Prenatal Massage

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Why Have A Prenatal Massage?

Having a massage while you are pregnant can be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your unborn child.

Physically and emotionally the effects on you and your body are amazing. Don’t just have one, if possible book a regular prenatal massage.

How Prenatal Massage Works

1. Circulation

Prenatal massage can improve blood circulation in turn this creates more oxygen and nutrients to both Mum and Bub.

While the blood is moving toxins are being eliminated from the body as well.

Woman stretching back during pregnancy

2. Calming

The parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the ‘rest and digest’ activation, is the segment that assists with normal, autonomic functions. This system is calmed through massage treatment.

This assists with a better night’s sleep and the release of endorphins giving both Mum and Bub a sense of relaxation and calm. If Mum is calm then Bub will also be calm.

3. Blood Flow

With the pressure on the uterus and pelvis building over the time of our pregnancy, this can inhabit the blood flow. Massage will help the blood flow to these areas.

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5. Hormones

 Ahh… those dreaded hormones that are blamed for everything. During pregnancy there is an increase in hormones and this can affect our moods.

Having regular prenatal massages during your pregnancy will help to stabilise our hormones and in this help our mood fluctuation.

6. Muscles And Joints

As you grow through each trimester more and more stress is put on your back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs, feet and the list goes on…..the more stress our bodies feel the more it seems to tighten muscles and joints. Prenatal massage is fantastic for relieving stress on these areas of the body and make it easier for you to move.

7. Blood Pressure

Many of us can experience stress throughout our pregnancy, through lack of sleep, anxiety about the pending birth, working, running around after toddlers….this can affect the heart rate and blood pressure. Massage – the power of touch to the skin – assists in relaxing the mind, the body and in turn reducing blood pressure. A much healthier place for you during this magical time.

Your Time – Being pregnant is hard work, takes a lot of energy to carry your bump around. Take time (regularly) to nurture your emotions as well as your physical side – the power of touch – therapeutic touch is beyond measure.

8. Pleasure

Prenatal massage is a great way just to take some time to enjoy your pregnancy, and perhaps, if you book two massages at the same time, is a way to enjoy some down time with your partner or someone special.

It is also perfect as a gift certificate for the Mum to be. Often when people leave work it is difficult to get them a gift … a prenatal massage gift certificate is always welcome, for either before the birth, or sometimes they are saved until afterwards.

They also make a great baby shower gift or book one when you are on your babymoon.

4. Balance Neurotransmitter System

Prenatal massage has been shown to increase substantially the neurotransmitter that helps balance mood. It has also been show to increase the feel good neurotransmitter and also reduce cortisol the stress neurotransmitter.

The combination of this will make your pregnancy happier and less stressful, both positive effects that will add to your baby’s well being.

Taking a little time to care for yourself during pregnancy will not only help you, but will translate into a healthier bub. Plus Mums-to-be should be spoilt, creating a bub is hard work!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Prenatal Massage

Where To Get A Prenatal Massage?

Some day spas and clinics specialise in prental massages. It’s important to get a therapist that is trained in this style, as there are some trigger points they need to stay away from and other health considerations.

For example, it is recommended that you don’t lie flat on your back during the second half of your pregnancy for extended periods of time as this can compress the inferior vena cava and limit the supply of blood to the fetus.

Alternatively the therapist may support under your right buttock to prevent this compression, or do your massage side lying.

Ripple has experienced, qualified prenatal therapists across many regions in Australia. Please feel free to call us to ask more.

Can Prenatal Massage Hurt The Baby?

There are some precautions to take during prenatal massage for the baby’s health.
Qualified prenatal massage therapists will require you to get clearance from your doctor before the massage if you have a high risk pregnancy or have had complications.
Similarly, many massage therapists will not massage during the first trimester, waiting instead to ensure the pregnancy is well set.
There are a number of trigger points that therapists avoid during a pregnancy massage, and most are done side lying so as to prevent the inferior vena cava being compressed.
Otherwise, prenatal massage can be highly beneficial to both mother and baby.

Will Prenatal Massage Induce Labour?

Generally no. Whilst there is a lot of myths around what may bring labour on, there is very little evidence based research to suggest that massage will help induce labour.

However, a massage before labour may help reduce back pain, reduce discomfort, and may help with pain relief during labour.

Mother pregnant with child and partner

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The ladies were fun to have there and were very professional.

Thanks again for the treatments.


Prenatal Massage

5 out of 5
December, 2010

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