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An Easy Way To Be Happy



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Try to use this method whilst in the meditative state, when you are sitting at the traffic lights or when you are brushing your teeth. I have them set as my screen saver which pops up a couple of times a day.

An affirmation is simply a phrase summing up how you want to be.

They should be positive, emotional, up beat and in the present. Some examples could be.

If you say these to yourself at least 5 times a day this positive self talk will start to overtake the negative.

Affirmations Can Also Be Used With Visualisation

Visualization is also pretty easy as well and is simply running how you would like to be/act/look like a video in your mind.

If you are quite shy, you could imagine yourself in a group of people, confident, relaxed and calm. Imagine yourself, how you look, what you say, how you feel when you are confident.

Top Reasons to Use Affirmations



1. Affirmations open you up to new ways of thinking and opportunities. And after while this new way of thinking will become automatic and won’t seem foreign and you will start to follow the affirmation you have set.

2. Affirmations help you determine a happy mind set. It gives you a sense of control over your life as you get to choose what you think. Affirmations are a reminder as to what you want to think and are therefore incredibly empowering.

3. They are totally individual to you and you can set them to be whatever you like. Affirmations can be about anything positive that you would like to manifest in your life.

4. They are incredibly easy to use and can be done anywhere at anytime

5. Affirmations replace the negative self talk and chatter in your head, and can be a good technique for counteracting depression.

6. They are best kept short and sweet in the present tense. Plus fill your affirmations with some emotion to make them even more powerful.

Affirmations Top Tips

Today  affirmation is a practice of positive thinking that is used by many people over the world. The practice is used to foster self-belief and self-empowerment, and is done by repeated exposure to or use of positive statements.

For the affirmative statements to benefit and empower us and cultivate goodness within ourselves, the words used to create the statement need to be chosen carefully. There are actually many things to consider when creating affirmations to use in your daily routine, so here is a list of top reasons to use affirmations and also tips on how to create them.

Reasons to Use AffirmationsTips For Daily Affirmations

  1. Use them to purify thoughts

In Latin, the word affirmation means “to make steady, strengthen”. When you think positively repeatedly as positive affirmations, you begin to truly feel that nothing is impossible. This act releases your negative thoughts to ‘purify’ your mind.

  1. They provide strength

When we feel nothing is impossible, we are more likely to believe in ourselves. This empowerment from affirmation allows our dreams and ambitions to be realised and more likely to become reality.

  1. Affirmation makes you feel good

It has been proven that using affirmations raises the level of feel good hormones in your body (similar to the effects of exercise). This plays an important role in reducing cycles of negative thoughts and negative actions.

How to Use Affirmations

  1. Prioritise Uses Of Affirmaions

You may have a lot of affirmations you want to include in your every day routine. To be more aware of your goals, and to help achieve them, it is important to prioritize your affirmations accordingly. This will help you focus more clearly on what you want, make you feel surer of yourself and more empowered. Also be sure not to use too many affirmations at any one time (try no more than 5, and replace them when you feel you have achieved them).

  1. Write Them Down

Once you have chosen your affirmations, you need to make sure you use them daily (multiple times a day can be good). A great way to use your affirmations is to write them down. Writing helps to store things in long-term memory, especially when frequently revisited.

  1. Make Them Visible

Once again, repetition is the key to making affirmations effective. Placing your affirmations around your room, home or workspace will allow you to see them regularly.

  1. Meditate

When you are meditating and focusing on nothing but yourself with the rest of the world shut out, this is a great time to reflect on and think about your affirmations. You can say the affirmations and think about what they mean to you and how they will help you. Allow yourself to feel the emotions evoked by the affirmations. This will help you feel more attached to the affirmation, allowing it to further empower you and provide you strength.

How to Create Affirmations

  1. Use present tense

    Make your affirmations positive and personal

    Make your affirmations positive and personal

Although there are many excellent affirmations online you can find to help you, you may also like to write your own. If you do this, there are four formatting criteria you must ensure your statements meet to be a proper, effective affirmation. This includes always using present tense. The past cannot be changed, and a statement written in future tense will not help you in the present moment. Affirmations are all about making you feel happy and capable in the here and now.

  1. Make them positive

An affirmation is not going to help you if it is not positive. And example of a badly written, negative statement would be “I am not lazy”. You could reword this to make it a positive affirmation by saying “I am active, hard working and enthusiastic”. The key to making your affirmations positive is to ensure that you focus on what you want, rather than what you are trying not to be. This will help you to be them and also allow you to use much more uplifting words in your affirmation.

  1. Make them personal

Another key step is to make all of your affirmations personal. If they are not personal they are not going to mean anything to you, and thus they are not going to empower you and help you make change. You can make your affirmations personal really easily by making them “I am” statements that describe what you want to be, have or experience.

  1. Make them specific

In your “I am” statements, when you describe what you want to be or have, do so in a few positive words. Long affirmations make it harder to embed their meaning into your life. You also need to make sure that you make your affirmations specific to yourself now, by using “I am” rather than “I want” or “I need”. This affirms that you already have or are what you desire, making it possible, obtainable or achievable.