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Daylesford Massage and Day Spa Daylesford

Daylesford Massage

Daylesford Massage

Lush day spa treatments that come to you all Daylesford.

Ripple is Australia’s premier mobile day spa service with massage and beauty treatments in your home or hotel.

Looking for a company that is reliable, professional, health fund rebates for all massages, extensive beauty treatments and free day spa extras in every package?

We have something for everyone, from our express services right up to our four hour indulgence packages and everything in between.

Ripple Daylesford Massage Day Spa and Beauty comes to all regions of the Daylesford region.

Call Ali today on 0438 567 906 email or book now on secure online server.

Massage Daylesford

Daylesford is one of our most loved “undiscovered” getaway places in Australia; it doesn’t appear on the radar of most tourist sites, yet has

Daylesford Massage

Daylesford Massage

everything you need to plan a perfect getaway. J Only around 2,500 people actually live in Daylesford itself, but we’re incredibly jealous!

This small town is actually famous in therapy circles for having a high number of spas available for treatment, complemented by its divine restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and art collections. Around Daylesford itself are natural spring mineral spas, including the totally unique Hepburn Springs north of the town… truly a remarkable area to work on your well being and health!

Ripple has compiled a short list of our top massage and day spa recommendations in the Daylesford region… Check them out below!

  1. Visit the Mineral Spas

We couldn’t make a Daylesford treatments list without recommending one of the 65 (!!!) natural mineral springs in the area. Mineral springs have been used for their rejuvenating properties for millennia, and they’re almost as popular today! Some believe the natural and unfiltered water has particular health benefits that you simply can’t get anywhere else… others just enjoy the spa itself, and the feeling of unwinding totally in a natural pool of water… while others still swear that there are particular mental and spiritual benefits from getting so close to the Earth’s natural state of being.

Either way, they’re definitely worth checking out during your stay in Daylesford!

  1. Bowen Therapy

This therapy prides itself on “soft” tissue work – instead of using deep and flowing movements to unwind your body, it tries to achieve the same goals with smaller and more accurate pressures. Bowen therapy experts claim it influences your neuronal pathways to and within your brain, which improves your bodies’ ability to heal itself and deal with accumulated tension in your body. Whether massage really works this way is unclear – but we can definitely say that it’s a unique massage style worth checking out!

  1. Silicone Cupping Therapy

Matching our theme so far of “soft” treatments, you might also like to try out silicone cupping therapy while in Daylesford. This package uses specially designed silicone cups to relax your body and attempt to improve your general circulation… which has all sorts of benefits, from perfecting your natural skin tone and tissue (and restoring it to a healthier state), to moving on toxins or fluids that might have stalled somewhere in your body. Additionally, cupping just *feels* good and is incredibly relaxing if you’ve never tried it before! Take a look into it and see if it might be your thing.

  1. Detox Massage

Daylesford’s natural mineral spas naturally lend themselves to a full detoxification attempt… so Ripple recommends one of our detox packages specifically to help you accomplish this. J This massage specifically targets your lymphatic system to try and drain toxins that may have built up over time… uses essential oils to draw out and then remove those toxins… a full body exfoliation to assist blood flow which will naturally remove toxins on its own (as well as leaving you with sensational polished skin)… and some gentle cleansing masks to cap it all off.

We love Daylesford so much simply because all its natural mineral spas help us feel like we’re “washing away” all the stress and tension and gunk that builds up in us if we go without a massage or day spa treatment for too long… and a detox massage is a perfect complement to this incredibly invigorating and spiritual region!

  1. Well Being Package

This complete package is one of few that isn’t actually balanced around the massage itself; rather, it starts with a full kinesiology and flower essence treatment, intended to help unstifled “blocked” energy trapped in your body, and help it start to flow again through your entire being. After this treatment, you receive an hour of relaxation massage using essential oils and a foot treatment that utilises ancient reflexology techniques. Definitely one of the more creative and unique packages we know of in Daylesford!

  1. Splash Out Package

A five hour package simply has to make its way onto this list, and the Splash Out package is just that… essentially a total day of pampering and relaxation, all for you! A full body massage is the base of this treatment, designed to help you unwind right to your core… but there’s so much more to it. You also get some essential beauty extras (pedicure, polish manicure, organic facial, and body exfoliant), and some really sensational day spa therapies including a footbath, tub soak, and a… wait for it… yoghurt cocoon therapy.

If you’re after a complete and all-encompassing massage and day spa therapy, it’s hard to go far past this package, exclusive to Daylesford!

  1. Precious Candle Massage

If you’re an expecting mother (or know one!), this is a really gorgeous massage package to make your experience as soothing and joyful as can be. The base candle massage uses candles (with your own choice of balm) to fill the air with a relaxing scent… but the difference for pregnant women is the oil used for the massage itself. A mixture of cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vanilla, soy, and coconut extracts is specially designed to support expecting mothers and the stresses their skin will go through during pregnancy. The massage also takes place on a special table to accustom your beautifully changing body. J These massages aren’t recommended during the first trimester!

So there you are… our top choice of massage and day spa treatments, specially selected to match your (hopefully!) enjoyable stay in Daylesford. Which will you try next?

Massage Styles in our Daylesford Locations

Massages in Daylesford

Massages in Daylesford

Daylesford Hens Party and Girls Weekend – We do all the organising for you!. Great for a pampering day or night, we can send a team of therapists out to you to spoil everyone. Something for every budget and every body.

Chocolate Massage – Lush, indulgent, includes a free gift box of chocolates, chocolate soap and candle.

Blokes Men Massage – Just for the men, great deep tissue or relaxation style massage with blokey scented oil.

Russian Deep Tissue Massage – Unlock your body and move freely again with this sensational massage.

Remedial Massage – Remedial massage with full health fund rebates from Ripple

Daylesford Day Spa

Daylesford Day Spa

Hot Stone Massage – One of my favourite – massage with heated stones that will unlock your muscles. Minimum 2 hour massage.

Pregnancy Massage – Perfect as a prenatal gift and to pamper the Mum to Be. Gift vouchers also available for pre and post birth.

Couples Massage – Great way to relax with your partner and rejuvenate.

Frangipani Massage – By far our most popular package – great for hens parties, girls weekends and gift certificates.

Massage Daylesford

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Top Reasons to book your Massage Daylesford with Ripple

Daylesford Massage Treatments

Daylesford Massage Treatments

1. Too easy – we come to you so you don’t have to leave your accommodation. Relax! Our therapists will bring everything with them, tables, towels, music, scented oils, premium handmade day spa products so all you have to do is unwind. Afterwards we quickly pack up so you can continue to enjoy your treatment in the privacy of your hotel or home.

3. Professional, accredited, experienced therapists that will give you the massage you want. Be it relaxation or deep tissue, our therapists are highly qualified in all our styles.

4. Friendly, helpful booking service – the girls in the office will go out of their way to make your day memorable and enjoyable.

5. Gift certificates valid for 12 months in all our regions – the easiest of gifts, book them online or call 0438 567 906 to organise

6. Ripple has been operating for over ten years and we specialises purely in great mobile treatments. We do one thing and do it really well.

7. Member of the Australian Association of Massage therapists and over 16 tourism and industry organisation’s.

Massage Daylesford foot soak from Ripple

Foot soak recipe

This is a super easy way to pamper your feet. Ready?

Take a cup of salt, add a cup of epsom salts, a few drops of your favourite essential oil, put it all in a jar and shake.

Take out a foot bath (or large bowl), fill with warm water, drop in a tablespoon of the salt mixture and you have the perfect foot bath.

Massage Daylesford


feet-foot-massage-scrub-reflexology-ripple-day-spaRipple Massage Daylesford offers the gorgeous spa treatments in the comfort of your accommodation. So there is no need for you to drive or maneuver through public transport, because we will bring it all to you and give you your own special and personalised day spa experience.

Once of the most popular treatment that we offer is the honey massage in where use pure honey mixed with gorgeous oils to give you a luxurious and soothing massage experience.

Honey is a great super food that has many benefits for the skin including:

Honey has moisturising and soothing properties which makes your skin glow.

relaxation-massage-day-spaThe antioxidants found in honey helps with slowing down the signs of aging.

Honey is known to help speed up the healing so is great to put onto wounds, and also the as mentioned next, has antibacterial properties which can stop infection

The antibacterial properties found in honey can help aide in the fight against acne.

Here is an awesome and quick way to use honey with other ingredients found around the house, to give yourself a glowing facial:

One teaspoon of rolled oats
One teaspoon of full fat milk or cream
One teaspoon of raw honey

Mix all the ingredients together and apply to face in a circular motion to allow the oats to exfoliate. Then leave the mixture on the face for 15-20 minutes before wiping off with a warm, damp wash cloth.