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Looking for a cleansing or nourishing facial? Ripple has two styles, the organic green clay mask or collagen mask facial that can be done as anFacial express half hour treatment, or full hour cleansing facial.

Facials are also included in our day spa packages. Click here for a full list of our facial beauty treatments and massages or call 0438 567 906

Half Hour Or One Hour Green Clay Facial – Wonderful calming facial treatment gently cleanses problematic, congested skin. Re balancing mud mask detoxifies, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. $60/$110 (members $50/$95) More information on our green clay face mask is here

Half Hour Or One Hour Anti Ageing Facial – Experience instant results with this intensive treatment for fine lines and skin damage. The collagen hydrating mask infuses vital moisture and nourishment. $60/$110 (members $50/$95) Where did we find it?

Or Purchase To Use At Home

Organic green clay and cucumber face mask – This mask gently cleanses sensitive and congested skin. Great for skin that is prone to break out, also gently nourishes with macadamia oil and shea butter. Paraben and sulphate free. Natural preservative and colour. 100 ml – $17

Anti Ageing Collagen Face Mask – Easy to use face mask – Experience instant results with this intensive treatment for fine lines and skin damage. The collagen hydrating mask infuses vital moisture and nourishment. $6 each

Benefits – What Does A Facial Do For Your Skin?

A great quality mask will gently cleanse your skin, remove deep seated impurities and dead skin cells, softly expose new skin and help your skin to look younger and fresher.Benefits Of A Facial

In every one of our massage packages we include a free organic cucumber and green clay face mask and head and face massage.

This mask is of the high quality light green clay, and is a gentle cleanser and exfoliant for even the most sensitive skin.

This is applied just before we do your arm massage and is allowed to gently dry and tighten your skin. Your therapist will then remove the mask with warm, steamed towels, taking with it any impurities and leaving your skin glowing.

It is followed by a head and face massage, which increases the blood and oxygen flow to your skin.

Facial Tips

Figure Out Your Skin Type Facial Tips
One of the most crucial things to do when starting a facial or skincare routine is working out your skin type. Below is a list of skin types so that you can have an idea of what category you fall into for your facial.Oily Skin: Large pores, greasy skin by lunch time, shiny forehead and chin. Frequent breakouts and plump skin.Dry Skin: Small pores. Few breakouts. Dull skin and aging skin. Flakiness. Skin always feels dry.Normal Skin: No real issues, occasional acne, vibrant skin.

Combination skin: Usually oily in the t-zone (nose, forehead and chin) and dry on the cheeks.

Ageing: Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, crows feet, sun spots and sagging.

Acne: pimples, black heads, white heads, cystic acne.

Sensitive Skin: Irritation to either touch or chemicals (i.e. hands touching the face or ingredients in products)

Once you have figured out your skin type above and any skin issues you have then you can choose skin care products suitable for your facial.Facial Skin Types

Skincare lines are usually catered to a specific skin type and this will be indicated on the packaging.

Stick To One Skin Care Line

Why? Because skincare lines are created to complement each other. If you choose a cleanser from one line, and a moisturiser from another, you could be using ingredients that contradict each other. Unless you really read the ingredients list, it’s safer to stick to one line.

Try And Go As Natural As Possible 

Try and go for gentle and/or natural products. Unless you have been prescribed with medicated skin care, your skin doesn’t need it. You can find lots of natural skin care lines and you will find that your skin reacts better with this type of facial.

At Home : Quick And Easy FacialAt Home Facial

Don’t have time to get a facial done? Here is a quick way to do one yourself at home.

  • Wash off any makeup/sweat/oil from your face with a suitable cleanser and warm water (not hot or cold) as this will open up your pores.
  • Cleanse a second time to fully cleanse your skin.
  • Lay in the bath, couch or bed with your favourite candles and relax with a suitable face mask for 15 minutes.
  • Wash off the mask and tone your face with non-alcoholic toner like witch hazel.
  • Apply any eye creams with your ring finger to under your eyes and sides of your eyes.
  • Apply a moisturiser from the same skincare line, that?s suited to your skin type. Oily skin can get away with a light or gel moisturiser, whereas dry skin can use something more creamy and rich.