Kahuna Massage

Ka Huna Massage From Hawaii

Where It Originally Came From : Hawaii

Anyway, as we Ka Huna massage we also use the flying as our foot work.

KaHuna massage is a deep and rhythmical massage that indulges all the senses. The rhythm is intensely relaxing and works gently but deeply into the muscles using continuous flowing strokes.

Lots of oil is used during the massage and the therapist can massage your entire body, from head to toe, in the one continual flowing movement.

The energy comes from the use of this rhythm and movement, creating a continuous ebb and flow between you and the therapist.

The Ka Huna therapist uses the forearm, fingers, heel and palm of the hand during the massage.

The arms sweep over the body in long movements to the pulse of the music, creating a very fluid massage like a bird flying through the sky.

It is a very beautiful, joyous, happy and lush style of massage. Ali has studied to Level 7 with Mette Sorenson at High Spirits Retreat

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