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Robina Massage

Robina Massage

Massage Robina and Beauty Robina

Robina Massage

Day Spa and Beauty in Robina


The day spa that is set up just for you- doesn’t that sound so luxurious?

Ripple Robina Massage can offer you this royal treatment of setting up own personal and exclusive day spa with your choice of treatments from our extensive list. Our therapists at Ripple Robina Massage can offer you gorgeous massages exclusive from Ripple like our chocolate and honey massages, or maybe you want a traditional hot stone massage? We will provide you any treatment that you want here at Ripple Robina Massage .

What about a beauty treatment like a manicure or perhaps you need some waxing done? Well don’t worry about heading out to the shops, through all that crazy traffic and don’t even mention trying to fight all those other people for that one car spot that’s located at the very back of the parking lot.

No don’t worry

Ripple Robina Massage will take all the hassles out of that for you. We will bring everything that you could possibly need to set up your own EXCLUSIVE day spa. We will being the massage table, the yummy oils and products and we even bring lovely, relaxing music so that you can just drift away into tranquility and serenity with Ripple Robina Massage .

At Robina, we have a wide range of massage styles to suit every one. We specialise in remedial massage and also Swedish massage, and also hot stone, pregnancy and reflexology treatments. Ripple Robina is also really popular for corporate massage as well.

One of our most popular treatments at Ripple Robina Massage  is our chocolate massage. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be totally enveloped in chocolate oil? If you are

Nails, facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing, spray tan, tinting in Robina Qld

Robina Beauty

anything like me, then chocolate is your weakness and if there is a way for me to be totally immersed in chocolate, then count me in! Not to mention, the cute gift box with yummy chocolate goodies inside for you to enjoy later, because let’s admit, chocolate on the inside is just as good as chocolate on the outside.

Our delicious chocolate is mixed in a special way with aromatherapy oils to create a unique and simply divine scent, along with the benefits of our oils and of course massage.

Our Robina Day Spa also has full beauty services that come to wherever you are, with nails (manicure and pedicure), deluxe facials, spray tanning, tinting and waxing.

Touch is the most important sense. Massage is the art of touch, a therapy that has deep healing powers for both mind and body. It comforts and reassures, releases muscular tension, boosts the circulation, and makes us feel nurtured and loved which is important to us at Ripple  Robina Massage.

It soothes an overwrought nervous system, while sophisticated methods of stroking, pressing and pummeling unearthed buried tensions, melt away aches and pains, flush out toxins, and refine muscle tone. Nothing, it seems, works like quite like it for boosting energy and vitality!

The origins of massage like in the East, namely in China and Japan. Shiatsu, acupressure and reflexology, were brought from the East by therapists studying these ancient and highly effective techniques, and have been adopted in the West by alternative practitioners like us at Ripple Massage Robina. India also has a strong tradition in massage. Head massage is part of daily life in most Indian regions and is practiced even by the most humble barber, and we at Ripple Massage Robina think it should be brought into our culture too!

Surprisingly, Swedish massage also originated in the East. It was developed by a gymnast and physiologist who traveled to China in the 19th Century and combined his own western ideas with those of eastern massage. Eastern philosophies tend to be based on the notion of the flow energy and massage is the perfect medium for the unblocking of built-up energy so that the body can be rebalanced and heal itself.

Here at Ripple Massage Robina we like to cater your massage to your own needs. We will be able to assess your body and any tensions within the first couple of minutes and then offer you the best treatment for you. We love to see the look of complete relaxation and calmness when we finish our treatments, so why not give us today so that you can experience this too? Call today on 0438 567 906 or visit us online at Gold Coast Massage with Ripple

Top Tips to make the most of your massage with us at Robina.

How to get the most out of your amssage in Robina

Massage tips Robina

  1. Have a warm shower or hot bath that morning before you come in. This will warm up the muscles and help you get the most out of our treatments.
  2. Relax and unwind while you are here. Try to switch off your mind and relax.
  3. Turn off your phone ten minutes before you come in! This will help you switch off from the outside world and really enjoy your treatment. Every else can wait.
  4. Communicate clearly with the therapist what you would like and the parts of the body you would like worked on.
  5. Relax afterwards! Take the day off, go home, sleep, whatever you would like to do, but try to take some time to enjoy the after effects of your massage.
  6. And yes your massage therapist will tell you to drink lots of water!



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