Hot Stone Massage

Woman on massage table with hot stones in massage
  • Hot Stone massage is one of the most relaxing of massages, it feels just like a pair of warm hands massaging you.
  • Complimentary pamper treatments in every hot stone massage package –  includes foot bath and reflexology, nourishing face mask and body exfoliation.
  • Setting up your own private day spa, our professional hot stone therapists bring quality massage table, soft towels, aromatherapy oils and even relaxing music.
  • A hot stone massage is perfect for couples
  • A hot stone massage requires a minimum two hour package booking. Thanks!

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Please note, we are not currently offering hot stone massage at Ripple.

Hot stones on womans back during massage

I just wanted to thank you SO much for my wonderful hot stone massage when I had my special birthday weekend in May.

Alissa couldn’t have been more professional and truly made my first hot stone massage experience one that will definitely be the benchmark for any in the future.

I was a little apprehensive but she explained everything that would occur and checked if there was anything I did or didn’t want, and really made an effort to put me at ease and encouraged me to relax and enjoy the massage. Gabrielle

Hot Stone Massage

5 out of 5
May, 2009

Why Is A Hot Stone Massage Amazing?

Blonde woman having a hot stone massage

One of the best descriptions of a Ripple hot stone massage was written by Mike O’Connor of the Courier Mail.

“The hot stones glide over your oiled flesh like molten silk, the heat seeping deep in your muscles.

Outside, a chill south-westerly wind beats against the glass door panes. The wood fire crackles occasionally, and the only other sound an occasional low-pitched sigh.

For undiluted massage pleasure, a hot stone massage is undeniably on the another plane.”

Like to feel like Mike did? Read the full hot stone massage review from the Courier Mail below.

  • The volcanic stones are gently heated, and then coated in aromatherapy oils, releasing all the scents of your chosen oil.
  • They are then cupped in the palms of the therapists hands and used as they massage you.
  • It really feels like a set of really warm hands massaging your body.
  • We also lie them along your chakra points on top of a towel, where the heat seeps down into those areas, allowing for deeper massage.
Hot rocks used in stone massage

Where Did Hot Stone Massage Originate?

Dating back more than 3000 years, the hot stone treatment is an ancient style of massage.

It was first used in ancient Chinese culture for medical purposes, mostly to treat disease.

This practice was also used in Native American culture. In this culture, thermo therapies were popular as it was believed they aided health and relieved pain.

Later, Hot Stone Massage was also used in Hawaii, where it heavily influenced Kahuna massage.

The Hawaiians wrapped hot stones in leaves with healing properties, placing them on sore muscles to relieve pain. They also used volcanic stones, similar to what is used by therapists now.

How Is A Hot Stone Massage Done?

Couple having hot stone massages

Hot Stone Massage FAQ

Different therapists use different stones during their massage. Some will use volcanic stones you can get in professional hot stone kits. Some hot stone massage therapists will use stones they collect themselves.

A variety of shaped stones are used. Larger smooth ones that fit in the palm of the hand are used up along the back muscles and on the larger thigh muscles. Smaller ones are used along the arms and into the neck and trapesius muscles.

Tiny ones are heated and left between the toes or used gently on the face. All are heated carefully to avoid burning and are coated in massage oils to disperse the heat.

Hot stone massages are done as a minimum 1.5 hour massage, mainly because this style of massage takes a lot more work and moving to and from the stone heater.

Some therapists do a hot stone massage in an hour, but this can feel rushed just because of the nature of this massage.

There is a lot more involved and this takes time. For example, the stones need to be taken from the heater and allowed to cool slightly to the right temperature.

After being used in the massage and losing their heat, they are then transferred back to the heater.

Because of this we recommend that you book a minimum hour and a half massage so you get the best result.

There are a variety of methods. Some therapists will use special hot stone massage heaters that immerse the stones in hot water. Others will use a steamer that has a similar effect.

They are never heated in the microwave or oven as this may cause the stones to explode.

All Ripple therapists are trained in hot stone massage and are careful to heat the stones to the correct temperature.

Hot stone massage is very beneficial for imparting heat to muscles whilst massaging. This can help muscles that are tight to loosen up a lot more quickly than traditional, hands on massage only. Sciatica can be caused by the tightening of the piriformis muscle pressing on the sciatic nerve, and with the therapist using the stones with pressure and also the heat, loosening this muscle can also help relieve sciatic pain.

A hot stone massage can either be done relaxation style or deep tissue massage style. You don’t have to choose.

A hot stone massage will also incorporate hands on massage as well as the therapist massaging with the stones.

The heat of the stones will often allow the therapist to provide a deeper massage as the heat will help unlock the muscles quicker.

Hot Stone Massage

Mike O’Conner, Courier Mail

Outside, a chill south-westerly wind beats against the glass door panes, the wood fire crackles occasionally, the only other sound an occasional low-pitched sigh.

A hot stone massage is undeniably relaxing.

If I’d lifted my head from the portable massage table that Ali, the owner of visiting massage service Ripple Massage had set up in the chalet, the view would have been westwards across the Canungra Valley and the smoke-blue razorbacks of the Great Dividing Range beyond.

My head, however, remained buried in the massage table. I may or may not have had the strength to lift it.

The Polish Place, in one of the chalets of which I lay oiled, is one of the landmarks on Mt Tamborine.

Clinging to the edge of the plateau, its indoor-outdoor restaurant gives stunning views out across the valley, an outlook shared by its A-framed chalets.

Those who enjoy a bed with a view should rejoice in that from the loft bedrooms which look out through the windows cut high into the back wall.

Look closely and you can see the cleft of Cunningham’s Gap to the Northwest.

Phil and Ania Sowter have owned and run the Polish Place since its inception, arriving on the mountain in 1983.

Ania’s accent leaves no doubt as to the origin of the Polish theme which they chose, a theme which runs from the decor to the food and the vodka which is urged on guests.

Kransky, port hocks, sauerkraut, potatoes, pirogi and duck seasoned with grapes and apple rule.

Resolve to eat nothing but steamed vegetables for the next week, reach for the wine list and planting your feet firmly beneath the table, prepare to fortify your body against the winter chill.

As you leave the flatlands and begin the ascent to the 4 km wide and 8 km long plateau that is Tamborine, the spiked outline of the Gold Coast skyline is plainly visible from the south.

The mountain supports three communities – Eagle Heights, North Tamborine and Mt Tamborine – and a permanent population of about 5000 scattered across the plateau.

Despite its proximity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it remains a wooded retreat locked in it own time zone where the newsagent shuts at 2 pm on a Saturday.

That Lotto ticket I tried to buy probably wouldn’t have won anyway – and a place where could safely presume that everyone knows everyone else’s business or knows someone who does.”

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