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Relaxation Massage

Not done by Swedish therapists but a Swedish relaxation massage style that was created by a Swedish fencing master in the 1700s.Woman Having A Relaxation Massage

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What’s So Great About A Relaxation Massage?

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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage, or Swedish massage, is the most popular of all traditional European style massages. Developed by Per Henrik Link in the 1700s, who merged Western and Eastern healing Relaxation Massage On Mentechniques, it was the first organised and systematic method of modern therapeutic massage in the Western world.

Using oil or lotion, relaxation massage incorporates the following five strokes.

Effleurage – Meaning touching lightly, effleurage comprises long gliding strokes from the neck to the base of the spine, or from the shoulder to the fingertips. Done with the entire hand or the pads of the thumb, it helps relax the muscles while also enabling the therapist to examine the texture and quality of the muscle tissue.

Petrissage – Meaning kneading, petrissage involves the rolling or squeezing of the muscles to encourage deeper circulation through the veins and lymph vessels. This stroke also helps clear toxins from the muscles.

Friction or rubbing – This consists of deep circular movements of the thumb pads or fingertips around the joints and other bony areas to break down adhesion or knots of muscle fiber which develop in response to muscular trauma or pain.

Tapotement or tapping – Here the therapists taps the muscles with the edge of the hand, tips of the fingers or with a closed fist to release tension and cramping. This technique invigorates muscles before relaxing them.

Vibration or shaking – this is performed at the end of the massage when the therapist presses her hands on the back or limbs and rapidly shakes them for a few seconds. This stroke is particularly helpful for relieving back pain.

What Does A Relaxation Massage Do?

A relaxation massage means exactly as the name implies: a massage for the purpose of total relaxation and bliss. As always, it’s important to know exactly what a treatment has to offer to ensure Relaxation Massage Oilsyou get the best out of the experience. Here are 10 ten things you may like to know about this style of massage.

  1. What It Targets

Though the massage is purely for relaxation, it can be tailored to suit your specific needs and to pinpoint any problem areas you may have. The massage itself is quite gentle and will not involve much pressure or manipulation of muscles. Therefore, it may not be the best choice when treating soreness and pain brought on by sore muscles or any chronic pain. Instead, the massage involves a light pressure to reach the muscles, encouraging relaxation and blood circulation.

  1. Relaxing Environment

Sometimes what accompanies the massage can lend a hand to the treatment. A relaxation massage will normally be accompanied by soft music of your choice. There is also the option of adding aromatherapy to your treatment.  The massage is likely to be a soothing, quiet treatment and take place in a warm room to help stimulate the removal of toxins through a natural means.

  1. Swedish Relaxation Massage

There are different forms of relaxation massage, such as Swedish relaxation massage. It incorporates long strokes, kneading and tapping all in the same direction as your blood flow.

Going slightly deeper than the average relaxation massage and applying more pressure, the Swedish method helps muscles relax by increasing oxygen and blood flow, while encouraging the elimination of toxins. While still reducing stress and promoting relaxation, it will also sooth your nervous system.

  1. Great for Treating Symptoms of IllnessMassage For Relaxation For Women

Relaxation massage has been promoted to those suffering from illness such as cancer as a way of helping their bodies recover from the harsh treatment they receive. It can help reduce fatigue and nausea, while encouraging a positive regard towards the body, something incredibly important for the patients. Cancer sufferers also enjoy the lighter treatment, as deep tissue massages can be too intense for their recovering bodies.

  1. Other Amazing Benefits

Relaxation massage has many benefits other than the relaxation factor. This more gentle form of massage has been known to help lower blood pressure, improve peripheral circulation, improves skin tone and appearance, and improves to gastrointestinal mobility.

  1. Relaxation versus Remedial Massage

Relaxation massage will offer you a whole-body treatment completely different to all other massage types. Some can confuse relaxation massage with remedial massage, though the two serve different purposes and involve completely different techniques. For example, a remedial massage is better suited for chronic pain or if there is a particular problem with a muscle group of section of your body.

  1. Alternative to Chiropractic Adjustments

Relaxation massage is offered by therapists as a way to help realign and relax your muscles as an alternative method to chiropractic adjustments. Many therapists believe slowing down the body’s tempo and promoting the relaxation of the entire body can help alleviate aches and pains experienced due to the every day stresses of working and life in general.

  1. Interesting Facts

Recent studies have found that some times relaxation massage may be more effective to treat pain than the more deep tissue massages on offer. The exact reasoning is currently unknown, however, many therapists have found that relaxing a client’s nervous system  can be better than adding pressure to the painful areas with a remedial massage.

  1. Relaxation Massage for Depression

Relaxation massage is used as a treatment for a very long list of illnesses. The list includes depression, back pains and aches, constipation, high blood pressure and insomnia. For those suffering from depression, utilising most forms of massage will help you along the difficult journey to recovery.