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Aromatherapy Massage

The Egyptians have a rich history of using aromatic plants as perfumes. Imhotep, the Egyptian god of medicine, is said to have recommended fragrant oils for bathing and as an aromatherapy massage.Aromatherapy Massage

However, credit for aromatherapy as we know it today belongs to the French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse.

In 1920, a laboratory explosion badly burnt his hands. After immersing them in lavender oil, they quickly healed without scarring or infection. Afterwards his life was devoted to the study of essential oils.

It was later, during World War II that a French doctor, Dr Jean Valnet, used the healing properties fo essential oils for treating injured soldiers. His findings were documented in his book Aromatherapie.

The use of aromatics in massages was introduced by Madame Marguerite Maury in the 1950s, who, although trained as a biochemist, was unable to dispense essential oils as medicine and discovered their therapeutic and cosmetic benefits via massage.

Essential oils are the aromatic essences extracted from plants, flowers, trees, fruit, bark, grasses and seeds. Each essential oil may contain up to 100 chemical components, which when combined together, exert powerful effects on the body, mind and emotions.

Over 150 essential oils identified to date which can be used alone or as a blend to treat specific complaints, without any recognized side effects.Essential Aromatherapy OIls

A maximum number of three oils in any one blend is recommended for the best result. The oils are blended much like a perfume, with top, middle and bottom notes. The bottom notes tend to be more woody types scents, whilst the top notes tend to be the lighter floral aromatherapy scents.

Because essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile, they are usually diluted with base oils such as almond or walnut oil to inhibit the evaporation of the essential oil and it takes a skilled aromatherapist to truly understand their common properties.

Ripple offers aromatherapy massage with all its spa packages.

Ripple has several massage aromatherapy blends. The thrive or rejuvenation aromatherapy massage oil uses uplifting citrus scents like mandarin and lime. These help to detox the body, are good for a pick me up if you are feeling tired and generally rejuvenate the mind and body.

The next is the relaxation blend with a heavy emphasis on lavender aromatherapy massage oils, along with sandalwood, and asĀ  the name suggests is designed to relax.

Ripple also has a wide range of other aromatherapy massage oils including some for pregnancy (that are safe to use during the prenatal stage), sensual, one perfect for the skin that uses a lot of geranium in it, and there is even one for babies and infants.

All of Ripple’s massages use an aromatherapy oil at no extra charge if you would like as this helps enhance not only the massage experience but also the health benefits of the massage.

Essential oils are easily absorbed into the blood stream via the lungs, nose and skin. The vapor travels to thelimbic system of the brain which is the area responsible for the expression of feelings, leaning , memory and physical drives.

Used for physical ailments, the relief of congested sinuses or through for instance, the oils can be inhaled. When used in massage, essential oils are absorbed through the skin and carried to the muscle tissue, joints and organs. While more concentrated oils can be used for the relief of physical complaints such as muscle aches and skin lesions, the essential oil is best diluted with a base oil before using especially when used on sensitive skin and during pregnancy.

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