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Mothers Day MassageMothers Day Massage Packages Available

Like to be the favourite child this year? Three words .. Mothers Day Massage ..

You might have given your Mum stretch marks when you were born. But this year give her something she will really love.

All in one with all the yummy stuff she will love (trust us, we are Mum’s and have a good handle on pampering, its what we do *smile*)

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Mothers Day Massage Special – $110 – Includes …

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Mothers Day Massage Vouchers For Any Amount

Super Easy Mothers Day Breakfast

For even those of us who can barely cook

Three Ways Mum Can Enjoy Relaxation Any Day Of The Year


Despite what you may have heard, you don’t need to sit in excruciatingly uncomfortable positions while visualising white light. Meditation As A Way To Relax

Having a third eye is not compulsory and you don’t have to breathe in the whole universe if you don’t want to.

There are thousands of scientific studies on the benefits of meditation. In a nutshell, it squishes anxiety, stress and fear and replaces them with optimism, relaxation and awareness.

So, while it may look like you are just sitting around doing nothing – you are in fact practicing one of the best antidotes to stress.

Haven’t mediated before? Search ‘Meditation for Beginners’ on YouTube. Click on the folk in orange robes. They know what they’re doing.Do You Enjoy Regular Massages? Take Advantage Of Our Massage Membership

Enjoy Regular Massages With Ripple

You don’t have to wait for the kids to get you a Mothers Day massage voucher to enjoy some easy pampering.

The best thing about us? Ripple is a mobile massage service. We come to you. This way, there is nothing for you to worry about.

We fit around nap times, work and school hours. We drive across town, deal with the traffic and find a parking spot – all you have to do is call and wait for a knock on the door. And if you become a member you will get $15 off every single massage!

End result? A calmer, happier you!

Play Your Favourite Songs

Singing is a tranquilizer; it frees stored muscle tension, releases feel-good endorphins and waves goodbye to cortisol, the big bad stress hormone.

Belting out the lyrics to your favourite song is a liberating stress-buster – it calms nerves and elevates spirits. It’s science. Doesn’t matter whether you choose Sinatra, Beyonce or Milli Vanilli – singing is a quick fix for frazzled nerves. If nothing else, it is also a great distraction – for your children, partner and neighbours!

Give yourself bonus points for dancing too. Just make sure you’re not in a public place. Why? Because mothers are embarrassing enough when they stand still. Apparently – according to teenagers.

You are even welcome to have your favourite music on while we do your Mothers Day massage .. yep, we truly are your own personal day spa.

Mother’s Day DIY Treat

Let’s be honest. A peaceful soak in a hot scented bathtub is a rare luxury that Mums often fantasise about.

They also fantasise about taking naps, going to the bathroom alone and a clean house. But those luxuries are a lifetime away – or so it seems.

In the meantime, Mums will continue to rock their macaroni accessories and live in the hope of receiving something lush for Mother’s Day. Lush like these Minty Lavender Bath Salts that perfectly complement Mum’s Mothers Day Massage voucher. You will need:Easy Baths Salts Recipe For Mothers Day

Mix the ingredients in a medium sized bowl and store in an air-tight container. Use a quarter of a cup of salts per hot, luscious bath. Lock the door.

Mother’s Day The World Over

The origins of Mother’s Day differ greatly around the world and the history behind some countries’ Mother’s Day observances is absolutely fascinating.Mothers Day In Other Countries

Let’s start at home, where everything is pretty straightforward. As Australians we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May and in doing so we follow the United State’s lead. The first American Mother’s Day took place in 1908 and was started by peace activist Anna Jarvis in memory of her own mother. Neat and simple.

There are however more than 46 countries around the world where Mothers’ Day is celebrated and researching the origins of their celebrations has been interesting, inspiring and eye opening stuff.

Mothers Day In Britain

Take the British, for example, who observe Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This is because their celebration is ancient and completely unrelated to the American one. The UK’s Mothering Sunday evolved from the 16th-century practice of visiting one’s ‘Mother Church’ once a year. This custom saw far flung sons and daughters return to their home towns and villages once a year and in doing so they were reunited with their mothers.

Mothers Day In Bolivia

Now let’s contrast that lovely pastoral scene with the origins of Mother’s Day in Bolivia. The date of ‘El Día de la Madre Boliviana’ (the Day of the Bolivian Mother) commemorates the 1812 Battle Mothers Day Presents Around The Worldof La Coronilla which took place during the Bolivian War of Independence.

On May 27th, with most of the male population lost in battle, an elderly blind woman named Manuela Gandarillas gathered a group of women to fight against the invading Spaniards. Sadly, hundreds of those women lost their lives in that battle and Bolivia didn’t gain independence until 1825. Nonetheless, Mother’s Day in Bolivia still honours those heroines who rose to defend their country over a century ago. We think this is very cool.

Mothers Day In Egypt

There’s a remarkable story behind Mother’s Day in Egypt too. Once upon a time, prominent journalist Mustafa Amin knew a widowed mother who raised her son in very difficult circumstances. The son graduated, became a doctor, moved away and seldom visited his mother. Moved by the mother’s sorrow, Amin began to promote a ‘Mother’s Day’ concept in Egypt. It was a long road, but eventually, on the 21st March (the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere) of 1956, the first Egyptian Mother’s Day was celebrated.

Interestingly, it has been suggested that ancient Egyptians way back in 2000BC were among the first to regularly celebrate motherhood. At the time of the Pharaohs, an annual festival was held to honour the Goddess Isis. Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. There was much partying by the sounds of it. We like it!

German Mothers Day

Let’s end this with Germany who created Mother’s Day (Muttertag) merely as a means to persuade women to bear more children. Not very romantic – we agree – but there were reasons for this. In the 1920s Germany’s birth rate was one of the lowest in Europe and rapidly declining.

So, hey presto! Not only did the Germans create Muttertag, they also awarded Muttertag Medals to prolific mothers of eight children or more. The medal was quickly nicknamed the ‘Karnickelorden’ medal, which translates to ‘Order of the Rabbit.’ It’s true – Google it – you just can’t make this stuff up! Today of course Muttertag is celebrated in Germany in a way that is not dissimilar to ours.

So there you have it. Many stories, many nations and generations – one love. Happy Mother’s Day.