Swedish Massage

The Ultimate In Relaxation Massage

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Swedish massage is the basis of a lot of massage therapies.

The Swedish massage was developed by Per Henrik Ling from (you guessed it) Sweden.

Per Henrik Ling was a physio therapist who developed Medical Gymnastics that later became known as Swedish massage – this all happened in the early 19th century.

This style of relaxation massage uses hands on movements gliding over the body, kneading, cross fiber friction to break up muscle knots, also known as adhesion.

This massage is not just about breaking up muscles and relieving tension it’s about relaxation and pampering.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Techniques

The Swedish massage therapist uses five different strokes or moves throughout your massage.


Long, gliding, sweeping strokes with open hands and / or forearms.

This move is for relaxation, spreading the oil and for the therapist to evaluate your body condition for knots and tension.

Your therapist will usually start with a light pressure and building the pressure as they progress into the massage, warming and stretching the muscles and so begins your relaxation time.

They will check how the pressure is for you as everyone is different and what may be a firm pressure for me is quite light for you


Your therapist will move onto this movement by kneading the body, rolling, wringing and lifting strokes.

This is where they will really start to get into knotted and tight muscles.

The petrissage moves will also stimulate circulation which in turn helps cell repair and regeneration.


Friction movement is a warming movement to generate heat very quickly on the muscle.

Similar to placing a heat pack on your body where there is a pain – the heat helps to alleviate the pain by softening the muscle.

Using the friction movement during a massage will help loosen the knot or tension and allow the therapist to manipulate the area to ease the problem.


Tapotement movement is performed with cupped, open palms or interlinked fingers in the palms or fists.

Quick percussive movement using hands alternatively to tap the muscles. This movement is to assist with release of tension, cramping or muscles spasm.


Vibration or shaking movement this is where the therapist rapidly applies shaking, rocking technique to the limb or part of the body being massaged this assists with breaking down the postural holding patterns within the body and to release tension with the muscle being worked on.

Vibration and shaking technique also helps boost circulation. Vibration works really well for people with lower back pain.

Mobile Relaxation Massage

Ripple is a mobile massage and beauty business that brings the day spa to you across Australia. We specialise in Swedish and relaxation massage.

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How Swedish Massage Is Done

Therapists develop their own style and technique incorporating all of the five movements and adding to them as they gain experience.

Massage therapist traditionally use a massage table which is padded and sturdy for your comfort. The table comes with a head hole for you to look down through and breathe easily.

Your therapist will keep all areas of your body towel when not massaging that area.

There a couple of reasons for this – firstly for your modesty and a lot of people feel more comfortable covered than being exposed and also to keep the body temperature even – as your therapist massages you, the area being massaged will heat up and it is advisable to keep an even temperature.

In more recent years face and head massage has been added to enhance the Swedish massage experience.

At your massage appointment your therapist will ask you to complete a client questionnaire, this is to make sure any health problems you may have will not be hindered by having a massage.

Your therapist will also ask if you require any specific areas worked on, even though you may be after a relaxation massage, you may have certain areas that are carrying a slight injury or holding some pain – with a little bit more attention to these areas throughout your massage will provide you with more than just a relaxation appointment.

They will ask about specific areas to massage in case you don’t like having your feet touched or you don’t want your make up removed so no face massage. This is for your comfort and to ensure a wonderful experience you will want to return for over and over again.

In a nutshell the Swedish massage is the ultimate in relaxation massage.

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