Kahuna Massage

“I just love the Kahuna Experience, there is nothing else like it. it was like I was being massaged by more than one person, like getting both sides of me done at the same time, wow!

It was an amazing experience, I felt so pampered and so relaxed, just chilled out on my couch for the rest of the day as was not capable of doing anything else.” – Julie, Mt Tamborine

Like to feel like Julie? We can recommend these kahuna massage therapists.

My fave practitioner is Ahren Dreaming , Brisbane and Murwillumbah based Phone 0414 373 856

For the Gold Coast, go see Kat at Earth Therapies

In Brisbane, go see Hazel at The Bulimba Day Spa

In Nelson Bay, Arwen is the lady to see for Lomi Lomi Massage

Seashell on sand

I had not heard of Kahuna before, and thought I had tried every massage style imaginable!

So was keen to book in. The massage Ali gave me was incredible, so different to any other type of massage I have had. Will definitely book in again. – Sarah and Rebel

Kahuna Massage

Where Kahuna Massage Originated

Woman enjoying a kahuna massage with frangipani flower in hair

Ka Huna massage is the lushest of massages and was created by the priests in the ancient temples of Hawaii. Now that’s a religion I could embrace.

This massage was often received on special ceremonial days by Hawaiian royalty.

There are a few different styles, and until recently it was only passed down verbally from elders to the next generation.

Ripple practices the Ka Huna Temple style of body work from the the ancient Kahuna Lapa’ au who were the master massage practitioners.

The foot work for the Ka Huna massage comes from a dance (kind of like learning the steps for an aerobics class).

This dance was based on the ‘Frigate bird’ which is a large sea bird known for its amazing stamina, endurance and intuition in finding its way. It takes off from land in the morning and flies all day over the sea, feeding, before returning to land at dusk. This is the base for the “flying” that Kahuna therapists practice to increase their stamina and develop the foot work they use around the massage table.

Anyway, as we Ka Huna massage we also use the flying as our foot work.

KaHuna massage is a deep and rhythmical massage that indulges all the senses. The rhythm is intensely relaxing and works gently but deeply into the muscles using continuous flowing strokes.

Lots of oil is used during the massage and the therapist can massage your entire body, from head to toe, in the one continual flowing movement.

The energy comes from the use of this rhythm and movement, creating a continuous ebb and flow between you and the therapist.

The Ka Huna therapist uses the forearm, fingers, heel and palm of the hand during the massage.

The arms sweep over the body in long movements to the pulse of the music, creating a very fluid massage like a bird flying through the sky.

It is a very beautiful, joyous, happy and lush style of massage. Ali has studied to Level 7 with Mette Sorenson at High Spirits Retreat

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