Looking for a cleansing or nourishing facial?

Does your skin need some care or do you just need to relax and be pampered for a while?

Ripple brings professional beauty therapists to you, and has two styles of facials, the cleansing green clay mask or  nourishing collagen mask facial.

They can be done as an express half hour treatment or full hour deluxe treatment.

Facials are also included in our day spa packages. Click here for a full list of our beauty treatments and massages 

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Woman Having A Cleansing Facial
Clay Masks For Facials

Facial Products To Purchase

Collagen Face Mask
0 out of 5

Anti Ageing Collagen Face Mask

  • Easy to use face mask
  • Experience instant results with this intensive treatment for fine lines and skin damage.
  • The collagen hydrating mask infuses vital moisture and nourishment.
Green Clay Face Mask
0 out of 5

Green Clay Face Mask


This mask gently cleanses sensitive and congested skin.

  • Great for skin that is prone to break out.
  • Paraben and sulphate free

What Does A Facial Do For Your Skin?

A great quality facial will gently cleanse your skin, remove deep seated impurities and dead skin cells, softly expose new skin and help your skin to look younger and fresher.

In every one of our massage packages we include a free  natural green clay face mask and head and face massage.

This mask is of the high quality light green clay, and is a gentle cleanser and exfoliate for even the most sensitive skin.

It is applied just before we do your arm massage and is allowed to gently dry and tighten your skin.

Your therapist will then remove the mask with warm, steamed towels, taking with it any impurities and leaving your skin glowing.

It is followed by a head and face massage, which increases the blood and oxygen flow to your skin.

Woman Receiving A Green Clay Mask As Part Of A Facial
Facials For Different Skin Types By Your Beauty Therapist
Cleanser Being Applied As Part Of Both Facials
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