Why Drink Water?

Woman Drinking Water After A Massage
Mar 2018

Why Drink Water

Water is that magic wet substance that is vital to all forms of life. It’s an ever changing  liquid that has been around since the dawn of time – in nature, it is as essential and as harmless as it is destructive.

During all these millennia, the volume of water on this planet has remained pretty much the same – which means that we drink the same water today as we always have.  And as a result it is critical to our well being that we drink water.

Human beings – by and large – consist of around 60 percent water.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry says that our lungs are about 83 percent water, the brain and heart contain 73 percent, our skin is composed of 64 percent fluid. Our kidneys and muscles are 79 percent water.

Interestingly, even our bones are somewhat watery at 31 percent.

From a biological perspective, water has many different properties that – as those in white lab coats would say, “Are critical for the propagation of life”.

Woman Drinking Water From A Bottle
Water Pouring Into A Glass

What Water Does For Your Body

  • For starters, all known forms of life depend on it. When it comes to human beings, water is crucial for the many metabolic processes that happen in our bodies every day.
  • Water’s ability to dissolve substances allows our cells to use precious nutrients, minerals and chemicals in what are indispensable biological processes.
  • Take digestion for example – digestion relies on enzymes to break down all our food and dissolve it into nutrients and minerals.
  • Where are those enzymes? Well, to begin with they’re in our saliva. Then in our stomach, pancreas and finally in our small intestine too – and wherever they are along the digestive tract, they need water to function.
  • Water also acts as a lubricant and not only keeps our tissues moist, it protects them too. Water does an excellent job of shielding the spinal cord and forms soft, squelchy cushions for all our joints as well.
  • Just as important as anything else is water’s ability to transport wastes out of our bodies. The kidneys and liver rely on water to flush out waste and our intestines do too. Perspiration as well is yet another ‘swilling’ exercise in which water plays a pivotal role.
  • Importantly, water prevents us from becoming dehydrated. We all lose fluids when in hot weather for example or when exercising, breastfeeding, running a fever and so forth and – as we lose it – it is vital that we replenish it to avoid dehydration. Which brings us to the next question.

Too Much Or Too Little?

What happens if we drink too little water?

If dehydration happens and it is not corrected then your body can begin to shut down.

Urination eventually stops, the kidneys pack up and the body can’t remove harmful waste products.

What happens if we drink too much water?

The same thing – but different. Back in 2007 news broke of the death of a young American woman who competed in a radio station’s challenge to see how much water contestants could drink without going to the bathroom.

The Coroner reported that Jennifer Strange died of ‘Water Intoxication’ and many were gobsmacked that this could even happen.

Hyponatraemia is the medical term for water intoxication and it occurs when sodium in the blood plummets to a dangerous level.

When this happens, your body’s water levels rise and your cells begin to enlarge. This swelling can cause many health problems.

Candles Floating In Water
Woman Drinking Water After A Massage
Why Drink Water After Your Massage

You might be surprised to learn that massage is  dehydrating.

When your  massage therapist kneads and works on your muscles, the fluids within them are activated and released. Once these fluids are in your circulatory system, they head straight for the kidneys.

Massage also stimulates the lymphatic system so toxins are released and water, of course, helps to flush these out too.

For these reasons, our massage therapists always recommend you drink more before and after a massage.

That warm herbal tea or that cool cup of water provides your kidneys with the extra fluid needed to efficiently remove the newly liberated wastes and will also help your muscles fully re-hydrate so they feel supple and work well. More after massage tips are here

Ultimately, drinking enough water is essential to good health – a well-hydrated body is able to detoxify, process nutrients efficiently and transport oxygen throughout all cells.

So, when your massage therapist suggests you drink an extra glass of water or two – she cares for your overall well-being and wants you to feel at your best.  Always.

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