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Mar 2015

Prenatal Massage – Top Reasons Why Massage Helps During Pregnancy

Having a massage while you are pregnant can be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your unborn child. Physically and emotionally the effects on you and your body are amazing. Don’t just have one, if possible book a regular prenatal massage.

Circulation – Prenatal massage can improve blood circulation in turn this creates more oxygen and nutrients to both Mum and Bub. While the blood is moving toxins are being eliminated from the body as well.

Blood Flow – With the pressure on the uterus and pelvis building over the time of our pregnancy, this can inhabit the blood flow – massage will help the blood flow to these areas

Calming – The parasympathetic system (The parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the ‘rest and digest’ activation, is the segment that assists with normal, autonomic functions.) is calmed through massage treatment.

This assists with a better night’s sleep and the release of endorphins giving both Mum and Bub a sense of relaxation and calm. If Mum is calm then Bub will also be calm.

Woman Having A Prenatal Massage

Helps balance your neurotransmitter system – Prenatal massage has been shown to increase substantially the neurotransmitter that helps balance mood. It has also been show to increase the feel good neurotransmitter and also reduce cortisol the stress neurotransmitter.

The combination of this will make your pregnancy happier and less stressful, both positive effects that will add to your baby’s well being.

Taking a little time to care for yourself during pregnancy will not only help you, but will translate into a healthier bub. Plus Mums-to-be should be spoilt, creating a bub is hard work!

Hormones – Ahh… those dreaded hormones that are blamed for everything. During pregnancy there is an increase in hormones and this can affect our moods. Having regular prenatal massages during your pregnancy will help to stabilise our hormones and in this help our mood fluctuation.



Sore Back During Pregnancy

Muscles And Joints – As you grow through each trimester more and more stress is put on your back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs, feet and the list goes on…..the more stress our bodies feel the more it seems to tighten muscles and joints. Prenatal massage is fantastic for relieving stress on these areas of the body and make it easier for you to move.

Blood Pressure – Many of us can experience stress throughout our pregnancy, through lack of sleep, anxiety about the pending birth, working, running around after toddlers….this can affect the heart rate and blood pressure. Massage – the power of touch to the skin – assists in relaxing the mind, the body and in turn reducing blood pressure. A much healthier place for you during this magical time.

Your Time – Being pregnant is hard work, takes a lot of energy to carry your bump around. Take time (regularly) to nurture your emotions as well as your physical side – the power of touch – therapeutic touch is beyond measure.

Pleasure – Prenatal massage is a great way just to take some time to enjoy your pregnancy, and perhaps, if you book two massages at the same time, is a way to enjoy some down time with your partner or someone special. It is also perfect as a gift certificate for the Mum to be. Often when people leave work it is difficult to get them a gift … a prenatal massage gift certificate is always welcome, for either before the birth, or sometimes they are saved until afterwards. They also make a great baby shower gift or book one when you are on your babymoon.


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Ali Saoirse is the owner of Ripple Massage, Day Spa And Beauty, that is a mobile massage and beauty service in Australia. Operating for over 12 years, Ripple creates your own private day spa in your home or hotel. Ali is passionate about doing one thing well, making people happy and delivering a great