Choosing A Massage

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Oct 2018

The world of massage can be confusing for those who are having one for the first time (welcome to Nirvana!) or for those who have one only every so often.

There are so many styles available now, that trying to pick one that is perfect for you can be harder than choosing the perfect lottery numbers. Trust us, this is the hardest part of you booking a massage, the rest will be easy. Here are some tips.


For those having a massage for the first time, probably a relaxation massage is the best bet. Keep it simple and maybe leave the more unusual styles to your second one.

If you get a good therapist, yes, it is likely you will come back for more. Be warned massage can be just as addictive as checking your Facebook page.

You may also come across the term Swedish massage, which is not a massage done by a Swede, but a style of massage that is based on relaxation techniques.

These styles of massage are designed for taking the stress out of your body, so if the kids, work or your annoying neighbour is causing your neck and shoulders to say “okay, enough”, this could be a good place to start.

Maybe asking for a remedial massage is not the best option first up. A relaxation massage does exactly that, relaxes the body, and then hopefully it will take away the memory of the kids finger painting on your walls that morning.

First Time Massage
Helping Your Body With Massage

Go Easy

Similarly, if you ask at the beginning for a firm style massage, and during the massage you are find that the therapist has jumped way over your pain threshold, don’t hold back the tears, simply lift your head from the table and ask them to go lighter.

Massage is not a contest on how well you can suck it up. It’s meant to be enjoyable. So, whilst a little pain can help your body, don’t suffer through a massage to the point where you are sobbing into the head rest in pain.

Letting Go

One interesting thing about your body, is that emotions from the past can be held physically in your muscles. Does that sound a little too hippy for you? Stay with me.

Sometimes when we massage, simply working the body will release a flood of emotions. It maybe pent up stress from a difficult time, it maybe just giving your body permission to relax. Whatever it is, in the words of Elsa, let it go. Your therapist is used to this, it’s more common than you may imagine and we will continue to nurture you, even if you end up in the foetal position.

I Want More

Okay, so you have had your first massage, loved it, what next? Congratulations, welcome to the club. First thing is to book your second. Yeah, we know, kids, work, life, cleaning the finger paint off the walls, but if you don’t book again then weeks turn into months and your body ends up tighter than a childproof cap on a bottle.

So, take a breath, pick up the phone, and well just do it. And then protect that booking time as your me time. The Everest of clothes sitting in the corner waiting to be folded? It can wait.

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Massage with chocolate?
The Travel Bug Meets The Massage Bug

One of the pleasures of being a massage therapist, is while we are away on holidays, we often work. Huh, what? Yep, travelling is a great opportunity to try out massages in far flung places, and yes, it is work. Well, okay you don’t believe me, but if you find yourself in a small village in Europe, and see a sign that says massage, save your Insta post to later and head on in to see what they offer.

The chocolate massage at Ripple came about this way. In Barcelona, we recognised the word chocolate on the spa menu from all the churros we had been eating, and well it ended up being such a decadent treatment that we brought it back to Oz. Each culture has massage in its history, and you can discover some amazing new styles just by being curious.

Now there could be some hiccups along the way with this. Memories of cold oil being poured on my third eye in India come to mind, but by far, these experiences can be the best parts of your trip.

There it is. Search out other massage sites or therapists near you, ask them what they specialise in, and just book it, Danno.


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Ali Saoirse is the owner of Ripple Massage, Day Spa And Beauty, that is a mobile massage and beauty service in Australia. Operating for over 12 years, Ripple creates your own private day spa in your home or hotel. Ali is passionate about doing one thing well, making people happy and delivering a great