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Massage Therapy

Who is Ripple

Call Ali today on 0438 567 906 email or book now on secure online server.
Massage therapy

We are purely a mobile massage therapy and beauty service that comes to you in the Gold Coast, Mt Tamborine, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay region.. We have just opened in Hervey Bay too.

Also now open in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and Dandenongs and Great Ocean Road and Geelong.

Ripple is also open now in all Sydney suburbs and CBD,and all Tasmania.

Yes, just really gorgeous beauty and massage therapy in your own home or accommodation.

Massage therapy styles

Massage therapy at Ripple
  • We travel the world to bring back rare styles of massage therapy and beauty that you won't find anywhere else in Australia.
  • Try the Sea Shell, Russian, Himalayan Ayurvedic,Vietnamese Four Hands or the delicious chocolate massage first, before your friends do.
  • The Day Spa that comes to you - No traveling, no parking, no petrol cost, no hassle, no more walking through the street with "I've just been massaged" hairdo
  • Great value-for-money - Lots of magic day spa extras at no extra charge.
  • It's all about you - Personalised massage therapy treatments - no Mc Donald's massages here. Your treatment will be designed to suit what you would like
  • Mobile beauty services in your home or hotel
  • Fantastic mobile massage therapists who know what they are doing, are fully qualified and friendly as well.
  • Health fund rebates with all major funds for some massages, ask when booking
  • Most of all we want you to slide off the table at the end with that "I feel great" look.
  • Free gifts with every spa package including gorgeous gift boxes of hand made Ripple products

Massage therapy locations

Massage therapist


We come to you all SE Qld including Gold Coast (from Tweed to Pimpama, and out to Springbook and Tamborine Mountain, and everywhere in between)

  • all Brisbane and Ipswich
  • all Sunshine Coast from Noosa to Caloundra and out to Montville and Maleny and everywhere in between
  • also Hervey Bay

NSW: Tweed, Kingscliff, Cabarita, Byron Bay, Lismore, Ballina and everywhere in between. All Sydney

VIC: All Melbourne, suburbs and CBD, all Yarra Valley, Daylesford, Dandenongs, all Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and Great Ocean Rd.

TAS: Hobart and surrounding areas

If your area isn't listed give us a buzz on 0438 567 906 and ask anyway, some of our therapists will travel out of these regions for larger bookings.

Massage Therapy - When

Ripple will come to you 7 days a week. We start our first treatment at 9 am and usually begin our last Massage therapy Brisbanetreatments at around 6 pm, however appointments are often available outside of these hours.

Our office is open 9 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. All Sunday bookings are by pre appointment. We close three days of the year, Christmas, Boxing and New Years, open for massage and beauty treatments every other day.

Massage therapy and beauty packages

All of our massage therapy and beauty treatments are listed here

Ripple includes lots of free day spa extras in all of our package. Simply choose your style of massage and package.

We are also available for one hour treatments $110.

Like to know more You can follow us on our Facebook mobile massage therapy page or follow us on our mobile therapies Instagram page

Massage therapist

1½ Hour Massage Therapy Package - $150 (Members $135)Massage therapy Noosa

  • Aromatherapy mobile massage for full body
  • Traditional Chinese reflexology
  • Peppermint foot bath to freshen your feet
  • Cleansing facial with our handmade cucumber and green clay face mask
  • Hot steamed towels and a face and head massage

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2 Hour Mobile Spa Therapy Package - $195 ($180 members)Massage Therapy Gold Coast

  • Essential oils used in full body relaxation or deep tissue massage, mobile service that comes to you
  • Reflexology to soothe your feet coupled with a warm foot bath of lime and peppermint
  • Tangerine foot scrub
  • Handmade organic green clay mask to gently cleanse
  • Walnut shell and tangerine exfoliation, full body
  • Health fund rebates available for some massages, ask when booking

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3 Hour Mobile Spa Therapy Package - $295 ($280 members)Massage therapy Melbourne

  • Essential oils used in therapeutic massage, full body
  • Foot pamper with reflexology, walnut shell scrub and peppermint foot soak
  • Relaxing facial with cucumber and green clay face mask to gently cleanse
  • Hot steamed towels, head and face massage to detress
  • Full body exfoliation with tangerine scrub
  • Nourishing collagen facial and face mask to re hydrate the skin
  • Indian Head Massage with scented oils
  • Free gift box of our massage and beauty products valued at $70

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The Ultimate 4 Hour Mobile Massage Therapy Package - $395 ($380 members)

  • Choose two deeply relaxing massages in the styles of your choice.. for example, hot stone and deep Massage Therapy Yarra Valleytissue.
  • Pamper your feet with traditional reflexology massage, lime foot scrub and a warm peppermint foot bath
  • Cleansing facial that gently detoxes your skin with our hand made green clay and cucumber mask
  • Hot steamed towels, head and face massage
  • Full body polish with our tangerine and shell exfoliation
  • Nourish your skin with an anti ageing face mask
  • Totally melt your stress with Indian Head Massage
  • Free day spa in a box, gift wrapped and posted to you, valued at $130
  • Health fund rebates available, ask when booking

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a touch therapy that is not only a wonderfully pleasurable and relaxing experience but alsoMassage therapy tips brings countless health benefits. A massage therapy treatment can relieve tension in the body, calm the mind and nourish the soul, bringing healing on a number of different levels simultaneously.

In general terms there are two main approaches in massage: those that are energy- based and those that are more concerned with muscular physiology, though the trend is towards increasing integration of massage therapy. Energy based approaches of massage therapy are influenced by ideas from the East, where it is widely believed that a universal life force runs through the body. In India, energy centres known as of life.

In the Far East, life and energy is believed to be channeled along meridians that run through the body, Energy based techniques such as shiatsu massage therapy use thumb or finger pressure at points along the meridians to help release blocked energy, enabling it to flow freely.

In the West, there is more of a tradition of muscular based massage therapy. This massage therapy approach is more concerned with physiology and focuses on the muscular skeletal system. It is generally a fairly firm style of massage therapy, and sports massage therapy has grown out of this tradition. Massage therapy from Ripple

The fast paced, modern life combined with a sedentary lifestyle and an emphasis on mental activity, puts the whole body under great strain. Body massage therapy involves a flowing sequence of soothing and stimulating stokes combined to bring a harmonious style of relaxation and invigoration. Massaging much larger areas of the body can bring greater relief to body systems; and can be used to work on specific problems and stresses, as well as improving energy levels.

Massage therapy is one of the oldest therapies in the world, and to discover the precise origins is almost impossible. The use of touch for grooming, stoking and rubbing is a behaviour that we share with many animals. Touch is instinctive, and from here it is a small step to develop this natural ability into a healing art.

There is evidence that every culture throughout the world has used massage therapy in some form or other and every language, ancient or modern as a word for massage. In the East the tradition of massage therapy has always been unbroken, although it s a practice has been more staggered and erratic in western cultures.
Touch is a basic human instinct and it has the power to comfort and reassure on many levels. It can relax the body, calm the mind and encourage healing and well-being.

Tips for having massage therapy and for after care.Massage therapy mobile

  1. Have a shower before attending your massage therapy appointment as this will prep your skin for your treatment.
  2. Don t tan or have a waxing session before your massage therapy as the oils or pressure may affect your skin.
  3. Remove any makeup before your massage therapy. You skin should be clean and fresh so that oils are able to soak in during the treatment.
  4. Remove jewelry before your massage therapy. Jewelry can snag or get in the way of the movement of the masseuse, and also oils can damage your precious pieces.
  5. Tell the therapists exactly what you are after from your massage therapy so that both you and your therapists can get the most out of your session.
  6. When you are done with your massage therapy, take your time getting off the table, as you body would have released a lot of toxins which can leave your feeling a little light headed.
  7. Drink lots of water when you are done, to help with flushing out the toxins from your body.