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Day Spa Brisbane

Top Brisbane Day Spa Treatments

  1. Heated Herbal Poultice Back MassageBrisbane Day Spa

Massages are always a favourite spa treatment, but I bet you’ve probably never tried or even heard of this one. Herbal massages have been around for hundreds of years, and are performed by using poultices, otherwise known as compresses. These compresses are dampened, filled with a range of herbs and spices and then steamed. This releases the healing benefits of the herbs into the pores of the skin. Depending on which herbs are used, different outcomes can be achieved.

Lemongrass for example, boosts the immune system, whereas jasmine is anti-depressive and antispasmodic. No matter what herbs are used though, this style of massage always promotes relaxation and is soothing for stiff joints and muscle pain. It is a very gentle massage, which means it is great for healing extremely tender body parts. However, the massage can be combined with the use of the hands to add extra pressure on specific areas if desired.

  1. Amethyst Body Masque

Amethyst is a beautiful stone known for its calming and meditative properties. During this body masque, the use of amethyst will aid your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing by balancing and calming your body and mind.

The masque also uses hydrating minerals such as seaweed and other plant essences, that deeply moisturise and hydrate your body’s skin due too amino acids, antioxidants and proteins. This will ensure a truly radiant complexion. Both the minerals and amethyst combined will leave you skin soft and subtle, and your mind peaceful.

  1. Vichy Shower Rain TherapyVichy Shower Rain Therapy Brisbane

Vichy Showers are usually used in conjunction with other spa treatments. Due to the sheer love for this part of other packages, it has been turned into its own unique treatment where you get to simply lay in the exquisite rain.

What happens in this treatment is the therapist turns on the water, which comes out through jets, adjusting its temperature and pressure. Once the perfect settings have been found, it will be swung over your body cascading the water over you like a waterfall. Having so much water movement caressing your skin is known to increase blood circulation and relax your nervous system. As well as this, of course it hydrates and soothes the skin itself.

  1. Mother Earth Mudwrap

Rather than just getting a facial, try a whole body mudwrap. This day spa treatment in Brisbane includes

dry body brushing that removes dead skin cells, followed by a beautifully relaxing application of the mud wrap. You are then cocooned, allowing the body to soak up all of the incredible nutrients and minerals found in the mud.

During this stage you will be treated with a scalp massage, adding extra relaxation. Once the skin has absorbed all of the minerals and nutrients, it is gently washed off and an organic body milk is applied to the body to refresh and moisturise the skin. Not only is this mudwrap super relaxing, the minerals and nutrients greatly enhance the health and appearance of your skin, detox your body and rejuvenate you entirely.

  1. Micro Dermabrasion FacialCoffee Package Day Spa Brisbane

Not only mud and clay can exfoliate your skin, but so can crystals. The micro dermabrasion facial uses non-invasive ultra-fine crystals to very gently buff and polish your skin. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment can improve conditions like age spots, sun damage, large pores, and acne scarring as well as fine lines and wrinkles, particularly if the treatment is done repeatedly.

Not only will the facial tackle all of these skin conditions and more, but it will remove dead skin cells, making your skin healthier, smoother and softer.

  1. Coffee Massage

If you love coffee, then this one is for you; why just drink it when it has so many great benefits for your skin! The Coffee Massage is a spa treatment that is delivered to you by Ripple as a package. The package includes a truly lush massage done with coffee infused oil and coffee scrub, as well as a gentler coffee face mask.

Depending on whether you prefer relaxation or deep tissue massages, the Coffee Massage has all the benefits of these amazing massage styles plus the extra added benefits of the coffee itself! The coffee scrub used, as the name implies, exfoliates the skin. It is a natural mechanical exfoliate, meaning it removes dead skin cells without the acidic properties of chemical exfoliates. This exfoliation process makes the texture and appearance of your skin softer, as well as overall being healthier. It also improves circulation and temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite by firming the skin. Furthermore, the coffee used in the face mask will firm the skin in your face to reduce puffy eyes. Love coffee? Here are some great ideas for a coffee scrub you can do at home.

Even though you’ve probably never tried any of the Brisbane day spa treatments before, I’m sure you will be dying to try some of the now. They are all exquisite treatments that will leave you feeling super relaxed and pampered, as well as all the other bonus benefits they provide.

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