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Beautiful feet with a deluxe pedicure or an express tidy up. Great way to look pretty, or for hens party, girls weekend or get ready

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One Hour Treatments – $110 each ($95 members)


One hour handspa – Complete hand rejuvenation with this luxurious manicure, aromatherapy exfoliation, steamed hot towels, hand and arm massage. $110


One hour indulgent pedispa – An aromatic foot ritual to nourish and hydrate even the most tired feet. Includes scented foot soak, exfoliating foot scrub, foot massage, deluxe pedicure. $110

Express Manicure and Express Pedicure – $110


Half Hour Express Manicure and Pedicures – $60 each, minimum booking of two

Express Manicure – $60

Express Pedicure – $60

As Part Of Our Beauty Packages

The Ultimate 4 hour Beauty Package – $395 ($380 members)

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3 hour Beauty Package- $295 ($280 members)

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oils-massage-day-spa-ripple-noosaville-peregian-beach-cooroy2 Hour Beauty – $195 ($180 members)

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Pedicure and Pedispa

Ripple loves all beauty treatments, but one of the most necessary ones is the old-fashioned pedicure. The word literally means

Pedicure – “foot care” in Latin, and that’s exactly what we need on a regular basis – we spend all day walking around on our feet and keeping them locked up inside artificial shoes, then promptly forget about them when we finally sit down! All that stress and effort really builds up in the feet and can leave them damaged or untidy, requiring a pedicure to restore them to their natural beauty.

History of Pedicure

Most beauty treatments have a surprisingly long and rich history, and pedicures are no exception. The first recorded pedicure treatments occurred in ancient China, around 3000BC. There, the colour of your nails was used to indicate your status in the social hierarchy, with “royal colours” like black and red being reserved for the truly powerful. The ancient Egyptians also had a similar practice, reserving red for the royals – Cleopatra allegedly used a deep red, while Nefertiti chose a bright rugby. Next time you paint your toenails red, we bet you’ll remember that tidbit!

Pedicure also had some more obscure practices; in both ancient Rome and Egypt, it is said that generals in the army would paint their toenails to match their lip colour before a fight – the decoration indicated their status but would also have served as a ritual to psychologically ready them for the battle itself. In ancient Babylon, the wealthy classes would even use tools made of solid goal to perform their pedicures… probably just to feel even fancier!

Evolution of Pedicure

Mobile pedicure

Mobile pedicure

Although we’re sure these ancient civilizations had beautiful feet, we’re also kind of glad that pedicure continued to develop over the next few thousand years. Today, most quality foot care packages aren’t just a nail tidy up… a great foot treatment will usually include:

You might want as much foot care as possible, or only a pedicure to freshen your feet back up again. As long as you’re consciously paying attention to your feet’s needs every now and then, the rest is up to you!

Other Foot Treatments

At Ripple, we also keep an eye out for any new or unusual beauty treatments that we or our clients might be interested in… here are a few funky ones we’ve found!

Foot Soaking Tips

Foot Soak

Foot Soak

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to give yourself a pedicure at home… but one tip we can all take away is to soak our feet more often to relax them and re hydrate them. Here are a few of our favourite tips for starting this practice at home, with a large bowl or even a foot soaker you can pick up from a department store…

  1. Build an Oil Collection – You don’t need much essential oil to properly scent a foot soak (often, a few drops will do)… but you will be in different moods when you feel like a soak! Slowly collect a range of essential oils and tailor your foot soak to your physical and emotional needs at the time. We love citrus essential oils as a go-to base for a foot soak, but you should expand and see what you like!
  2. Use Your Environment – The great advantage about starting foot soaks at home (instead of at a traditional day spa outlet) is that you’ve got full control over what you see and hear during the soak! You can choose to gaze out the window and meditate, or stick the television on to unwind at the same time. Even better – you don’t need to get up and walk back to the car afterwards! (This also applies to any mobile beauty services, such as those Ripple offers.)
  3. Moisturise After – After a good foot soak, your feet are particularly open to rehydration and protection. Consider picking up some moisturising cream and applying it after a foot soak (although give them a little time to dry and unwrinkle first!) to keep them healthy through the week.

Your feet are just as important as any other part of your body – take care of them!


pedicure-manicure-pedicuresA pedicure is not simply the pursuit of vanity. A proper one should include a foot soak, a nail trim, which prevents in-growing toenails, and the removal of hard skin and calluses which could, if left, lead to corns. ?Cuticles should be pushed down, not cut, and feet and calves massaged with cream or oil if skin is particularly dry. ?An olive oil base is especially nourishing. ?Painted nails look shiniest and last longest if they get a clear undercoat, two coats of colour and a clear top coat. ?Polish should take at least 15 minutes to dry

For hot feet cool them down with peppermint or aloe vera gel rub.

For tired feet vegetable oil spiked with clove oil. ?Best oils to use are avocado, olive and sesame.

For smelly feet dip them in warm water laced with pine, tea tree and eucalyptus oils.

For a great detox 10 minutes in warm water with two tablespoons of rock salt. ?Follow with an oil massage.

Let your feet breathe whenever you can!