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Scented lotions

It was harder than finding size 10 shoes at a January sale.



When Ripple started, I tried just about every lotion know to mankind to find one that wasn’t greasy, had a silky texture and didn’t cost the earth for our face and head massages.

Couldn’t find one.

So we started playing around with our own formulas and came up with the perfect, closely guarded recipe (I could tell you but then…well, you know the rest).

Then people started asking us where they could buy it. So we put them into jars and put together a few with our favourite scents and they have been selling like hot cakes ever since.

Each are good to keep by the sink, in your handbag or as a gift for a friend.

Like to be able to rave about your lotion like Felicity? Order online or call on 0438 567 906

All orders over $65 receive free postage.

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Frangipani Lotion – the all time favourite of our guests $9

Sandalwood Lotion – the blokes love this one, not girly, deep wooded scent, even my very Australian boyfriend will use this $9


Mango Lotion – summer in a jar, all the lush scent of mango without the juice running down your arms $9

Vanilla Bean Lotion – smells just like home made creme brulee $9

Lavender Lotion – one of our guests, Debbie, begged us to make this one and orders by the bagful $9

Jasmine Lotion – reminds us of Springtime, warm weather and sandals – $9

Wild Berry Lotion – Lush fruity lotion $9

Moisturiser: The Myths and Truths

True or False: Your skin can start to look like cracked leather or snakeskin if it dries out too

Mosituriser helps your skin look younger

Mosituriser helps your skin look younger

much. The answer is true! Moisturiser is an important part of any skincare routine. Moisturising products are made to do just as the name implies – to keep hold of and add moisture to the skin. They often contain humectant and emollients ingredients, which together absorb and hold water as well as fill in spaces between skin cells. Therefore together, these ingredients allow moisturiser to dramatically change the health and appearance of your skin. So if your skin is starting to look more like your favourite handbag, make moisturiser a staple in your beauty regimen!

True or False: All moisturisers are the same. The answer is false. There are different types of moisturisers you can choose from. The choice you make should be based on your skin type and your skin’s needs i.e. whether you have dry, oily, combination, sensitive or acne prone skin. Depending on these needs, your moisturiser will have its own unique formula with varying amounts of the humectant and emollient ingredients previously mentioned. Some moisturisers also contain occlusives, which tend to be heavy and are used to treat extra dry skin. Depending on the time of year, you may also need to use different types of moisturiser. In colder months, you are more likely to need thicker creams with the occlusives and lighter lotion moisturisers in warmer weather.

True or False: You should use different moisturisers for different body parts. Indeed this is



correct. Just as there are different moisturisers for varying skin types, there are different moisturising products formulated to work best for specific parts of the body. The main areas that require speciality creams or lotions include your face, eyes and extremities. The face requires a specific facial moisturiser because it is far more acne prone than the rest of the body, it suffers from more sun damage and is generally much dryer. Your eyelids need a separate moisturising product because moisturisers for the skin are not made to be used on or around the eyes and thus can easily cause irritations. Finally, there are also separate moisturisers for your extremities (hands and feet) that are like extra thick creams and can be used as a moisture surge for extremely dry or cracked skin.

True or False: Moisturiser can clog your pores. The answer is true; moisturiser can clog your pores.

Body moisturisers

Body moisturisers

However, don’t let this deceive you! Moisturiser is in fact still necessary (and great!) for your skin. In order to minimise the clogging of pores, make sure you do in fact choose a moisturiser that is appropriate for your skin. You must also make sure that your cleansing, toning and exfoliating routine is up to scratch. In terms of moisturiser, you can purchase creams and lotions that are oil-free and noncomedogenic as these are formulated specifically to reduce clogging.

True or False: Exfoliating helps to get the most out of your moisturiser. Just like you prime your skin before you apply makeup, you should prime your skin before you moisturise. So the answer is yes, exfoliating helps you to maximise the benefits of moisturising, and should be done regularly to prime the skin. When in the shower, you can use a loofah or scrub to remove dead skin cells and excess oils and dirt. Doing this dramatically aids the absorption process to increase hydration. Ideally, the moisturiser should then be applied three minutes after getting out of the shower, as this will help trap the moisture in your skin.

If you’re after something new and exciting to try, why not make your own exfoliating scrub using your favourite moisturiser? By adding some brown sugar, coffee grinds or any other scrub ingredient you love to your moisturiser you can instantly create an exfoliating lotion that is gentle on your skin. Sometimes face and body scrubs can be harsh on your skin, so particularly if you have sensitive skin this is a great idea to try.

True or False: Moisturising doesn’t make a difference to aging of skin. The answer to this is false.

Moisturisers reduce blemishes

Moisturisersreduce blemishes

Moisturising really does have a big impact on the health and appearance of your skin. Long-term studies have found that women with well-hydrated skin develop wrinkles at a much slower rate than those with dry skin. So if only one thing is certain; no matter what time of year it is or what type of skin you have; you should never skip the moisturising step in your skin care routine, as it is the key step to ensuring a perfect complexion for years.

True or False: Your skin can become overly dependent on moisturiser. This one is also false. Although some people believe that using lots of moisturiser can increase your skin’s need for the product, there is no need to worry about your skin becoming too dependent on it. Skin cannot become dependent on a moisturiser – so if your skin is dry, moisturising is the best thing to do. Moisturising ingredients can also be found in more than just lotions and creams; they are also present in cleansing bars, body washes and even deodorants; so if you love what moisturising does for your skin, you can go as moisturiser crazy as you like!

True or False: Moisturiser can be used for more than just moisturising. The answer to this is true. Moisturiser is a great product to have some extra of, because there are many great things it can be used for that can save you time and money. Moisturiser can be used as a hydrating mask by applying it in several thick layers then leaving it on for 10 minutes before washing off excess with warm water and a washcloth. To finish, apply a regular amount of your moisturiser for a fresh face that is deeply moisturised and feeling brand new. This is a great alternative to face masks that often contain drying ingredients. In addition to this, moisturiser can be used to de-frizz fly away hairs, as cuticle oil or in replacement of shaving cream if you get really desperate.

True or False: Here at Ripple we love moisturiser. True of course! With all of these amazing benefits and uses, Ripple loves moisturiser and definitely recommends that everyone use it on a regular basis for healthy, beautiful skin.