth Girls Weekend – Sure, we could tell you all about Perth’s great shopping, cafes and restaurants. We could harp on about the beaches too, but what we really think you should do is book out a whole double-decker party bus to yourselves!  Imagine the excitement of going from club to pub in a bus decked out with nightclub-style sound and lighting, plush seating and even fog machines!

Adelaide Girls Weekend – If South Australia’s capital is the destination of your Hens’ Party or Girls’ Weekend away, then check in with Peaches and Gin for a Burlesque Dancing Class. You’re going where ‘the heels are high, the corsets are tight and it’s all about the tease!’ Enjoy!

Girls Weekend Tips

Three Reasons Why You Should Book That Girls’ Weekend Away

There is often guilt associated with taking a break, but as the saying goes; ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup.’ Call the girls and start making plans.

The old playlists come out, the stories from wild nights and long summers are re-told and before you know it, tears of laughter are rolling down your cheeks. Then someone snorts and the room erupts in even more laughter! Let’s do more of that!

There is a PDF version of all our Ripple Day Spa massages and treatments here. Pass this on to your girlfriends ahead of your booking so everyone can select what they would like to enjoy. Then call us on 0438 567 906 to let us know where to be and when.

The Three Types Of Friend Every Woman Should Have

We all have many different types of friends. There are the friends from school, the ones from University, the married friends and the single friends. We also have gym friends, work friends and of Girls Weekendscourse the fair weather friends, too! Each friendship brings a different ‘flavour’ to our lives and – in our humble opinion – there are certain types of friend that every girl should have at least once in her life:

The Nurturer – Nurturing friends are easy to spot. They are the ones who are great listeners and who give the best advice. They hug you when you lose and clap excitedly when you win. These surrogate mothers are naturally thoughtful, practical and are the ones who bring the best food to parties.

They’re also prepared for anything; need a Band-Aid? Hand Sanitiser? A SweetnLow? They’ll have it! Nurturers remind you to ‘Drive Carefully!’ and are the friends you need to text when you have made it safely home. All good friendships boost happiness and reduce stress – but if you have a Nurturer in your bouquet of friends, then you fluked that one well!

The Improbable Friend – We think it’s fantastic when two souls that we assume have very little in common, strike up a friendship that lasts a lifetime. You just know that a match-making computer would never have matched them – yet, here they are, getting along like maccheroni and cheese.

If you’re single, your Improbable Friend is married. If you’re Asian, she’s European. You’re one of six children, she’s an only child. If you’re into dogs, you can bet she’s a cat lover. Improbable Friends broaden your world and pull you out of your comfort zone. They show you that life can be lived in one of a million different ways (and that’s okay) and they offer amazing learning experiences.

The Social Butterfly – This friend is wired differently. Literally. It’s neuroscience. If she has excellent social skills and a large network of friends, she also has regions in her brain that are far greater and better connected than in people with fewer friends. Having a friend who is a Social Butterfly – especially if you’re not one yourself – is a sight to behold! For example, she knows everyone, she remembers everyone’s name and she knows their stories.

“Hey Chloe! How’s your new puppy?” you’ll hear her ask or, “Did your cousin Joe get that job I told him about Mike?” Social Butterflies are lovely to be around – they pull you into groups and events, keep you connected, introduce you to new people and are the sticky glue that keeps a community linked. Through them you feel part of a greater ‘whole’ and that can only be good.